Can i take percocet with tramadol

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Avatar n tn Hey there.....I don't know about percocet but I took tramadol with vicodin before. I take tramadol and my script was running out before I could get it refilled so I took the vicodin to help make what tramadol I had left, last. So, medically I think it wouldn't hurt anything to take them. You just have to be very careful with tramadol! I am in the process of trying to ween off of it and my dr.
2110255 tn?1334192149 I am taking your advise and doing what the instructions say until I talk to my dr. I did do some flexing so I can attempt to bike ride with my son tomorrow and I am hoping that will help. I can believe how much support is here and it is appreciated by me and I am sure so many more. I still have been doing some research and it's still hard to find all the answers I am looking for which is a lot lol.
Avatar f tn Hi. I take it you've not tried plain old paracetamol + ibuprofen to see of that'll help? If you have a history of addiction it's not 100% safe to have what can be an addictive med. However it MUST NOT be taken with alcohol so if you do take tramadol and it helps the pain and you don't drink then that's great. But if you slip up then you must stop and find another way for the pain.
Avatar n tn I have been on Percocet for 2 years. I kept having to take more and more until I was taking about 11 a day. When my prescritpion would run out, I would go to people who I knew had pain meds and ask for meds. When that failed, I'd go to an Urgent Care or Immediate Care facility. I have been off the percocet for 3 wks but am now on tramadol to help get off of it (actually, thats all i could get my hands on).
Avatar n tn The first day I get my script filled 7-10 tramadols a day are great,but by the 4-7 day,I have to take quite a few.After I use up my months supply,I suffer until I can get them filled again!I am getting tired of living like this.The tramadol did knock me out a few times(seizures) and resulted in an ER visit,but that hasnt happened in over a year,so I guess my body is getting more used to them.
Avatar f tn did you only take 1 tramadol? are you in labor now?
Avatar f tn My first addiction were to vicodin and percocet.. I have detoxed off of both of them. But I will say that by far tramadol has the worst withdraw symptons. I'm still on the tramadol but I have went 3 and 4 days without them and it was bad. My head and eyes hurt. I had bad stomach issues, restless leg at night and bad nausea. When I detoxed from vicodin the wds were not half as bad. I wish you the best and am here for you.
Avatar m tn Unfortunately, there are side effects with every medication. Personally, I am not a fan of Tramadol as it can be very difficult to come off and I think there are much better both long-acting and shorting-acting meds that can be used.
147172 tn?1226761778 I am going to a dr to prescribe me suboxone next week but in the meantime I was wondering if I were to take the tramadol, could that help with my withdrawal symptoms? Thanks......
Avatar n tn Right now I am contemplating on going back on prescription medication I thought that I could go with just over the counter stuff but I can't. I used to take Ultram (Tramadol) which is the worse stuff. I need help. How can I tell the doctor that I want to be on meds permanently. My story is on the Ultram/Ultracet thread FYI. I have such a hard time going out and enjoying life because of this nagging back pain.
Avatar m tn You lucked out that you found out NOW about the Tramadol, versus a few months into it, where you would have had to deal with that as well. I agree that I wouldn't recommend going back to the Subs. Give it a try, there will be w/ds, but many people manage to get through it. There IS no magical pill, or easy way around w/ds unfortunately, however there ARE ways to treat the symptoms without turning to another addictive substance. Look up the Thomas recipe...
Avatar n tn the more i have the more i take. then when they are gone, i flip out. i dont think i can perform my job duties. its like i dont have the "energy". i wish i wouldve never started taking pills. it is the most addicting thing i have ever done.
1349329 tn?1276988802 I also have a Husband and a 13 year old daughter, and instead of spending the summer doing the things that I wanted to do with her, I'm struggling to get off this med. I do try to do the best I can, and I have explained to her that I'm on a medication that is making me sick, but that I will get better. Fortunately, at 13, she has a good friend network, and is involved with alot of her own projects, still I feel guilty that I'm not there for her as I'd like to be.
Avatar f tn She sent me to my physiciAn and he told me i was literly taking a baby dosAge but he recommended to stop. So i ask myself did i cause this??? Can this be?? I have two healthy children ; i take my prenatals i feel like i do everything right except for the meds but i really do need them! Without them id be in horrible physical pain, anyway i have an amneosintesis(idk how to spell it) on the 31st if it proves beyond doubt the baby has down syndrom ive decided to terminate the pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I have been prescribed tramadol and percocet for back pain for about 7 months. I took 2-4 tramadol 50mg a day and 1-2 5/325 percocet at night. Less back pain caused me to dial back on the pills til I am at 1 of each a day. Last week I did not take tramadol at all and began to feel achy all over and tired. I took the pill. Yesterday, I took no tramadol again and had all the symptoms I see described here--restless all over, unable to sleep, achy, etc.
