Can i take vicodin with prozac

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Avatar f tn I am taking 200mg Lyrica daily, plus 20mg Prozac, and Vicodin 5/500 as needed. I am miserable today - hurt all over I have a dr appt tomorrow morning but today is still long. I'm out of Vicodin and I have had a few 8 mg Dilaudid hanging around for awhile because a friend gave them to me. Has anyone had this combination of drugs? I need something but I am afraid the Lyrica and Prozac might interact with Dilaudid. Has anyone used Dilaudid to manage Fibro pain?
Avatar f tn she wants me to get me calmed down so i can wean off the vicodin. i am very afraid of this drug. but i know docs are using it with antidepressants to help with depression. so maybe it will work. all i know is that i need to get off the vicodin bad. i take 3 ,10mgs of it a day . it used to make me happy but now it is causing me to to have panic atttacks and terrible ddepression. i guess i will try it and see what happens. as i said i am to take a very small dose.
Avatar f tn o yea and i tie it to everything like most do with cigs. if i want to clean i take them, if i wan't to write a letter i take them. when i'm going out to do something fun i want to be more social and take them. when i'm bored i take them and get all kinds of creative ideas. and shopping is the worst. i will buy everything and then when my buzz goes down i get mad at myself for buying banana hammoks and ****.
Avatar f tn m working full time now, the problem is that i am scared i will no longer be able to get my supply of vicodin anymore.. i just dont know what to do...
Avatar n tn I was sober off everything during the first 3 months of pregnancy. Lately, I have been abusing 1000 mg vicodin and I take about 3 a day. I am in pain, but it has turned into recreational and possibly physical addiction. I also take an occasional xanax as well. Have I hurt any aspect of the baby's development. I feel like I hate myself and I need help. I'm also on 60 mg of prozac a day, which the doctor told me was ok, and he monitors my meds.
Avatar n tn 2 weeks out of a month i have non-stop dull cramps and on those days i only would take one pill and then the week before my period and during it I would take two a day. This has helped me greatly and I have not been in any pain as long as i take the pills. if i stop, it comes back. the doc said it has something to do with hormones, as they did an ultrasound and found nothing wrong. i even asked him to do a total hysterectomy on me, that is how bad the pain is. but he said no.
543959 tn?1301315419 i feel like i need my fluoxetine again but im scared of the effects it will have on my baby but its going to get worse as it did in my previous 2 pregnancys which i got through with difficulty with no medication. is there anything i can take, any advice would be of help, thanks.
Avatar n tn Not everyone suffers when on treatment, so wait to see how you feel. The first week you might feel like you have the flu and you can take tylenol unless you have some particular reason not to take it. That said, you shouldn't take anything without talking to your doctor about it.
Avatar f tn Hi! Congratulations! Yes, it is safe to take Vicodin while pregnant. As with anything else during pregnancy however, the less the better. Take only the minimum dosage that alleviates the pain, and take it only when plain Tylenol and other methods haven't worked. One other thing about the combination of Vicodin and pregnancy is that it is a real set up for constipation! So watch out for that! Good luck!
Avatar f tn I did not take Prozac, however I have been on Zoloft with minimal side effects. I noticed that most of them went away with time, but I do think they can numb your feelings a little bit, however, for me, the benefits clearly outweighed the costs. What does your husband think? I talked it over with my wife and she believes that it helps way more than it hurts the relationship :)....
Avatar n tn I recently got off Vicodin on January 2nd. It became addictive. I've been on Xanax for 10 years and I am tapering. I'm taking 1-1/2 mg. per day and I started taking Prozac at 10 mg. per day a week ago. I am experiencing racing thoughts, discomfort with my heart beating, clammy, smoky taste in my mouth after sleeping, horrible Anxiety buzz (Which begins with the racing thoughts), sore temple, tightness in head.
Avatar f tn t speak right, I cant move right im so irritated and depressed its so horrible that I messed my self up like this..i take adivan 20 mg 3 times a day..prozac..and gabapation like 600 mg per day for energy..the gab is only prescribed 300 mg for me but I find the good big pills right alongside the vicodon..adivan and Prozac ARE my prescriptions..
