Can one sneeze with open eyes

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Avatar f tn So basically I somehow feel that my not being able to keep my eyes open, not sleeping just closed eyes, really has something to do with my sinuses so if anyone can actually understand my scattered thinking and has similar problem or any advice please let me know.... Thank You so much....
Avatar f tn So basically I somehow feel that my not being able to keep my eyes open, not sleeping just closed eyes, really has something to do with my sinuses so if anyone can actually understand my scattered thinking and has similar problem or any advice please let me know.... Thank You so much....
1530342 tn?1405020090 Okay, how many tried to sneeze with eyes open, just to see if you could do it? Gotta admit, I did it...... I can/do, sometimes, sneeze with my eyes open; it all depends on what's causing my sneeze and how violent it is.
Avatar n tn I've beent trying to open one for awhile. I was wondering something. For those of you who have taken clomid did you have any side affects way after you stoped taking them for that week? I'm on my 4th round and took the last one over two weeks ago. I ovulated this past weekend (ovulation test). It's too early for me to be having PMS symptoms or preggo symptoms, but my breasts have been hurting really bad. I can just be stitting and they will "shoot" pains.
Avatar f tn Stick with us on here, on line meetings, what ever fellowship you can find with others who don't want to use drugs anymore. We're all here to share our experience strength and hopes, and to help others. This keeps all of us clean. As for my aftercare, I've been going to AA for years. While on vacations in remote areas, which I love to do, I've driven 60 miles round trip to go to a meeting. I simply enjoy the fellowship, and my sobriety simply has to be the most important thing in my life.
Avatar n tn But I too used to have the energy of a toddler when I was preg with DD up until my 9th month. Now I can barely keep my eyes open! Shari-Good for you for getting aundry done at all! My house is a wreck! Everyone that asks me what I want for my baby shower, I tell them one day of maid service...and I am not kidding!!! LOL On Lori Hacking-I just don't get it. What is with this husbands losing their minds and killing their wives when they are expecting? It just breaks my heart! Why?
Avatar f tn I had an open lung biopsy approximately a month ago and am still in pain. No one told me what to expect pre-op or post-op. I attempted to go back to work (teaching) yesterday and became so weak, tired and had so much pain I had to return home after 4 hours. I called my doctor and he said he does not want me on pain medication due to the disease process (I don't understand that either).
Avatar f tn If only present when open or close eye and just momentary not to worry
Avatar m tn When I get the PRES (great way to name it btw) i usually rub my eyes with my fingers and that can get really irritating when I am Driving or when i am trying to sleep. Knowing that the bed desk is near me i have to cover it with my pillows and sleep with my fingers resting on my eyes. I am getting the PRES as i type this message its driving me crazy.
242588 tn?1224275300 D While most people gratefully welcome the longer days and warmer weather of spring, more than 35 million Americans dread the itchy eyes, runny nose, and sneezing that comes with the season’s pollens and mold spores. Seasonal allergies can be especially difficult for those people who also suffer from asthma, COPD, or other respiratory diseases. Fortunately, there are more treatments than ever to help relieve allergy symptoms and make breathing as easy and comfortable as possible.
461781 tn?1285613081 This is my second baby, but I can share that: No one told me that when you give birth you may poo as well.... scary No one told me that if you sneeze you may pee and fart, and probably at the same time No one told me that I would lose my sex drive.....
624074 tn?1263877407 I had the ENG (the ear and eye test) because my other tests came back good and they were searching for other reasons for my symptoms. It is a long process and I know you are frustrated. I can definitly sympathise with you. You obviously didn't like this doctor at all so I think you are right to try to find another one. Do you have a university hospital near you? How about a hospital that has a well known Neuro department?
Avatar n tn this is not the doctor's forum - you have to pay to post there. No, white patches on the throat aren't due to flagyl. It sounds like you have an upper respiratory infection if not even strep throat or something going on at this point. follow up tomorrow with the school clinic. also if you read our read before posting post on this forum - we ask that you just keep adding to your original post, not make a new one each time.
Avatar n tn So I wanted you to know that sometimes a lot of red blood can go along with a healthy pregnancy, in fact with my daughter I passed so much blood and clots of blood I was sure I miscarried. I would hope thought that all of you will get your hormone levels checked because an imbalance in progesterone can cause mid cycle bleeding and also cause women to miscarry (I also had a miscarriage before my healthy son).
