Can i take lunesta and xanax

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Avatar f tn I dno't know if my HMO will even pay for it, I pay $70 for a months worth of Lunesta. Don't know if it matters, but I am on the lowest Lunesta dosage, and I weigh a little under 140 pounds. Can you build a tolerance? Is there anything better out there?
140622 tn?1190102529 My platelets hover around 50 too. So since I have no insurance and could not afford ambian or lunesta. Cost over 100. My doctor gave me ativan. It comes in generic. Only cost 27 month. Works really well for me. 2mgs is what he gave me. I know the risk of dependency but will worry about that when treatment is over.
Avatar f tn I had been on lexapro, abilify, wellbutrin, lunesta and xanax. So just being on the xanax now I guess is progress. I still go back to cbt and dbt and revisit my notes from therapy. I also reduced the recent drinking to 1 beer a day, so I'm trying. I have had 2 recent crisis moments with depression but made it through by calling a hotline. They did teach us that this is a lifetime "disease" if you will and proper management and maintenance is the key.
Avatar m tn When I stopped - within 24 hours I was experiencing stronger feelings of panic than I did before taking the Xanax and suffered night sweats and loss of sleep. I went back to 1 x tab a day (.25mg) and the feelings subsided and sleep was easier. Can I have really have a problem ditching Xanax after such a short period and on such a low dosage? (compared to a lot of posts I have read on here).
Avatar m tn can i take lunesta and zoloft and zyprexa together
Avatar m tn Trazadone is a great med that helps with sleep and it will also help w/anxiety the next day after u take it.I remember taking them when I was taking like6-8mg of xanax a day and I quit and took the trazadone to help w/sleep cause benzo w/d is rough and sleep doesnt come easy.Well to my surprise it helped a lot with not feeling like I was gonna jump out of my skin.The only thing is for me((maybe cause I needed it so badly)I slept9+hours the1st few times I took it).
Avatar m tn how am i going to feel with taking the 15 mg. of remeron AT THE SAME TIME AS THE XANAX AND LUNESTA????? thanks for your time. i am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and i ALMOST there. i am just a little skeptical on taking this stuff on top of what i am taking. thanks again.
Avatar m tn If you can find one that doesn't, okay, but that will take time. But you can find a psychiatrist right away to put you back on Xanax and taper you off as you should have done. While you can get seizures quitting a benzo abruptly, especially after being on it for so long, since it's been a week that isn't likely to happen now, but the withdrawal you're going through might go away in a week and might last forever, so I'd play it safe and go back on the Xanax and do it the right way.
492921 tn?1321293496 I was prescribed xanax about a year ago for panic attacks due to a rape and I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic stress. I never took them at that time. I don't like to take pills at all. They prescribed me Lunesta for sleeping. It worked pretty good. I had a miscarriage April 18th and haven't had a good night sleep since. I haven't slept more than 3 or 4 hours.
Avatar n tn im taking 2 xanax a day now in 1/4's but i have only 3 left..can i take a 1/4th then melatonin and so on to kinda rotate or is that a bad mix? or sleep aid? or should i just call and find me some more xanax's? lol sorry but im kicking hydro's and well i tried to kick them both but i need these to kick the other and then plan on working on them. i just felt it was too dangerous to kick those 2 meds at one time being what they are..
Avatar n tn I take Klonopin as needed and I take so little that I can just stop for a week or whatever. I make sure I don't take it every day. The most I take in one day is one .5 tablet. Most days, I just take a 1/2 of a .5 tab and it works.
Avatar n tn Before a Dr's assistance I was well into a second week with out xanax and I only seemed to bounce between good and bad days. Nothing seemed to change. I'm not looking forward to that happening again. I wonder if I can take valium in place of the clonazapam. I still feel completely useless and haven't left my house in days. I suppose the Effexor XR helps but it's only the end of the second week. Does anyone know what to expect.
Avatar n tn I to have anxiety trouble. I have been on and off the xanax and klonopin for years. I would take it for months everyday. I never had any problems getting off it when it was time. I also took it three times a day. I would just cut back one dose at a time. i would do it kind of slow. I always know when it is time to cut back. It will start to make me sleepy. Thats what it does to me, When I take it and do not need it for the anxiety. Good luck with it..
Avatar n tn I would not get your hopes with the Ambien I had Ambien and valium I used both for a week and still lost allot of sleep. Sleep deprivation is part of the ride. With time sleep will come bit by bit. I still wake up earlier than I want but my sleep I get is good sleep. Give your body some time to heal it has been through allot with using. I think by this weekend you will feel much better. After day 4 it only gets better.
Avatar m tn It has come to a point where I need to medicate myself with several different medicines in order to fall asleep. I usually take Ambien 10 mg and I take two od those and sometimes Xanax 1 mg. I have noticed that Ambien doesnt really help much anymore. I just feel weird when I take it. Sometimes when I dont take anything to sleep and I manage to fall asleep, I have very vivid dreams and nightmares. Even after taking medicine, I dont usually fall asleep until 4 am and I am up at 8 or 9.
684343 tn?1231434440 I didn't drink often, but when i did i would go way overboard, and yes, I took alot of xanax while i was drinking. It is hard to remember the simplist things. The other day I couldn't remember what i did for my last birthday! I also have a hard time saying words and also spelling. Ive been clean for 41 days today but am still experiencing some symptoms:Occasional foggy head,anxiety,shakiness...when did yours subside?