Avatar n tn I've asked my doctor to see me after hours so that we can deal with this head-on. I simply cannot function with this pain but I don't want to destroy my liver and I know that my body is building up a tolerance to the meds and that's why the amount it takes to get even the slightest pain relief requires more meds. I'm definitely taking more than I'm supposed to and my doc knows this - I'm not trying to hide it from him.
1466164 tn?1301205416 ive been on percocet since march,off and on, i am having a hard time getting off them and staying off them, right now i am having some weird side effects that are not listed like waking up stiff and swollen and really sore hot achy, then i take 2 i feel a little better then 4 hours later i take 2 again then i feel better, im up to taking 8 a day. i need help and advice, can i die? how can i get through the withdrawls without problems? I have tramadol and flexeril to help is that good?
Avatar f tn Hang in there and please post back. I live in constant pain also but live alone. I have tried to get my cat to take care of me with no luck ;) It sounds like you are alone a lot which I know can be very trying for me. It can be so hard to be alone, in pain and in my case awake while the world sleeps. Please remember you are not alone.
Avatar m tn I have clonodine and klonopin also some neurontin which i think have helped when i was getting low. I hope this will only take 7 days max. I'm also on Cymbalta and wellbutrin. I was on Percocet 10/325mg about a week with 180 pills which lasted about 1 1/2 weeks so i dont know if i will get a double whammy from that. I have been on various pain meds. for about 6 yrs now and want to find out if my pain is coming from the meds and my head or if it's that bad anymore.
Avatar n tn Hey out there sorry guys but this keeps me busy and i really do have a nutter question,,, my friend just gave me a couple of 5mg lortabs and if i take a 1/2 tab today will it make my tramadol withdrawls last lonnger? I want to take a half every 6 hrs to help cruv this god aufull feeling i have.
Avatar f tn I dont know where to even start, least i can say is that i feel like shyt, i took 4 5mg perks yesterday and only 2 today, i have one left & i gta save it for tomorrow...I start work on the 3rd of jan 2011,,, I wanna feel better. I been hooked on this shyt for too long and i cant do it anymore im only 22 i have a husband and children who need me. I just want to know i can do this. I cant sleep,eat,coldsweats&hot 2...restless legs,emotional as hell, rapid heart beats!!!
Avatar f tn I tell you all one thing, percocets make me smoke a lot more than I ever did, that will be one less headache once I wean off some more...can I take tramadol with percocet the last week for the pain? 5mgs of perc with 100 mg of tramadol?
210982 tn?1280987495 but my Dr put me on 50mg from 7.5/500 of the percocet. I had never heard of Tramadol and when I ask the pharmasist how it compared to the percocet, he said it was way less effective, so I was confused why my Dr took me from such a high dose of percocet to such a low dose of Tramadol...I keep reading that people say after a while of not being on the meds they realize the pain isn't as bad as they thought...I am just scared...
Avatar m tn but they all contain tylenol///ultracet is tam with tylenol....Ultram is just tramadol///tramadol is the generic name and Ultam is a brand name Trams do have both an AD quality causing increased seratonin/which is the same action as many popular ADs...zoloft, lexapro, prozac paxil, celexa...but it is an intense immediate effect with trams and these other ADs have to build up over time to help depression...
Avatar n tn Today I am feeling pretty good, and i know someone with seboxens if i get the temptation I heard if you take one of those and try to take any perks you will get sick from it!! But I have tooken them before, and it stopped the withdrawls!!! But I don't want to get addicted to something else u know!!! It's hard cause my boyfriend was very understanding at first, then he started to throw it in my face and threatening to take my daughter, which is making me more determined then ever.
Avatar m tn I can relate to all of you on the symptoms your having from not taking percocet I have been taking percocet for about two years now. I work alot and finding time to curb this addiction is becoming very difficult. I have tried many times to kick this thing every time i have failed. The worst part for me is the restless sleep and that sick feeling. I would also prefer to stop cold turkey but I think I might need some help. I have tried taking a couple shots, Bad move, whatever you do don't drink!