Can i take vicodin with xanax

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Avatar f tn Idk what will happen, what I do know is that you need to have someone take you to the ER, ASAP! I surely hope your ok. Sending prayers.
Avatar f tn t take the vicodin until about 4 or 5 pm. I take 2 tablets at that time and then maybe later will take another. Then i take a 1mg Xanax to help me sleep at night. I would usually start the withdrawal symtoms around 2 or 3pm but force myself to wait until after work to take the vicodin. I quit the vicodin cold turkey 4 days ago.
Avatar m tn there is no doubt that your body is already addicted to the doesn't take real long..I would suggest tapering down from that..I am glad your going to the long have you been taking vicodin? Xanax w/d can be very dangerous, and although you haven't been on them long i would still try and taper..You can pm me if you'd like...I tapered off of alot of me it sounds like you are having some mild w/ds from xanax..
Avatar f tn Never ever abused them... I did Vicodin for a year and now weaning those. I'm just tired of pills. I take less Xanax then prescribed. I have seen about 50 docs over 20 years, tried antidepressants, which made it worse. You name it, tried it... Some like Paxil made me feel suicidal. I do see a shrink to help but it's awful when you know more than a COUNCELOR. I'm going to hold off on the weaning of Xanax until I'm clear of Vicodin, I feel vicodin.
Avatar f tn My only problem with quiting is the WD, I am done with getting high off the pill but when I stop CT I just can not function and sleep and just do not want to talk to anyone....
450052 tn?1207660274 what i have heard is taking your self off xanax and w/d from xanax can cause seixures..i am on xanax and my doctor wont take me off but i was on vics 2-3 a day 7.5/750 and detox w/d from that was horrible but i made it and i am on day 8 clean...i still have the weakness and no energy but my husband put me on a multivitiamin and i took a excedrin migraine (caffiene)and that moved me will do great!
Avatar n tn Thank you both for answering,Yes i learned the hard way about stopping xanax cold turkey..I tried that in 2007 after being on it since 1990,i used to drink with it also and i quit drinking,smoking and the xanax at the same time,I ended up in a mental hospital,it was horrible, Just this past week I had to go to a local Dr(not my regular dr) for a UTI and she put me first on bactrim then changed it to rifampin,After the second day on it I got like bugs like feeling in my tummy.
Avatar f tn she wants me to get me calmed down so i can wean off the vicodin. i am very afraid of this drug. but i know docs are using it with antidepressants to help with depression. so maybe it will work. all i know is that i need to get off the vicodin bad. i take 3 ,10mgs of it a day . it used to make me happy but now it is causing me to to have panic atttacks and terrible ddepression. i guess i will try it and see what happens. as i said i am to take a very small dose.
Avatar f tn I went to a pain management clinic for over 15 years but I cannot find a new clinic that will accept me because I take Xanax AND I CANNOT COME OFF THEM I have tried several times. My psychiatrist has even written a letter to some clinics stating I cannot come off of the Xanax but they still refuse to take me and want to put me on Suboxone and I do not know what to do. I CANNOT TAKE THE PAIN ANYMORE.
Avatar f tn Just my experience....I stopped the vicodin cold turkey and was also on xanax 2 mlg twice daily for 15 years. With my doctors guidance I did a very slow taper and am off them as well. Definately speak with yor doctor....going off xanax especially after 20 years needs to be monitored by a doctor BUT it can be done. I feel so much better off the xanax! Good luck to you foxy!
Avatar f tn The withdrawals suck on the vicodin. But I hope I can beat this. I want to know if there is anyway that there was something natural I could take to help with sleeping,twitching,anxiety,crying and all that jazz. Please help I'm scared.
Avatar f tn Great advice people like you can help so many i know you have helped me and i want to thank you for that. I hope when i get clean i can help people also this is a awesome site with lot's of great people a great big thanks to everyone on this site for taking the time to help others Thanks.
