Can i take flexeril and ibuprofen

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10943256 tn?1414004655 I use massage therapy, ice and doterra oils to try to control pain as I am allergic to most opiods and cannot take ibuprofen.
Avatar f tn When I had the Rx filled my Pharmacist said I could not take the Flexeril and Lexapro with the Cymbalta as it can cause some kind of syndrome that can be fatal. So I stopped both. A week later I saw my Pain Management/Orthopedic Surgeon and they said they were taking me off Percocet. I thought ok I don't want to be on all these drugs anymore so ok. BAD BAD BAD decision.
Avatar f tn I take Flexeril (muscle relaxer) but it just makes me fall asleep.(which is good b/c at least i can sleep though the pain) So my question is, Is there anything I can take that is safe durring the day? I can't take this pain. I switched jobs b/c i couldnt be on my feet all day. I take the ibprophen and what ever but it's just not cuttin it. I'm not against home remedys but a heating pad doesnt do sh*t Is there ANYTHING???
903710 tn?1248393412 about the only one that works (I have tried them all) and I take Xanax as well..and pain meds too...and I even have meds for tension headaches....but those don't seem to put the "fire" out! My job...sitting at a computer 8+ hours a day is probably one of the main causes of my pain...I have an orthopedic chair with the lumbar cutout and I even use my pilates ball as a chair...but nothing seems to work!!!
1207048 tn?1282177904 I have taken Tylenol (I avoid taking ibuprofen due to stomach issues) and I have an icy hot patch on. It is making it tolerable but I doubt I'll be getting many chores done today :-( Due to my DH's work schedule, I won't be able to see my neuro before my scheduled appointment next week. At that time I will talk to him about this muscle issue. In the past he has concentrated on my other issues. I'm wondering what the usual medicine for spastic muscles is.
211940 tn?1267884866 The heavier the medication I take, the more it seems I am looking at life through a fish lens. It makes me sleepy and I don't eat right. It has taken me 15 years, 15,000 tears, and lots of sleepless nights to decide to get off meds. I may not make it, but I am going to give it my best. It is a very, very tough decision. I even had my intrathecal pain pump removed.
170654 tn?1330082729 I was taking adult dose of Tyelnol extra strength and Flexeril for several months in a row right before diagnosis (for acute cervical pain.) If I ran out of Tylenol, I would take EC-aspirin with the Flexeril. I'm convinced today that one of them (or all three of them) were assaulting the heck out of my liver back then. If I had to choose today what to take for pain or fever (Tylenol vs. Ibuprofen) I guess it would be Tylenol since both GI docs have said I can take that.
1207048 tn?1282177904 I have thought about taking more but then I think about the fact that if I forget the pain I may hurt myself, and also taking too many pills can not be good for our bodies. I also take muscle relaxers for the spasms that I have to keep under control cause they are a killer and not anything I want to mess with. And everyone's pain is different to each individual, some handle pain better than others.
401786 tn?1309155634 God this has got to go away 'cause I hurt so badly, this is more than I can tolerate, and I can tolerate alot, I am above my threshhold and would like to very much be out of my body...............
500954 tn?1211374296 I cleaned, cooked, baked, and other than a little back pain, I did great. Again, Tylenol and Ibuprofen took care of that along with 1/2 of a Flexeril. Anyway, I thought it was a good idea to start this journal, so I did!
874521 tn?1424120397 My pain levels have decreased to the point where it is it bit more tolerateable and I can get around better. I also only have to take the Percocet now if I am a little more active than usual or have been standing with my weight on my ankle for more than a half an hour at a time, but not more than one a day since the change. The reason for the improvement is because there is a better distribution of the medication in my system without having to increase my daily mgs. of the medication.
Avatar f tn I currently take 300 Neurontin at bedtime with a tompomax and a flexeril I take a topomax in the morning and sometimes a Flexeril and sometimes I ave to take a flexeril (and sometimes leve or ibuprofen) mid day. I take some other stuff too, but they are not relevant to this conversation.
284190 tn?1268329733 The pain has been to the point of having to have help getting up and down from a seated position and help walking from one place to another. I feel popping and snapping in my knees when I get up from a seated position as well. I have loss mobility and muscle strength in my extremities, which totally ***** because I have a 1 year old grandson I want to play on the floor and cuddle with.
Avatar n tn i have tried taking sleeping tablets but to no avail but sheer will power and determination will pull me thru i have done this mostly alone and sympathy for my own affliction is not wat im looking for i just want others to know it can be done and it does take time just stick with it ,all the pain is normal due to ur body forcing it out and try not to think too much much coz the last thing u need is regrets and for watever reason u have been on methadone for really does not matter now wats done
1035252 tn?1427231433 Right now it's going to be mental because as a pain patient who has never abused her meds I can get pain meds any time I want...and that's NOT what I want. I really want to be done. I want to be able to go away for a weekend without worrying about my script - yes, I'll have pain to worry about, but let's face it...pain meds don't kill all the pain anyway so before I was dealing with pain (albeit muted pain) AND dependence.... I'm trying to gear myself up for this battle.
