Can methadone kill you

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Avatar m tn I would go that way before I would go the methadone route. Beside you don't have to go to a clinc every day to get your dose, you get a scrpit and you can take at home.
Avatar f tn You would have a large reduction in mgs, giving you time, so you can increase the dose as your tolerance builds. The severity of the pain you shared with me, and that it will never go away, makes me think you are planning on taking something for life, but need to manage your addiction. Is that right? Do you have someone you could give your meds to so you have accountability, even if you find the stash, someone will know you took extra?
Avatar f tn can i just say you absolutely do not need to divulge the whys and hows..but the fact that you are on a methadone maintenance programme is so commendable..i had a friend who was a heroin addict and it has got to be the most addictive drug ive ever seen..and i commend anyone who takes control over it and tries to get off it..u need full support and no negativity..
4597556 tn?1383308643 Hang in there, get to a meeting, and stay busy. It's been 2 wks since any codeine, you will be feelin better soon. You can do it.
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Avatar f tn I know others have but the withdrawals will be horrific is there any way you can taper down some??? methadone is a strong narcotic and even jumping off at 20 is considered high if I where you I would taper down some b/4 I tried what your about to try....if there is no other way just be prepared for some long hard withdrawals ...
Avatar n tn With Methadone I would go into a professional inpatient detox for five days........ But they would use Subutex and or Suboxone..... What Oneofus doesn't realize is that an addict can't treat an addict.......or a patient can't treat a patient......... Addicts are addicts because they cannot control drugs so this drug should be given under very strick circumstances..........
Avatar n tn However, I do know several folks on this forum who have had experience with it. If you can hang around, or check back, I am certain you will receive advise and suggestions from those more knowledgable than I am. I answered your post just to let you know that you are not being ignored. Take care and check back.
Avatar n tn again , I say if you read the post, it's not about methadone but about getting off street dope using methadone. As a said before, the "buddy symstem' of detox usually doesn't work too well. I hope you get through this and stay off dope .
Avatar n tn I'm trying to get off of it and it is hell. Just stay away from all painkillers. They can kill you because they are so addictive. You just want a better and better high and then're dead. Anna Nicole Smith would know what I am saying...oh wait, she is dead because of the ****. Anyway, I figure you said it doesn't to discourage people from taking it...but don't resort to lying...unless you've never tried it, then good for you.
Avatar f tn Sorry your post has been sittin here with no response for so long......even though I 've never been on methadone....I am a recovering opiate addict and can tell you that regardless of the specific opioid....hormone levels, endocrine systems (ovaries and testes are part of this system), and the overall "numbing" of the nervous sytem will kill anybody's sex drive. Depending on the anxiety meds your girlfriend is on...they, too, can affects one's libido. If she want to get clean.....
4597556 tn?1383308643 Shift your focus to how you are going to live your life methadone free and what you need to do to ensure that you remain/stay sober. You are doing great and like I said be patient with yourself.
Avatar n tn I have been hiding a growing addiction to methadone and other pills (especially narcotics such as norco) from my boyfriend who I live with. I don't know anyone else who has taken methadone recreationally but I want help in ending this pain killing trip I've been on for far too long now. (without having to go see a doctor) I have gained almost 20 pounds in 3 months of being on and off this pill...
Avatar n tn When I was stubborn you were the one to put me in my place, and I just wanted to say thank you for that. If you get a chance please write back and let me know how you are doing.
Avatar n tn You can do this buddy, maybe this is the time for you. I've never taken methadone so have no experience with it. Could you do buprenex instead? The reason I ask is that you will still have to detox, but off the methadone, at some point, right? I detoxed with bup before and it was painless. I quit bup after months of use and it was almost painless; certainly no restless leg or anything like that. Again this is something I don't know about, so maybe stopping meth after a short usage isn't bad.
Avatar n tn She is very lucky to have you for a friend, I cannot say that any of my friends would be concerned enough to write in for help like you have. Just do what you can to convince her to get off the Methadone.