Avatar m tn I have tried to withdraw from Xanax 2mg, I took 4 or 5 pills a day for more than a year. I tried in the last several days to start cutting off by 0.50 mg per week but is still way too much. I have migraine headaches everyday, back muscle cramps, anxiety, shakin g, rapid heartbeat, can't almost sleep, you name it. I guess I will stick to 4 pills a day untill the doc give me the refill by mid of the month of 1 mg pills, so I can start weaning off by 0.25 mg per week or two weeks.
Avatar f tn The withdrawals suck on the vicodin. But I hope I can beat this. I want to know if there is anyway that there was something natural I could take to help with sleeping,twitching,anxiety,crying and all that jazz. Please help I'm scared.
1387175 tn?1326400997 Xanax isn't very potent. I have very little or no effect from Lortab and Vicodin. Neither have helped my headaches or relieved pain from oral surgery. If meds are working then you should try something else. If you doc doesn't know how to rx meds, you should see someone else. Also, after years of abusing meds, your body's chemicals can be "off-balance" and may respond differently.
Avatar f tn she said out of all the hard core drugs shes done all her life that was the most phsycially difficult one she ever detoxed from was vicodin have no doubt I can do this an I hope the pain is almost over I have done everything possible naturally except I started out with valium ,does nothing for me ,nuyquill works the best for the body pain I wish it made me sleep I am smoking alittle pot it helps to and I dont usually smoke pot really need to sleep tonigt I have some xanax it has alwas worked
2030769 tn?1343647674 So is this day 1 again or day 4, i dont know. i am not sure what i am doing with all this. i just want it over so i can start enjoying the benefits of being off all these damn pills. When I first woke up I started worrying that i should go to the ER, but i calmed myself down. I feel like complete ****. On top of having a bad cough now. The only thing that is better about this is i don't have any mental attachment to the xanax like i did with the vicodin.
Avatar f tn m on the verge to a substance abuse problem because I am always altering my moods. I will take a vicodin and notice I need to take a zanax with it because I feel irritable (or anxious). I take another vicodin in about 6 hours with my zanax. The zanax is normal dosage, 2 x's daily 1mg, but I'm noticing that I've increased to probably 3 a day. I take the Wellbutrin & Ambien at night and sleep really well.
Avatar f tn Hi! Congratulations! Yes, it is safe to take Vicodin while pregnant. As with anything else during pregnancy however, the less the better. Take only the minimum dosage that alleviates the pain, and take it only when plain Tylenol and other methods haven't worked. One other thing about the combination of Vicodin and pregnancy is that it is a real set up for constipation! So watch out for that! Good luck!
Avatar f tn i take baclofen, gabapentin and an occasional xanax for sleep. the baclofen i can take during the day. it is subtle and helps me. i realize how well it works when i don't take it. i wouldn't mind trying lyrica but haven't asked the doctor about it yet. i have to write things down in order to remember to ask him items of concern, and that wasn't on my recent list. zanaflex must be beneficial to some so give it try. hope it helps you. my .
Avatar f tn I took a xanax the first night of cold turkey to sleep but it didn't help so I quit.Well today is day 10 so I wonder if I try the xanax tonight if it might work?
1041953 tn?1259072690 I was stunned - I sat looking at the screen with my jaw dropped! Rest assured that I will never do that again! Once I can refill the Klonopin, the Xanax is going to get flushed. But, and this is the thing..... I KNOW that I am addicted to benzos, but I don't want to NOT use them. I just want to use them properly. And yes, I do fall into a pit of self-loathing when I can't stick to the prescribed schedule.
Avatar f tn Last week was a mental nightmare for me and i have no idea if it was from the xanax, vicodin or both w/ds. Researching the xanax helped me understand what i was dealing with. I was already pretty familiar with the vicodin because this has not been a new battle for me. Good luck and you should be proud of yourself for wanting to be free of these drugs, not ashamed.