Avatar f tn Hello & welcome to the forum....... Some reasons for coughing: First, Heart Disease- With Heart Disease, the weak heart cannot pump as well...Fluid builds into the lungs causing the cough..The cough is usually MOIST like they're choking on congestion...Actually, they are...The cough is worse in the mornings & during periods of running, playing & excitement....Fluid will show in an x ray.....Fairly easy to rule out & Heart medications work well for treatment.......
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi ChicaBooms! Welcome to our new home!
Avatar n tn Wow! I didn't realize there was this many people with mint allergies. I have had a mint allergy for 28 years now and its getting worse as I get older (first it was the upset stomach, now its the throat swelling shut). It is getting increasingly harder to find toothpaste without some form of mint in it. My problem is that I don't know if it is only synthetic mint that I am allergic too or real mint as well.
Avatar f tn Blocked nose, then running nose, sneeze sneeze sneeze, yes normal flu... no sore throat until today with green disgusting phlegms (is that the word?) ... i started with flu on same day when dr called me but i didn't feel that much of a flu until afternoon, therefore, dr didn't know And no, my stress is absolutely not caused by my hyperthyroidism...
Avatar m tn It causes me to have spasm coughing and if I cannot control this to 3 or 4 coughs my windpipe closes over making it hard to breath in or out. The last one about 2 years ago stopped me breathing in and out completely for 10 to 15 seconds and I thought I had bought it. The spasm cough causes it all and when it goes away (usually 4 to 5 days) things are relatively normal although a normal cough stays with me for weeks after.
393685 tn?1425816122 I am in to natural medicine and do so much research, I could write a book, but, it is an area of interest to me, and I feel that if we do not take care of our own health, no one will. I look forward to sharing with everyone here and learning ways to help my thyroid. Have a wonderful day.
Avatar f tn It feels like I am walking on broken feet with rocks in my shoes. My hands are so weak and sore I can not open jars or push a shopping cart. Walking is becoming painful and I feel like I always hurt. I have lost a majority of flexibility regardless of trying to exercise. I always describe it as if someone has hit me across the shoulders with a baseball bat. Skin Sensations If I scratch it feels like I have a sunburn. Scratching with pressure feels like bear claws ripping me apart.
534785 tn?1329595808 I got it from a co-worker who didn't say anything and had it for a while. All you have to do is sneeze in the vacinity of a person and they can catch it. Note I said can. Avoid groups of small children too as the school year is about to kick off and this is the time they spread their germs and get whole households sick unintentionally. Also look into getting Ester-C. It's a specific brand of Vitamin C. It really helps the immune system get a good boost.
1084115 tn?1385232189 People with cirrhosis even decompensated cirrhosis can live a relatively long time. Imagine the worst, nothingness and void and open your eyes and look around. You are still here guy, get busy living and loving.
Avatar f tn The list goes on and on If i can give you one advice it will be do NOT lay in bed all day!!! Do not just sit around being completely miserable. If you get up and do stuff it will go by much faster. It will suck and you will sweat like crazy but you will anyway. Clean your car out, wax it, walk, FORCE yourself to move! Take breaks and stuff but just stay busy. It's what I have learned. It seems impossible but trust me you can do it.
Avatar f tn One simple thing that can help is to get a back massager and run it across your browline, under your eyes, near your ears, and then on your nose to make you sneeze. This helps break up my sinus pressure. You can also do the top of your head, your neck, and anywhere on your face that seems to have built up pressure. Good luck.
Avatar m tn Sometimes upper left gum sore Sometimes want to prod the roof of my mouth with the tip of my tongue to take away the discomfort above there in the nasal cavity/nasopharynx When I sneeze I now have do it with my mouth open as I believe my nasal airways are too narrowed to allow a sneeze without significant pressurisation of the ears Any ideas what this could be anyone please?
544292 tn?1268886268 You can quit tramadol. You can stop. You can recover. I believe in you!
1742220 tn?1331360327 cuz i was too annoyed to fukk with my contacts this morning and its been santa anas which is hard to wear contax in that weather so ya and like we was talking a little. and then at one point he sneeze and when anyone sneeze i say bless you and sometimes nowadays ppl don't but i always do. so he dint say ty. he dint say nothing and we had sort of had a lull in our little private chatting. then like five mins later he was like 'OH! thank you!
Avatar m tn i can only barely open my eyes when i walk in sunlight. after when i walk in sunlight for say 5 mins i feel eye pain and feels like sleep is needed. if i stay littile more longer in sunlight then i will have a little bit more eye pain. its not too much pain, its bearable. but it irritates. and for me im a student, i cannot read books when i have it.i also use to sneeze immediately when i step on to sunlight.and i had a fair skin too. but recently it has turned very dark.