Can i take vicodin with suboxone

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Avatar f tn That would be a very very bad huge mistake. Suboxone contains an opiate blocker and taking it with norco or vicodin or any other opiate will throw you into precipitated withdrawal and you will become miserably sick and there will be no way to reverse it except time. Suboxone is part opiate, part opiate blocker. It should only be used when you are in full withdrawal from norco or vicodin or any other opiate and never in conjunction with. You would be very sorry to take it together.
Avatar f tn My only problem with quiting is the WD, I am done with getting high off the pill but when I stop CT I just can not function and sleep and just do not want to talk to anyone....
1974178 tn?1325990502 Have you stopped the Sub or are you tapering? The Vicodin does not work if you take it with Suboxone but you could hurt yourself just the same.
Avatar m tn can a pharmacist call a dentist that wrote a prescription for Vicodin and tell him that i am taking suboxone,i thought that addiction problems were confidential. She never came and spoke t me, to find out if I had worked something out with the doctor that prescribes the medication. I believe if she was to call anyone she should of called my suboxone doctor!!!
Avatar f tn There isn't a hard and fast answer. Never is when it comes to addiction, is there? The decision to try Suboxone therapy is something you need to talk to your doctors about. It's not a magic pill that will cure your addiction or spare you withdrawal. The active ingredient in Suboxone is buprenorphine, which is a highly potent synthetic opiate.
Avatar n tn did you have an allergic reaction ? because thats quite rare as far as i know ! Were you in withdrawals from the vicodin? i mean six days after your last vic is unheard of. I'm sorry you had to go through that. I'm just in shock trying to put everything all together.
296875 tn?1217459623 I have been contemplating this post. I guess it's the title. What do I take after the vicodin are gone?? I want to make sure here. You were on suboxone this last year, right? The Vicodin was a year ago, right? So why the question about what's after the Vicodin? Part of getting clean is getting the thinking straight. After the Vics or Sub is...No Pills. You learn to be who you are without them. You don't seek out things that 'give' you a bump in energy or mood.
Avatar f tn m looking for is other peoples experiences with suboxone??? I just think I am doing so great and I am so happy I feel like this monkey is about to be off my back but in the back on my mind I know I'm far from done with this struggle.
Avatar m tn i have heard some miracle stories about suboxone, is there anyone that could please help me, could i take subs while on beta blockers? i feel stuck right now in this darkness, i take norco because of pain and not to get high, i have fibromyalga, herniated discs, chronic pain but still i hate being physically addicted to this pill, i know suboxone does help with some people with pain as well with the withdrawel. please anyone out ther if you could help me i would appreciate it.
405201 tn?1201775709 I took one on my first day, and for some reason i was brave and have only taken 2, and now im on day 17...let me tell you, I FEEL LIKE ****. Can i just randomly take my suboxone even though i havnt been!? And how much!?
Avatar m tn i was just wondering cuz im on suboxone i really trying 2 quit its working but i sliped the other day was cleaning my house and i found one and i couldent help it i sliped so i was just wondering i am trying 2 get a job so i dont want any thing in mhy system im not taking any more
Avatar n tn I read somewhere once someone used 3-4 vicodin tabs over 3-4 days along with nyquil to get through suboxone withdrawal.
1449909 tn?1289444859 no i dont need it but i was curious,i just started the suboxens 5days ago but the morning i went to the dr i had took some and after i did the suboxen i got really sick and didnt know if it was because of the immodium caused it or if my dr is right when he said he thinks i am under-medicated i dont want to take more than one pill a day...but anyways thank you!!
521352 tn?1212032223 Welcome - I just logged on after being away for at least 5 months - this is a fantastic place and you will get a lot of great advice. I kicked 10mg Vicodin, up to 20 per day using Suboxone. I took it for about a month and now I'm doing great with the support of a sponsor and a ton of great friends, in my daily life and here in my virtual life.
Avatar f tn Hi BabyDoll, My name is Mike and I read your post. I am not familiar with Methadone, However my Doctor who put me on Suboxone to aid in my detox from Vicodin mentioned that Sub works for Vicodin, Meth and other things...(can't remember them all), but I do remember him saying Methadone. Anyway, My story is that I was taking 15-20 Norco a day and that equate to 30 to 40 regular vicodin a day.