217599 tn?1202854552 Hi Lucy So, I had the same thing happen....I was given flexeril and tramadol for back/neck pain. So, I might just be strange, but I got hooked on tramadol after 4 a day for a little over 2 weeks. I wasn't mentally hooked, but when I stopped I thought I was going to die. I actually went to the doctor because I was just convinced I had the flu. It turns out it was wd from the tramadol. But that's just me......just a warning to be careful!
5082295 tn?1371254511 anytime I take them I have to take a zantac too which I don't always have and cant take it as many times as you can take the OTC meds (like zantac can only be taken twice a day) .the goody powders do help for like headaches or when I catch my muscle pain quickly.
356518 tn?1322267242 I have a husband and two children to take care of and I can't tell you guys what a relief it's been to have some meds to take for now. I can play with the kids, grocery shop, cook dinner...all kinds of things that would "cost me with pain" before! I am excited to see what the PM doc says and see if he can help diagnose this pain once and for all! Sorry so long. I look forward to getting to know you and being a part of your community!
Avatar f tn Sometimes I will pass just mucos (not too often). If I take Ibuprofen, APAP#3 or Flexeril, then I will get slower moving thicker stools, but not "constipated", just harder for me to pass. I don't go several days without bowel movements. Most days I have a min of 6. One of two will be a lot in volume and be very loose. The rest normally are just small amounts that take their time passing through my system. There is no consistency.
Avatar n tn Now 2 mths after surgery and having gone back to work abt 8 weeks after surgery I am experiencing pain and swelling in both hands starting from the elbows on down with more pain on the left side but right side still affected. I find it a bit difficult when I am writing/reading and looking down, also when I am driving looking to my extreme left at times brings a bit of ache to my left side and to my left arm. An EMG revealed a pinch nerve and I was told physical therapy should help.
318928 tn?1248181016 That elusive feeling of belonging to something I can see and feel. Every meeting I went to I felt as though I recognized the people in them. Had I seen them in a bar? Had they been at a party I attended? I still can't pinpoint why these strangers seem so familar to me. Like I met them before but can't place where. Their names and towns bear no recognition either. Its a puzzle. I attribute it to old souls. All of us in and out of those rooms. Living parallel lives.
Avatar f tn Thank u so much for that I'm trying I feel so empty inside my doc wrote a prescription for percacet but redused the dose from 10mg to 5-325mg and I took a few yesterday today I don't wanna take them did I set my self up. For relapse by taking it yesterday?
Avatar n tn So I was taking 1 vicodin and 2 ultracets in the morning, 3 ulracets in the afternoon, 1 vicodin 2 ultracets in the evening and 3 ultracets in the night! I did that everyday, the first time i tried quitting i was going through a nervous scared depressed feeling. so my doc put me on anti-depressants and xanex. then i started my pill popping 5 days later. Well today is day 2 of no pills but my xanex to help me sleep and my lexapro. im sweating, then im cold, I got the runs!
1312898 tn?1314571733 I woke up with a terrible stomach ache, most likely from the handfulls of Ibuprofen, Tylenol and Nuprin that I take along with my Tramadol, Neurontin, and Flexeril. I go to the kitchen sink where I apply cold compresses to my face. My 'much loved sister asks "is that a side effect or something". Not knowing what she is referring to I just say "no".
Avatar n tn My do has tried to wean me from 3/day to 1/day but I just take as many as I need to get high and when they are gone, I wait it out. I do not drink (AA for 3+ years) and am otherwise a decent member of society. But I need help. I am going to have to live with the pain. But I am scared that as soon as I tell my doc about my problem, I am going to get cut off cold turkey and am afraid I will do something illegal to obtain more.
Avatar f tn I certainly cant tell you to take flexeril. I will say that I have been taking cyclobenzoprine (flexeril) off and on as needed for a bunch of years. Its never a good idea to use someone elses meds. There are no contraindications for flexeril with hydro - but they are not in the same class. There is nothing opiate in a flexeril.
Avatar n tn The pain gets intense by evening, and it is there from the moment I wake up, more centralized, not radiating out to my arms, then crossing my back as the day wears on. I really need x-rays, but is there something I can take to get me through the trip? Cortizone? Flexeril? I am trying to get in to see a doc tomorrow, but time is short. What can I do?
Avatar n tn If nothing really helps except the pain meds (if you take two of them at a time-several times a day), why not just stop all the other meds I'm on and just take pain meds? I no longer drive nor can I drive. When I had to drive, I couldn't take my meds, then I would drive but I kept having memory problems and would get lost and you can't drive when you take your meds or pain meds. So, I just don't drive.
Avatar f tn Brain heals pretty slowly, so it may take you as long as a couple of months to get rid of feelings of sluggishness, restlessness and depression. The best thing you can do is take good care of yourself, eat healthy food, stay hydrated, keep active and busy. Stay away from sugar, soda, and simple carbs. Do not consume caffeine at least 6 hours prior to bedtime. Take a look at my blogs about options for detox and recovery.