Avatar m tn By day 6 you should be feeling good enough to stop taking it. You can get hooked on Xanax so be careful about dosing, and for how long. Lunesta is ok for insomnia, but from my experience and others, when detoxing, you need something a little more powerful like Ambien, Valium or even Halcion. Just to get you through the first week. You are pretty much doing it right, but you have to give it at least a good week. Depending on your drug usage (how much, how long) it may take bit longer.
Avatar n tn I have similar problems as do millians of us. I have sleep apnea and use a bi-pap. I have chronic back pain and take hydrocodone. The other medications prescribed by my neroulogist are: 1.Ambien 2.Provigil 3.Nertontin 4.Aspirin 5.Baklofen (?) I am self medicating with : 1.Prozac 2. Zoloft 3.Ativan I take one 40mg of prozac daily and when out of ambien have taken ativan 1mg up to twice daily. Are the 3 medications I am self medicating all supposed to be doing the same thing?
Avatar m tn Ironically, I am Rx'd a PRN benzo for anxiety that I take very seldomly....and yet I've never taken it to help me sleep. I have thought about it, but I know that in the end, I'll be worse off than I am now. I think you'll be just fine. Luckily, you weren't on it for years, and you're on a very low dose. You may struggle for a few weeeks to get some decent sleep, and you may even feel a little anxious, but overall, I think it will be just fine.
Avatar n tn My doc told me to take more xanax and gave me lexapro 10mg. I went home and quit the xanax cold turkey, I was convinced that I wasn't depressed that bad all of the sudden! Now it has been 5 days since I stopped it and I suffered AWFUL,HORRIBLE withdrawals, today seems better but I feel like I'm in a cloud. I hope this wears off soon. I think xanax is a scary drug & very addicting.
Avatar m tn If I don't take enough xanax I won't be able to sleep. If I take enough xanax I will be that much deeper into this nightmare. If I don't sleep, how can I perform my job? My Dr. prescribed Paxil and instructed me to take .5mg xanax before bed for 3 nights and call if I am not better. Does anyone have any thoughts about this advice?
513243 tn?1213710970 I went cold turkey off of Vicodan and Xanax and it was hell! I am finally feeling good. I always thought the pills made me feel better, but I actually feel really positive and have more motivation than I have had in years. I think I am most afraid of refilling my scrpit when that day comes for the pain meds. I always in the past found a reason to do it even after I was pretty much healed from my accident.
Avatar n tn I have taken Ambien, Restoril and most recently (the last couple of years) I take half a 1 mg Xanax (the blue oval) an hour os so before sleep. I would like to try something new (Rozerem,Lunesta), but I'm afraid of withdrawl symtpoms from the Xanax use. I was told it would be smart to taper off the Xanax, because stopping cold turkey could be harmful. If this is true, how do I go about this properly -or what do you recommend?
Avatar n tn I am trying to get off xanax too and I think I am close. I only take 0,125 mg every 2 days at night for about 3 weeks now, after constantly reducing the dosage since about 4 months. I am taking it for a year now and my maximum dosage was never more than 0,5 mg 3 times daily.
Avatar n tn Otherwise you lay there in the night alone thinking about all those aches and pains and misiry and and What I do is try to fall asleep and if I do I sleep until I wake which is around three hours later, then I take a Lunesta and go back to sleep for around 6 hours. That is 9 hours without Oxy. That is a good beginning to the day, no?
Avatar n tn 30 and another 5mg at 3:00 or whenever I awake. The Lunesta usually allows for 6-7 hours of continuous sleep. The initial sedating effects of the Remeron lasted anly about 2 weeks but in combination with either one of the hypnotics, it seems to be helping, now 9 months later So, the questions I have are: Do any others take Remeron with one of the above mentioned hypnotics? Can this medication combo be continued on a long term basis?
297937 tn?1309387462 i had the same feeling for the first 2 1/2 weeks and couldn't take it anymore so i went to get a sleep aid/lunesta and that hasn't really worked the last few days. I remember my head flying with thoughts and felt my body so tired but my mind wouldn't let me sleep...and than the next thing u know the sun is up and the anxiety is worse...This is my third week on zoloft(100mg) and got rid of the xanax for klonopin. I read something about not taking lunesta with other ssri's and anti-anxiety meds..
710513 tn?1247526079 talk to ur doctor and see what he can do for u...lunesta never worked for me and i take ambien when i need something/both r drugs of abuse tho for some people so it depends onwhat u can handle without abusing...something that makes me sleepy has never been sumpin i would abuse as i like the "kick start" or energy part of pills...never took a fancy to benzos to ur doctor and good luck..
Avatar m tn this is just my experience, and I'm not on tx yet...I can't take Lunesta and ambien, ambien makes me feel nutzo the next morning, but many people are fine with it...I take ativan if I have had a lot of sleepless nights in a row, and at a very low dose...I find tranquilizers lull me into sleep, which I of luck...
Avatar n tn This may not be the correct suggestion, but it used to work for me when I was working in shifts and if I didn't get sleep then, it would mean I was a complete zombie the next shift having to go through work and often I would come back home and still not able to sleep, I found out that aches in the body because of lack of sleep were now impeeding sleep, I would sometimes be too tired to sleep, so a friend suggested taking Codeine a few times, and I tried it and it worked brilliant, I would take a