Avatar f tn i am having a horrible tooth ache its my wisdom tooth it needs to be pulled but it cant be extracted until wednesday so this morning i took a vicodin 750 mg but i dnt have any left when the pain kicks back in can i take a percocet 10 mg and it want interact with the vic in my body thanx for your time
Avatar f tn Been to several different therapists and taken every anti-depressant on the market. The only time I have been happy is when I take vicodin. There I said it. I know the damage this can do but it is the only time I feel normal. There is pain and that is part of the reason I started on this medication. I have been taking prozac for many years and it never has done any of the symtoms of depression completelu away. I do not care that vicodin is a narcotic, I can laugh and feel good about living.
Avatar f tn I'm trying to get off Paxil by cross tapering with Prozac to minimize withdrawal symptoms. Right now I'm on 10mg paxil. but I'm not sure how to proceed? My doctor said to take 20mg prozac along with 10 paxil for a month which I don't agree with. Thats because I think if prozac stays that long in my system I will also have trouble getting off of it. So my plan is: Week 1) 10mg paxil 10mg prozac. Week 2) 5mg paxil 20mg prozac. Week 3) 0mg paxil 20mg prozac. then stop.
906679 tn?1263612612 It is very difficult to wean off and has left some with permanent side effects. Good luck. I took vicodin with cymbalta and now I only take vicodin. It took me months of agony to get off Cymbalta. Please do the research.
Avatar f tn If you do not think u can deal with it then i guess u will have to take something for the is too bad thaat they are waiting so long to do the root canal...can you talk to them about that? My mom had one done last week and had no big pain probelm afterwards and just took tylenol...maybe it wont be too bad...
Avatar n tn Don't take that unless 1.) Your doctor approves it first. 2.) You have no other choice... I had to with my pregnancy and there was a lot of monitoring involved... I am with this one and I hate myself each time I can't stand my pain and take even 1 pill..
692643 tn?1372611227 Hello Dusty, Thank You for your Response, Actually I am On Savella Over a Month. (My Primary Dr Gave me Savella). Let's Start with the Prozac First. shrink gave me Prozac 10 mg..I didn't take them because my Mother was Ailing from Alzimiers/Parkisin We lost her Last Tues, I didn't want to take the Prozac I needed to take care of my Mom & I wanted to Feel..Not be numb when my Mom's time comes..I'm afraid to mix also....any meds...
Avatar f tn I have been a lifelong sufferer of depression and have been off and on prozac for it for years and one of the times i detoxed off vicodin, i wasnt taking my prozac and OMG i was A MESS to put it mildly. Crying my eyes out non stop, felt hoplessless, full of despair and felt like killing myself.
Avatar n tn Can I take pain medication for a toothache. Im a diabetic and I dont know what medicines I cant take. Is tylenol 3 ok?
Avatar f tn I am taking the Vicodin for anxiety and my doctor DID prescribe it for that because I told him that when I took it when I had my wisdom teeth out, I found it helped with my social anxiety. I did try SSRIs but they made me feel really weird, spaced out and I couldn't focus at work. I agree with your advise to seek psychiatric help. I know I have coping problems. Thanks so much again for talking to me.
Avatar n tn My psychiatrist has just added Zyprexa to take with Prozac as the Prozac is not working like it used to work.I'm worried about the weight gain with Zyprexa, is there something else that could be used with the Prozac instead? Also until now I've also been taking 1 mg. Ativan in the morning and 1 mg Ativan before bed. Is it safe to use Ativan with the Zyprexa?
Avatar m tn Hey guys - I'm 12 days into taking 10 mg of Prozac after struggling for several months with reoccurring Panic Attacks that morphed into Panic Disorder. I'm taking steps to improve my life, working out more, trying to eat better, and educating myself on the disorder and how to relax. One of those steps has been cutting back on how much/frequently I drink. However, I do enjoy the social element of having a few beers and today I'm hosting a party.
Avatar m tn I have taken Prozac with success in the past. Currently I take a different drug. BUT I also take folic acid to counter the effects of methotrexate for RA and I don't feel it has had any effect on making my OCD worse. Honestly, over the counter medication I have not had much success with. I think the first thing to do is learn cognitive behavioral therapy and then if you are still having problems, then you can introduce medication.
Avatar n tn s so busy with a new baby - I think he missed that question in my email so I just went straigh to my pharmacist who is also aware of my situation and she rocks! The way I see it for now - I need to get through the next week with just a little vicodin and the tramadol to help with the withdrawal side effects. It's a very low dose of Tramadol so my pharmacist let me know that it would only help a little and I'm ok with that.