Can methadone withdrawal kill you

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Avatar f tn so now i dont use and my bill money goes on the bills but my hubby still dibbles and dapples and he is in the same shoes same story as me but he didnt decide to get back on the methadone program because he didnt want it to control his whole life and he wondered how will he ever get off it like me...
Avatar n tn The problem is that, it is out of your body but it is not out of you mind. With alcohol and opiods it can be life threatening for withdrawls, methadone not so much, but still an issue. Extreme meditation worked for me. My two vices were marijana and meth and I tried stuff to get me right but it almost seemed like nothing worked. If addiction starts in the mind it almost seems logical to start repairing there ya know?
Avatar m tn I can not tell you what is best for you to do but what I can do is share my exp with you and you can decide from there. Good luck with what ever you do. I for one will be here to support you no matter what. If I can give you on bit of advice, it is to listen to gnarly and a few others here that have been where we are and have made it thru to the other side.
Avatar f tn I am wondering if there is anything I can do to make the withdrawal process easier for him. I am also wondering if there are any resources I can utilize to help him. We are located near Syracuse, NY and all methadone clinics we found have a 6 month wait. Any advice at all would be appreciated, I've never taken anything stronger than Motrin so narcotics and withdrawals are not something I am familiar with!!
Avatar f tn You would have a large reduction in mgs, giving you time, so you can increase the dose as your tolerance builds. The severity of the pain you shared with me, and that it will never go away, makes me think you are planning on taking something for life, but need to manage your addiction. Is that right? Do you have someone you could give your meds to so you have accountability, even if you find the stash, someone will know you took extra?
Avatar f tn I know others have but the withdrawals will be horrific is there any way you can taper down some??? methadone is a strong narcotic and even jumping off at 20 is considered high if I where you I would taper down some b/4 I tried what your about to try....if there is no other way just be prepared for some long hard withdrawals ...
4597556 tn?1383308643 when you took the codeine you were still putting opiates into your system. of course it helped with withdrawal because you were still taking opiates. now that the codeine is gone you will start to totally detox your system of the opiates. don't take anymore opiates and you will begin to heal.
Avatar n tn However, I do know several folks on this forum who have had experience with it. If you can hang around, or check back, I am certain you will receive advise and suggestions from those more knowledgable than I am. I answered your post just to let you know that you are not being ignored. Take care and check back.
4597556 tn?1383308643 Shift your focus to how you are going to live your life methadone free and what you need to do to ensure that you remain/stay sober. You are doing great and like I said be patient with yourself.
Avatar n tn You can do this buddy, maybe this is the time for you. I've never taken methadone so have no experience with it. Could you do buprenex instead? The reason I ask is that you will still have to detox, but off the methadone, at some point, right? I detoxed with bup before and it was painless. I quit bup after months of use and it was almost painless; certainly no restless leg or anything like that. Again this is something I don't know about, so maybe stopping meth after a short usage isn't bad.
Avatar n tn I have been hiding a growing addiction to methadone and other pills (especially narcotics such as norco) from my boyfriend who I live with. I don't know anyone else who has taken methadone recreationally but I want help in ending this pain killing trip I've been on for far too long now. (without having to go see a doctor) I have gained almost 20 pounds in 3 months of being on and off this pill...
Avatar n tn She is very lucky to have you for a friend, I cannot say that any of my friends would be concerned enough to write in for help like you have. Just do what you can to convince her to get off the Methadone.
Avatar n tn When I was stubborn you were the one to put me in my place, and I just wanted to say thank you for that. If you get a chance please write back and let me know how you are doing.
Avatar n tn Jenny you will be ok. I know just how you feel, not really sure how he's going to be when he gets home. It's very scary. You know the dangers mixing alcohol with the pills. If this was me what would you say? What would you tell me to do? What would you say about my boys? You have all the answers right inside you. You know what you need to do for you and your kids. Don't worry about your husband, he's in a safe place and just where he needs to be. Like Cindi said, take one day at a time.
Avatar m tn I suggest getting off the methadone and switching to Suboxone. But caution, with methadone in your system, you can have serious withdrawals and severe allergic reactions. You would have to have the methadone completely out of your system first. Methadone withdrawal is the worst ever. Every heroin addict I've ever met in my past days in rehab, all said that methadone was way worse coming off of. I'm telling you, my family is on methadone, I used to be on it, get off of it a.s.a.p.!
Avatar m tn but keep in mind 10%ever 72 hr is flying off the stuff when your dose gets below 40 mg if you can keep that schedule and only have to stop here and will be methadone free b/4 you know it...keep posting on your progress in the end lisa it is so worth it and with your will and drive you to will be successful ....
