Can i take metronidazole with fluconazole

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Avatar m tn so tried metronidazole 400mg.. twice daily.. also I take 1 spoon of fibogel 2wice daily.. I am however worried about the disastrous effects of fluconazole 200mg.. with liver toxicity and necrosis.. did i make a serious mistake by not taking 150mg.. and taking 200mg.. Is my liver cirrhosis??? or the pain I am having just below the liver region on one spot when touched is due to the gas and flatulence ..
Avatar n tn That is what leads me to beleive it's not just isolated with me and an STD. Yes, I did take all 4 of the azithromycin tablets. I'm considering waiting a month or so since I've taken SO many antibiotics in the past 7 days and then request the Metronizodale which is what treats trich right? What are your thoughts on that?
Avatar n tn so I have had this infection for over a month now, I have been doing everyrhng my gyno told me, it is sooooo bad, I get what I like to call these prickly little shocks down in the private area every once in a while like a shockong chill and it makes me shiver, forget about a sex life with my husband, what can I do to get rid of this, I took monistst 1, I eat plain yogurt, I take probotic vitamins I take probotic vitamins I want to chophalf my body of and also have these painful lil pimply things
Avatar n tn My doctor prescribed me to take 0.75% Metronidazole Vaginal Gel at bedtime for five days. I just finished my five-day regimen last night. However I was curious about bv and started browsing the Internet to find out that the more common treatment is to take the gel twice a day for 5 days. Can you please explain what difference does once a day versus twice a day make? Will once a day regimen make the medication less effective?
2109342 tn?1380912575 Not sure if 1 or all 3 has helped. I take Flagyl, Cipro & Macrobid. Can only take low doses, 1/day, but getting ready to increase the Flagyl a little, tomorrow.
Avatar m tn asks your doctor about it next time. it is solve with metronidazole or clindamycin i am trying this next cus i know i have an infection of my prostate, usually symptoms for me start from the inside out, then it goes in to my glands and spread all over.
Avatar m tn You think my white tongue can be caused by this candida I have? can it cause the hair loss I am experiencing? shouldn't I take Fluconazole as well with probiotics? Which doctor should I consult for this, a GI? I think we have Activia yogurt. do you know it?
Avatar f tn You can talk to your doctor about another pap, but I don't see a big need for one right now. Nothing would likely develop that fast. Keep in mind that the pap only looks for abnormal cells on your cervix, and is different than std testing. When you have your next pap done, ask them if they will do an HPV test with it, given what you have found out. Its up to your bf to determine his sexual identity, and if he doesn't want to call himself gay, that's his choice.
Avatar n tn So at this point can I rule out HSV 2 (at week 20) but keep looking for HSV1 (since the less sensitive to it). I'm not ruling out HSV 1 down there (with my symptoms) but can I rule out HSV 2? I did receive oral from my boyfriend so that would be possible if he has type 1. The guys I'm dealing with would really appricate this too. I know I'm driving them crazy getting tested and tested. I'm driving myself crazy researching and researching.
Avatar f tn However, she prescribed me Metronidazole, and Fluconazole. I have just finished these medications, and I have one more Fluconazole to take next week. She also swabbed me for any STD's and everything came back negative. Now I have a red, raw area on my clitoral hood that itches and burns like crazy. Is this soap irritation? Does anyone have any idea what it could be? I'm a freshman in college living in a dorm, so I am in a new environment. PLEASE HELP!!!
926651 tn?1244143966 3. The only difference I can identify in my routine is that my cardiologist started me on Toprol XL 25mg daily. Any ideas why this spike could have occured?
Avatar m tn Hi! I can appreciate your concerns since you have not found relief after a week of treatment. To discuss broadly, your symptoms of a swollen meatus with redness and skin chaffing can be due to meatitis or infection/inflammation of meatus, urethritis or infection/inflammation of urethra or due to balanoposthitis (inflammation of glans penis and foreskin). In all cases the cause can be either a STD or a non-STD infection.
Avatar n tn The doc today told me that i had an infection going on but also my cervix looked inflammed and raw and it looked like cervicitis so he put me on flagystatin metronidazole 500mg and told me to take the pills the other doc gave me(PMS-Fluconazole 50mg) as well. I have an app with my gyno on the 30 so the doc said to have him check and make sure that everything is cleared up since I should be done my meds by than and I should also have my results from the swabs. I have one question though.
1054108 tn?1314302260 I was diagnosed with BV but in my third trimester. I was prescribed Flagyl, but ended up doing the metronidazole suppositories. I don't think your doctor would prescribe anything that was harmful. good luck!