Avatar n tn Jenny you will be ok. I know just how you feel, not really sure how he's going to be when he gets home. It's very scary. You know the dangers mixing alcohol with the pills. If this was me what would you say? What would you tell me to do? What would you say about my boys? You have all the answers right inside you. You know what you need to do for you and your kids. Don't worry about your husband, he's in a safe place and just where he needs to be. Like Cindi said, take one day at a time.
1064938 tn?1255285919 Not a question, I feel like a part of this place now, I quess you can say I feel like all of you here are my family. You are the only ones who really know how I feel and what I am going thru. I am so glad I found MedHelp. I am currently on 80mg of methadone and have been free from pills (roxys,oxys,percs,morphine,whatever i could get a hold of) since March 12,2009. I have been taking pills for about seven or eight yrs now.
597547 tn?1251040364 You'd be surprised how willing doctors can be to help you through withdrawals if you are open and honest with them. You have been through a lot and can see how depression would be a issue. Also as I'm sure you know depression comes in full force while going through withdrawals. There are some safe medications that can be prescribed to help with withdrawals and the depression. Have you considered talking to a doctor about getting some help? I'm not saying to not go the methadone route.
541465 tn?1219431486 Methadone can be abused! I do not think methadone is the way to go for a pill addiction. I have used methadone twice. The 1st time it worked for me. I was not on it long. The 2nd go around was a nightmare. I was one it 6months. I thought it was going to kill me getting off of it. The w/d's are like nothing I have ever had. Alot of people say they get hight off of it. It never did that to me. In fact by 4 or 5pm, I was ready for bed. I could not keep my eyes open.
541465 tn?1219431486 Maybe then more people will be able to read your post and offer some advice. From what I can gather, you still have enough methadone and clonazepam to last you until your next script arrives in addition to a secret "exit strategy"cache of tramadol. I am not exactly sure what medications you have run out of. I have little or no knowledge of MS and even less about the (non narcotic) meds you are meant to be taking.
Avatar n tn Anything you say to any doctor is confidential. They can not only help you with your physical state and symptoms, but they can also give you referrals for your depression as well.
Avatar n tn It won't kill you, just hang in there it is better than being handcuffed to that ****. When you are on it you have to run your life around the medication. If you want to go on vacation you have to get an ok in advance so that they will have extra meds for you when you leave etc. I know it is hard but just deal with it, it does get better. And don't dip and dab (you know what I mean).
4597556 tn?1383308643 thank you vic im glad your doing good , have to taper if we dont i guess it could kill you if your health aint good, so were doing it the right way , keep n touch.
199177 tn?1490502134 Any drug off the street can be dangerous. You never REALLY know what they are. They can be cut with all sorts of things, or worse, not cut at all so their strength can be way too strong. Causing overdoses.
1191921 tn?1300336415 Hey Lisa great to see you back and wooo what a close call with Tony im glad he survived its great he is staying clean im sure you have talked to him about aftercare already if not do so the scare only last so long then we think we can dabble in it im just so happy your family is together and you guys are walking in sobriety if you got the time p/m me so we can ketch up your friend always Mark
Avatar f tn so now i dont use and my bill money goes on the bills but my hubby still dibbles and dapples and he is in the same shoes same story as me but he didnt decide to get back on the methadone program because he didnt want it to control his whole life and he wondered how will he ever get off it like me...
Avatar f tn Each week you can ask for an increase of only 10mg per week until you reached 100mg, then you can only be on an increase of 10mg per month. Methadone has saved my life, integrity, job, well being, marriage and spirituality after being addicted to opiates for 23 years and I tried everything to stay clean, and the outcome was relapse after relapse.Most people are against this, but we all know what is good for us.
Avatar m tn HI you need to sigh the paper for your other doctor to know he could accidentally prescribe something that would react with the methadone and KILL YOU !!!
Avatar f tn can you mix methadone with somas and/or xanax????? I know that you cant mix suboxone with benzo's but what's the difference with methadone?