Can i take nexium with food

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Avatar m tn Which is better? Taking Nexium and eat a low-fat GERD diet? OR Taking Nexium and eating a regular diet (Spaghetti, BBQ Ribs, ice cream, etc.) I am realtively new to the GERD world, and for the last 3 months have been med-free and eating very bland and low-fat. The commercials show people eating BBQ ribs and they're alright because of their magical little purple pill.
Avatar n tn Hello all I am so overwhelmed with GERD! Currently I am on Nexium twice a day plus Maalox and still have symtpoms. My throat and nose are burning. My stomach is upset and can't seem to eat anything! I have been reflux problems for about 4 years now and it has NEVER been this bad. Sometimes food seems to be stuck in my throat/chest. On top of all theses symptoms I am extremely tired and have joint pain. My doctor thought that I may have fibromyalgia, but I don't think this is correct.
Avatar m tn other times when I feel horrible I feel better if I eat a couple of grapes or a small piece of orange. I don't limit my food to 'junk'. that was a bit of fun but I do feel best when I eat things like potato, croissants, bread and fried snacks.
Avatar f tn The Riba binds to fat so it is good to have some when taking it however you shouldn't change your diet drastically and eat a TON of fat or you WILL get fat! ;) That is the reason I always take my Riba with food - at 7am with breakfast (a yogurt shake even helps) and with dinner at 6:30 or 7:00pm. I lost 20 pounds because I couldn't really eat in the beginning of treatment and I didn't really HAVE it to lose - so I ate ice cream and such for calories but aside from that...
Avatar n tn For example, if someone was prescribed this medication for Barrett's one would have to weigh the pros/cons of taking or not taking the Nexium. Well, I can tell you NO ONE should opt out taking the Nexium and let the Barrett's progress BASED on what he/she has read on the internet; this is WHAT physicians are for. What is or happened in your situation MAY or MAY NOT apply to someone else's.
4205995 tn?1351173108 pylori infection and the dock gave me the 3 meds to take just not sure if i can take em coz i have svt
Avatar n tn I have been taking Nexium for 4 years now. My acid reflux is getting increasing worse. I went to the doctor and he recommended surgery (fundiplication) or take 1 nexium in am and i nexium in pm. Also, asthma is tied to GERD. I had a asthma test and I did have a mild case of asthma. I now take 2 nexium a day and 1/day Advair diskus. I now have no GERD. I am 5'5" and weigh 162lbs.
Avatar n tn I need 4 or more hrs btwn eating and sleeping for me to sleep thru with out the verps ect.... I also found that if I am taking the meds too much, I can feel the same if my acid levels r too talk with ur dr to see if this could be an issue for u.And u may se eating something that is agrivating ur gerd and not know....try a journal to see what ur triggers are. I pray u feel better soon.
439522 tn?1214954789 Hi I noticed you have been on nexium for a few years can u tell me how long it takes before nexium kicks in. I have been taking them for about 10 weeks Recently diagnosed barratts oesophagus gastritis hiatus hernia oesophageal ulcer.
Avatar f tn The worst part is that I can eat a small meal and 4 hours later it feels like the food is just sitting right at the back of my throat.I do have a hietal hernia and acid reflux.So...I have been using organic apple cider vinegar and taking acidophilous pills daily.I went and got some ginger chews from the health food store for the nausea and that seems to be helping.I guess my question is how long will I be dealing with all this discomfort?
1369218 tn?1282427484 I take Synthroid in the morning and then I take Nexium and Cytomel together. Is that ok??? I then take Vit D and Iron with dinner. I am also seeing a new doc to test thyroid/adrenals. What tests should I have run? I feel horrible and want to feel better!!!
Avatar m tn Then was on the d-limonene for 6 months and gradually went of that too (it was cheap also at the vitamin store). Now I still sleep with the bed jacked up 6 inches (angle) with a normal pillow. Eat way better - no pizza or fast food, limit coffee. Dont even take anything, not even the digestive enzymes anymore. Its about correcting what was wrong and breaking the vicious cycle of reflux. It appears as though my weak and acid burnt LES has healed. What a relief!
Avatar n tn What about the bone loss and the liver damage that can come with using Nexium. That is information that you can get off any medical website. I am at an age where that is a major concern for me. Look it is your choice but my guess is you will come to the same conclusions as I have after you have taken Nexium as long as I have. Good luck and Cheers.
Avatar n tn Who knows why these PPIs stop working but they seem to lose effectiveness for some of us after a while...I started with 60mg of Nexium a day now I am at 100mg a day and my symptoms are far from under control....My Gi wont change my PPI saying that Nexium is the best for erosions and ulcers.....I wouldnt wait two months, I would call and atleast ask if they can increase the dose, or maybe take you to a twice a day dose....Are you following your GERD diet?
Avatar n tn hello i take nexium once a day,i also have barrets esouphagus what kind of diet do you recommend?
