Can throat cancer kill you

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Avatar m tn Yes. Slowly in a form of cancer. For a man, it attacks liver and lung. For a woman, it attack reproductive organs. Age 54 is statistical cancer peak age. As you know everyone has cancer cells in the body. It's in control when body's immue system is weak. Rest is good. You are in control of your emotion. You decide whether you want to get or not. Keep positive and ignore negativity in life.
Avatar f tn Sounds like you have some abnormal growths besides the thyroid nodules that may or may not be cancerous...You should see an ENT (ear, nose, throat) surgeon. due to the intranuclear inclusions, it is harder to determine if it is cancer or not, they need to get it out and have it sent to Pathology. Thyroid cancer often metastisizes in the lungs, if you have pulmonary nodules, you should definately be seen ASAP.
20829078 tn?1526360004 yes it can kill,go get medication
1042572 tn?1254500587 Opiate withdrawal isn't dangerous unless you have severe underlying cardiac problems. Regardless, it's best to do this under a doctor's care. Barbiturate, benzo, and alcohol detox can be dangerous and MUST be done under a doctor's care. I'm afraid I don't understand the question about "how low dosage should you go in a day". If you can rephrase that someone will be happy to answer.
Avatar m tn Can hemorrhoids kill you? I have one and it's causing me to bleed a lot from my rectum. But it stops after a few minutes. But every time I take a dump it makes it bleed again!
Avatar f tn Can u eat deli meats from the store In the deli if you pregnant just curious?
Avatar f tn t kill you. The rare form of thyroid cancer does kill quickly, but again, it is rare. You would notice it growing very quickly. My friend's mom had medulary thyroid cancer, her tumor grew huge within a couple of weeks. The voice change is a concern, but does not always mean cancer. There is a nerve that runs through the thyroid, the nodule is probably pressing on it, but it doesn't always mean cancer.
Avatar f tn There are no experts on this website, it's just folks. What I can tell you is that cold weather has no effect in and of itself on getting sick. That has to do with your immune system, and sometimes cold weather does put stress on people that causes the immune system to weaken. But you say you've had 3 throat infections, and an infection is a very different thing from getting a cold or having a sore throat as a result of getting the flu.
2099644 tn?1333410460 now i have a lump in my face up under the skin. you can not see it, but it does hurt when touched. I want to know can cancer spread from your throat to your face. I have had the radiation treatment for my thyriod surgeries, was told that the radiation would kill off the rest of the cancer tissues. Or because cyst run on my mother side of family, and I have had so many already removed, is there a chance this could be a knew cyst? and it could be cancerous?
Avatar f tn Months ago I was struggling to swallow. I never experienced this before. It didn't hurt, I just had to really strain to swallow. Days before, I felt the sensation of something choking me but not intense. I currently do not have insurance but went to ER in a panic when I couldn't swallow. Even w/o insurance they performed MRI, CAT scan and bloodwork to my surprise. Everything came back normal.
Avatar n tn Yes, they just want you to heat it up first to kill any Bacteria that might be on it. For instance, I now get my subs toasted at subway.
Avatar m tn s not swollen lymphs. He was diagnosed w/ small cell cancer of the throat. A type of aggressive cancer usually associated with the lungs. Theres no way that all those years of that caustic dripping of drugs down his throat didn't contribute to this cancer. He smokes, and it seems the cancer manifested where his cells were already chemically compromised.
Avatar f tn I have started to feel like my throat has a lump in it or it is "Closing" And i am not sure what it is i could possibly be anxious even though i dont think i am. Water seems to be the only thing that helps with it. I also feel like i'm going to vomit even though i never do. I'm going to a ENT doctor in december maybe they can see what may be going on and see it it could be throat cancer or i'm just anxious then i wont worry so much and make it worse.
Avatar m tn Firstly, generally mono (caused by Epstein Barr virus) doesn't usually give you mono like symptoms once you have had it but you can be infectious to others. As for chronic fatigue syndrome. They are undecided as to whether Eptein Barr vrisu or Human Herpes virus type 6 causes it or not. They haven't named any specific virus but there seems to be an association with it.
Avatar f tn If so, i would also invest in a lot of pepto bismol to help coat the throat to reduce damage- just to be extra cautious- as acid in throat can sometimes lead to cancer- which you no doubt know- The pepto will help soothe the stomach also- but it can be a bit hard to get used to taste- I had bleeding ulcer that came close to taking my life, and doc put me on acid reducer meds but also recommended i have a steady intake of the pepto to take throughout the day too- Acid meds like prilosec are lo
Avatar f tn I don't think it's that maybe it's from acid reflux
Avatar f tn I dont think that you will die, but if you feel that something from the recipe is not giving you the results, then you should drop that item. I am praying for you to well, for you to succed and make it through is. You can do this, I know you can, and I know you will... Hugz...
Avatar f tn then he started smoking again I need help to make him see that this could kill him he was lucky to survie this deadly cancer but still it could happen again if he keeps smoking please help me.
Avatar f tn Yes you can get herpes simplex when sharing something that way with someone who has the virus. I don't know if it would cause the apparent infection next to your uvula. Sometimes, a bit of food can get caught back there and cause inflammation. Sometimes, a blocked salivary gland (I had this) at the back of the throat can cause infection and pus comes. It's one lone solitary spot back there, correct?