4865450 tn?1361298133 In my country i didnt find any lab to make anaerobic tests. What antibiotics can i take for this???? I tried many but doesn't work! Is anyone with this bacteria??? :(( PS:this infection is burning me and make my internal skin dry :((( Please help!
Avatar f tn The results came I had a yeast infection, Bacterial Vaginitis (gardnella), and Strep B. She put me on Ampicillin, Metronidazole Vaginal Gel, then I had to take a series of Fluconazole pills after the antibiotics. I finished all that got retested this Monday and I called my dr today for the results and it all came back negative. But even though the tests came back negative I don't feel like normal down there.
Avatar n tn Swelling seems to be spreading and the metronidazole doesn't seem to be helping. I am continuing treatment in hopes I am wrong. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/242382'>Intensely itchy, red rash on scrotum / groin and itchy legs</a>.
Avatar n tn I also do the sinus rinses but I was told to boil the top because it can harbor infections? I am being treated with clindamycin for a sinus infection and waiting to hear if I has MRSA. Now my eyes are running and things appear to be blurred. It is running rapid in my family. My 5 yr. old grandson was hospitalized due to MRSA in his hip joint that found a home from having it in his thumb a few weeks before. They had to go in because it was to thick to drain.
Avatar f tn About 2 weeks before it first appeared I did take strong antibiotics that the doctor gave me as a precaution for STI's. I also took a fluconazole at the same time because i had balanitis. I'm worried this may have destroyed all the good bacteria. I have been taking probiotics but that hasn't helped either. My latest attempt at getting rid of it is the nystatin drops but after four days I notice no difference. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn Hi, just under 2 weeks ago me and a guy mutuallly masturbated each other and rubbed cocks together. I gave him oral sex - he didn't do anything oral with me. We both ejaculated but each seperately and no semen contact was made. This was my first mm experience and I'm bricking myself that I have an STD. No discharges or anything. But a tingling sensation in my lips and every now and again a bit of an itch on my **** (but not constant). Am I being a complete tool or should I gest tested?
Avatar f tn This didnt help and a week after I went for another follow up with the same doctor, This time while he was examining me, because I was still showing those symptoms, he told me that he sees like it was a Yeast infection(that is for the second time I was diagnosed with this but with first time, Fluconazole didnt help) I was again prescribed a Metronidazole (4 tablets at once) and a vaginal cream terconazole.
Avatar n tn When my son was about 3mo old I was having a lot of discharge (so much so I was going through jeans) I had never had a yeast infection before so that’s what I thought it was. So I tried treating it myself with Monistat 1. That didn’t help so I tried using it again still no help. I called my ob and told her over the phone that I thought I had a yeast infection and that I had tried monistat, she called in nystatin and triamcinolone acetonide cream that I used the same as the monostat.
Avatar f tn the fluconazole seems to have taken care of the yeast infection I was diagnosed with. i feel much better and I do not have the burning sensation that i described last time anymore. got back some new results that i wanted to share with you. one week post unprotected exposure to someone positive for genital herpes igG herpes 1 --- 5.12 IgG herpes 2 <0.91 (i have had cold sores since i was a kid so i knew that the herpes 1 would be positive) 2 weeks post exposure igG herpes 1--- 5.
Avatar m tn Her doctor stated that she was fine because if it was something else, yeast medication would not have releaved her symptoms. After taking all std test that I can think of, i read about trichamonasis and it symptoms. It stated that its mostly found in women and is hard to find in men. Most men are treated when their partner is diagnosed with it. I have never tested for it, but I have taken metronidozole twice just in case.
1364835 tn?1278610242 I again started having soft loose stools after having food . . . why is that so I m getting mad I will take nystatin..
Avatar n tn HI I'm 23 years of age I have recently had unprotective anal sex and now I think I may have gonorrhea, I know I need to be tested!
Avatar f tn Tomorrow I am goint to take him to the vet again, this time for X rays. I am so worry, I don't think the vet knows what is going on with him. Can someone help me please.
Avatar m tn The doctors say my blood was fine, my urine test was fine, and they told me to visit my primary doctor. Now I am back to square one with more problems than I started out with. I really to apologize for this being so long, but I really need all the help I can get, I am not myself, I am always miserable and I just don't know where to go and what to do anymore.
Avatar m tn i am taking X4 ofloxacin X1 fluconazole X2 metronidazole ( per day )
Avatar m tn One user reported his success with this method to his ENT, who informed him that he has been using this method for 35 years. I went outside to try this method (you can do it inside, on towels) I sat down on the ground, legs bent, knees up. I bent my head back, poured saline into my nostrils, pinched them, and did a reverse sit-up until my back was flat on the ground, and tilted my head back a little further.