Avatar n tn I am very bloated every day-Gas X helps but I take 3Xday. I can feel the food coming back up. I read Prilosec and Prevacid are about the same. What about Nexium-can it work better, cut down constipation, cramping, gas bloating, spasms?
Avatar m tn I have GERD and am undergoing tests to see if surgery is needed again after many years. I started taking previcid as I had done in the past. When I met with my doctor she decided to put me on Nexium (which is stronger than 2 previcid tablets) because I was experiences burning and some chest tightness. I started the Nexium on a Friday evening. Then took a second Nexium Saturday morning (next day). Wow I was having chest pains and my chest felt even tighter and heavier.
Avatar f tn I am.trying to.wean nexium after 10 yrs, as I feel food has been.fermenting in my stomach, symptoms r.reflux hrs after eating bringing, smelly wind, sore bowels, itchy nd burning bottom. Iv put lots.of weight on and have bone and joint pain 24-7. I feel original symptoms were due to emotional problems and depression not being treated, my doc is not interested in.helping cus of budget cuts, I'm.
Avatar m tn As a patient I'm sure he kept it simple for me. He told me to take the Nexium when ever I had to take NASIDS. He said that Nexium started working very quickly and that it helped with the problems that NASID caused. NASIDS can cause bleeding, pits or holes in the stomach with long term use, and that the Nexium reduces acid and heals the pits or holes in the stomach lining. He also said that eating food before taking the NASID helped with long term problems.
Avatar n tn Hi This Is foundry, I have had Undigested Food Stuff In my stool lately I have also had acute pancreatitis in 2003 I Was Cleared of this Though. I recently was diagnosed with Having Gerd. I was put on nexium 40mg,1 time a day. I also have had upper and lower CT Scan Neg. colonoscopy mild diverticulosis,EGD PROCEDURE, Abdominal ultrasound, Pancreas has all been normal with these test. Lipase, Amylase, Normal. I do not have any pain anywhere. Nerves has been shot due to worrying about all of this.
Avatar n tn and have almost complete control of my reflux and for those times that I do have flare ups, I can take a Tums and it will actually work. I probably do not have exactly what you have (after endoscopy, my chart said "gastritis" but the doc told me the valve does not close properly) Anyway, I have found almost complete relief with the DGL. I still had great pain while on prilosec, including the annoying side effects. The DGL is certainly worth a try. Best wishes to you.
Avatar n tn Also history of IBS. I had a Nissen Wrap done about 8 months ago. But I still need to take the Nexium. I take 80 mg .... this is what the Drs said to take. I still have stomach problems ( pain in the right side ) . It comes and gos. I'm worried about taking all that Nexium. If I drop down to only 40mg it doesn't work. What should I do ? Can I get cancer by taking too much of this Nexium?
Avatar n tn Seems like I got rid of pain in one area to only have it shift to another. I know it can take weeks for nexium to work, but anyone have similar symptoms?
Avatar n tn The doctor wants me to take two Nexium per day. I did this for a few weeks, felt great and cut down to one per day (Doctor said I could do this). After a few days, I started feeling pressure again in my chest, burning, tiredness, etc, just a lousy feelng. Went back to two, after a few days, felt relatively normal except for some slight burning which I swear I'll have to live with for the rest of my life! So, took two for a week or so and cut back down to one (I hate taking this stuff).
Avatar n tn I have to take Nexium religiously too, because my symptoms also show up as little as 36hrs since the last dose. I always take my vitmains at about the same time as the Nexium so's I remember them. I also figure that the more that's down there, the greater the chances that something'll get absorbed. Some's better than none. You haven't had any bad side effects or complications from Nexium in the 12 years you've been taking PPI's? What province are you in?
213739 tn?1215489609 I'm not a doc- my Master's is in education but I'll do what I can from my experiences. With my daughter in kindergarten summer school and my little guy in summer school too, it gives me some time during the day to be on here! Did I tell you I'm pregnant with #3? I'm due in November. I'm very excited but very nervous. We had a miscarriage in December at 13 weeks 4 days and between Jaden and the miscarriage, I am nervous but also know God won't give me something I can't handle.
3103006 tn?1414815486 Ok have no choice but get my butt up at 7 am in the morning, eat whatever I can get down and take the pills after. I have 3 more weeks to go! I take Nexium on empty stomach and Zofar whenever I feel nauseous to to prevent from bloating and throwing up. I wouldn't be able to handle this without these two. This fat taking has been biggest suffering of my life so far. Hate to wake up every morning, when I am not hungry and have to shove in food I don't' want...
Avatar n tn what is the success rate of Nexium vs the others and will it interfere with any natural supplements that I am already taking? I was also told that it is possible that i do have a floating hiatal hernia. Is that what causes the pain in my upper abdomin and under my ribs from time to time? He said my liver is perfect, as well as my pancreas, so that is the only assumption I have. Any Ideas on my constent muscle cramps as well?? Maybe I am lacking something in my diet.