Avatar m tn Believe me, the 1st year kept me clean the rest of my life and that is 30 years now. Sleep is a joy and a luxury, even today. Exercise is the best you can do, even if you are bed ridden for a while, keep moving, keep that blood flow moving, there ispower in the blood, remember? The blood brings healing. I have BP and diabetes issues as well, just keep doing what you have to do to get through it, you will. Many have before you! Praying for you!
Avatar n tn Anyways I want to go into a six month program, yet they won't take you if you are on Methadone at least the cheaper places won't. So I didn't know what to do. My Dad suggested I go back to my Pain Managment doctors, get my Roxi's and use that to kick the 75mg Methadone habit.. I thought it would work. I went to my first apointment a week ago and got 150 Roxicodone 30/mg for the month, problem is the pills are just about gone.
Avatar n tn Anyways I want to go into a six month program, yet they won't take you if you are on Methadone at least the cheaper places won't. So I didn't know what to do. My Dad suggested I go back to my Pain Managment doctors, get my Roxi's and use that to kick the 75mg Methadone habit.. I thought it would work. I went to my first apointment a week ago and got 150 Roxicodone 30/mg for the month, problem is the pills are just about gone.
Avatar f tn well the other opiets just masked it methadone withdrawals last a around 10 days to 2 weeks then recovery has a lot to do with how long you where on it at what dose and your age all factor in it took me a good 90 days to see the light but today as bad as it was it was a small price to pay to be clean and free of the ''liquid handcuffs'' just hang in there it wont kill you vent all you need to here get to a N/A meeting as soon as you can you dont have to go threw this alone .................
Avatar f tn Good luck and keep posting and detox slow if you can..If you were alone I would say do it but taking care of others when you can't even get up out of bed is torture..
Avatar f tn Im 8 weeks and winging myself off vicks I hope it works im doing well but its a battle. I heard you can start methadone to quit anything else you have to stay on it threw your pregnancy is that true? Im sure I would need a 10 or 5mg of methadone for 3days tops and thats it.
Avatar n tn I am currently addicted to hydrocodone and oxycontin and I seem to have at least one thing in common with your daughter...when I stop or don't have any, I drink constantly. I will go on 2 or 3 day binges and I make really stupid choices while doing so. I can tell you this: she drinks because she probably can't stand the mental anguish not having the metadone is putting her through. I STRONGLY recommend that she go to a good doctor and explain the situation and start some antidepressants.
Avatar n tn i have been on methadone for 15 year's i have come to the conclusion i want to quite i have read evaery thing there is to read on withdrawl's in my case there's no easy way about it i have recently have went from 250 mg a day down to 20 or 30 i take just enough to keep my stomach in control i really don't feel bad now but trying to achieve this other 20 or 30 mg is hard to even think about i have thought about saboxon but i had read that suboxon is only good if your on low doses of methadon and
Avatar n tn wow, have you tried amino acids? Acidophilus may help your digestive system as drugs can kill all the natural things in our systems and Acidophilus can replenish many of them.
Avatar n tn ) or methadone? is it possible that you will need to be on methadone for pain relief for the long term? if you will then maybe you need to think about staying on it and detoxing later or maybe never... i don't know... you are not having pain now? but is that b/c you are taking methadone now? will your pain come back when you come off of it? i would hate to see anyone go through the HELL of withdrawl and find that they had to go back on that ***** of a drug...
562575 tn?1217295935 I can tell you that I was in a methadone program for over 4 years and they pulled the carpet out from underneath me they lowered my dosage from 185 milligrams to drop me every 4 days by 10 milligrams I didn't feel nothing at first and buy 2 weeks I was on the floor begging God to take my life when I finally realize what I have done to myself and what the drug had done to me I couldnt believe I let myself go that far I am now out of that damn Clinic thank God I hope it burns to the ground because
541465 tn?1219431486 The clinic should have a card that they can pass out that tells you what medications can put you into withdrawal and what can cause an overdose. I have one at home and I keep it handy. Good luck to you but my opinion would be not to take it.
541465 tn?1219431486 Methadone can be abused! I do not think methadone is the way to go for a pill addiction. I have used methadone twice. The 1st time it worked for me. I was not on it long. The 2nd go around was a nightmare. I was one it 6months. I thought it was going to kill me getting off of it. The w/d's are like nothing I have ever had. Alot of people say they get hight off of it. It never did that to me. In fact by 4 or 5pm, I was ready for bed. I could not keep my eyes open.
Avatar n tn Anything you say to any doctor is confidential. They can not only help you with your physical state and symptoms, but they can also give you referrals for your depression as well.