Avatar f tn I am glad i did because once i found this website and starting reading about suboxone, i learned that suboxone has its own nasty withdrawal and it lasts longer then vicodin. My final quit was cold turkey and so far so good. I really think most of this in mental. Once you remove as much fear as possible, and take it a day at a time, it becomes doable. Reading and posting on this website seriously saved my life. You can do this!
Avatar f tn I have been reading and learning an trying to figure out how to quit this addiction of mine and get off my 30 a day pill habit. I will take anything I can get my hands on anything with opiates in it. I will start my Suboxone on Monday. I found a clinic that offers the Sub with counseling that I can afford. Anyways.... in my journey on the web I found this article about the pros and cons of Suboxone. It seemed to make sense and I thought I would pass it along.
656944 tn?1241632187 that hooks me up with the dealer. I think I want treatment, I want to be clean so bad I just dont feel like I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Every time I try to stop I dont give myself time to "feel" happy again and I get impatient and use again. How the HELL did i get like this. I dont come from an addicted family, I have lots of sober friends, and I use to enjoy life without these damn pills.
Avatar n tn I would have thought you would be passed the aches by now but I suppose everyone is different. I keep myself busy in the late hours to take my mind off of it. I know thats easier said than done but looking at a clock is torture. I have read that l-tyrosine is good for the enery but I personally haven't felt the need to take any so I can't say much on that. Pat yourself on the back for the 7 days you endured and stay with it. Good luck and god bless.
Avatar m tn I always run out early and the doctor has to ok a early refill. I do not think i am taking them for the pain anymore. I just take them because without them i am sick. The first thing i do in the morning before i crawl out of bed is pop two of them and lay there till they make me feel better. I use to take them every 6 hours or so then every 4 i am now taking them almost every hour and a half like clock work.
Avatar n tn Ok here is my question. I currently take about 8 750mg vicodin a day. I have tried to stop and I cant handle the feelings of withdrawal. I now longer get high of that dose I just maintain and dont get sick. I have been given 5 8mg suboxone and I want to use them to get off of the vicodin. I had a doctors app for the suboxone but at 180 for the visit and the cost of the script I cant afford it. I just lost my job and my husbands work has slowed considerably.
Avatar f tn Thanks for your posts. Good luck cloud. I am proud of you for mustering up the courage to fight this battle. I did it a few years ago myself and felt so much better on the other side. I was in a bad car accident, lost my job and broke up with my boyfriend after 10 years within a month. I was prescribed vikes for my broken leg (had surgery) and relapsed. I am now taking so many that I just don't see an end without serious intervention. I made an apt.
696149 tn?1314320959 This is more of a statement than anything else and I guess in the end it's a good thing. I've been taking Vicodin/Norco for 14+ years. I was off of it for nearly 2 years and then went back on it because of kidney stones. I felt better on Vicodin than off, I discovered. The problem is, to keep feeling good, you always have to increase the dosage. That's not good at all for many reasons....the worst is your body will eventually shut down if you keep doing this.
1325193 tn?1450127436 s my story if it helps - I started on vicodin, then moved to Oxy 80 to 120 mg per day. I stopped using suboxone but found that the subs didn't work. So, due to an injury I stopped suboxone and decided to detox slowly off vicodin. So, after 1 week I am down to 5.2 mg per day and this weekend I will go down further. Symptoms suck, but get a doctor to perscribe something for anxiety and make sure you don't abuse that. Really watch what you take.
Avatar m tn And although my dr says i need 6 a day from my disease i am going to go as low as i can to see how the pain will do and see if there is any vitamins i can take to make the pain better. I heard the l-throzine is good for energy and subside the pain, but i can only take that for a little bit because i need to start back on my anti-depressants and you can't mix the two. I'm glad by 7 months you realize you needed to be off the stuff.
Avatar m tn I was put on Vicodin for five previous surgeries. Two years ago, it became a major addiction. Two months ago, I tried to quit taking them and my doctor put me on Methadone for 30 days..well, after stopping the methadone I found it was just to hard to quit after going thru the w/d's. I then went back to the same dr. who gave me a prescription for 15 Vicodin. Needless to say, that didn't work either. I decided to go to a detox program for 5 days where they treated me with Suboxone.