Can i take cymbalta with lexapro

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Avatar m tn says it is more effective in treating pain with depression/anxiety than cymbalta but I cannot take it because it makes me throw up (it is similiar to Effexor and i throw up with Effexor too...despite being on it for months trying to "get used to it"). Good luck!!!
Avatar f tn I take amitryptiline (may hav spelled wrong) and it was prescribed to me to help headaches and I think it has really helped. It may help with overall pain and help u sleep as well. Just a suggestion. It helps with the prevention of headaches so u don't get thm to start with. All the best to u. I've had lots of headaches it can really make life miserable--- I wish u all the best.
Avatar f tn For some, Cymbalta does work and I can say that it did for me when I was taking it. I hope you find relief soon and take care.
Avatar m tn my doctor switched me to amitriptyline. It helps with sleep but not pain, I would never recommend Cymbalta to anyone !
Avatar m tn I had a rough time with Cymbalta as well. I didn't take it very long but all of the research I did on it said you should be tapered off of it slowly or you will have unpleasant "discontinuation" symptoms. Talk to your doctor about slowing down your taper.
Avatar m tn I assume you've discussed this history with your psychiatrist. Cymbalta for most people is more stimulating than ssris, so it's not usually used if anxiety is the primary problem, but you've pretty much exhausted the ssris. Still, I hope you discussed this with you doctor. Have you discussed tricyclics as well?
1442059 tn?1340244552 I am two days into being on Cymbalta. I've heard the good and bad, which is with any antidepressant. Can I ask you if you remember when you started to feel better on it.? I started on 30 mg for a week, then increased to 60. I'm wondering if that is high also. Any insight to offer would be greatly appreciated! I'm so glad you are doing well. I'm also having anxiety. I never knew Cymbalta is an upper. I take it before bed. Thank you for any feedback.
Avatar f tn i am sure that cymbalta works wonderfully for some, i guess what we all have to remember is we are all different and our bodies will react differently to different medicines. After a year of taking this Cymbalta (i have tried paxil, celexa, lexapro first) I am convinced I don't want to be reliant or dependent on this drug. If you have a problem, they just want to up your dosage. I ran away, no, not more! but now not taking it is the challenge, is it even possible?
Avatar f tn I too have read about bad withdrawls from Cymbalta, but I am willing to take that risk. I just could not go on with my life the way it was and the Cymbalta has really made a difference to me. I would have a good discussion with your doctor about your concerns and make an educated decision. Best of luck!
Avatar n tn I started Lexapro exactly 1 month ago. I started with 5mg and am now up to 10mg (for the past 3 weeks). My depression is gone (yay!), but my generalized anxiety problem has gone thru the roof. I feel like i'm going to explode - all day! My psych prescribed Cymbalta because of this. 30mg. I've taken it in the past and had pretty good results (I really should never have come off of it, but i had a false sense of security since i was feeling so great :)).
233622 tn?1279338505 I was also told I could take the Xanax with Lexapro if I needed, but I never did. What dosage is your doc putting you on? Good luck and I hope it works for you.
Avatar n tn I took the time to read everyons comments and am confused as to what the heck is going on with me.....I take 10mg of Lexapro at night. (because it made me sleep all day) So my insomnia is gone. I had no sex drive when I started taking it and never orgasimed(faked it)....Now I do every time and its fast? As for weight gain....I am losing it? All the side effects have been the extreem oposite on me??????? My prayers go out to the people on here who are struggling with your weight and other issues.
Avatar n tn I completely agree with you. I know 3 people that take Lexapro that do well on it. Although, they do report weight gain and no sex drive. Also, they have tried to stop taking it but are unable to. To me, this sounds almost like a heroin addiction. What I experienced was entirely different and horrifying. Doctors are too prescription happy. People have different physiologies, for example: allergies, I once had a girlfriend who could die from eating a few peanuts.
1452582 tn?1285096944 He said that Cymbalta could initially CAUSE anxiety (which is apparently what I have), so the Klonopin will help with that. He also said I should take the full prescription for the Klonopin (.25mg three times a day). I'm really not wanting to go on all these drugs, and wanting to get better on my own. But it's been since the end of July and I'm so tired of feeling this way...shaky, unsteady, nervous, insomnia, headaches, etc. Any advice? Is there an MD in the house???
Avatar m tn I also take opiates in conjunction so I feel I can answer your question with complete confidence. Tell your doctor about these symptoms. Maybe you could switch to the smallest dose, 20mg capsules, for a week and then taper every other day doses for a week before completely quiting. I think Cymbalta is much more powerful then people realize and because it's still fairly new, only a couple of years old now, not enough studies have been done.
480448 tn?1426952138 Just wanted to get some input from those of you who have had experience with Cymbalta. I post this poll with the understanding that everyone is different....I just would like some info. Thanks all!
Avatar f tn I am taking pristiq a some-what new one on the market so far it works for me, at first your body has to get use to it! I take it at night with a glass of water! I also take Trazodone only half as well that helps me get some sleep! You just don't know with any of these meds! Good luck to you and your friend!
Avatar f tn hello, i have been on cymbalta for about 2 years now. I was previously on effexor for about 7 years and then tried lexapro . i have gained alot of weight about 30 lbs, and i was wondering if this is because of me being 27 or because of the cymbalta? my doc said that cymbalta causes weight gain and even leads to diabetes, but my shrink said she hasnt heard of that. i also currently take 1 mg of ativan a day, could this be contributing?
Avatar n tn im so glad i found you guys, i identifiy with everything, especially the ZAPS i just want to know when does it STOP! please someone give me hope.
Avatar f tn Im scared of how being on all these meds will make me feel im alos on klonopin and i took the cymbalta this morning and i feels spacy,,,,,,maybe i just didnt give lexapro a long enough try but im so afraid of meds and it was making me feel confused and nowim scared of how the cymbalta is makinfg me feel 2 hours after taking it and i was on it befpore im med phobia any thoughts
Avatar f tn What will happen if I quit cold turkey with lexapro/cymbalt? I was taking lexapro 10mg for 5 months. Weight gain caused Md to change last week to Cymbalta 30 mg. I am recently divorced and was put on med during divorce. Divorce is final. I feel I wll be fine without meds. What happens if I cold turkey stop?
983030 tn?1261356662 If it makes you feel a bit more at ease, I used to take Lexapro for a year at 30Mgs a day. Three times your prescribed amount. There are some people that seem to have a real hyper-sensitivity to most antidepressants and, yes they can get bad reactions from them. Keep in mind that these people are few and many of the horror stories you hear about any antidepressant come from a select few that had complications. You never hear or see the posts from people that had great results from Lexapro.
Avatar f tn Now there's the golden question, because most of them, in my experience, aren't all that informed about what they're prescribing. Also unfortunately, my experience at least where I live is that the good ones don't take insurance. I guess I can't really answer this one for you, except to say when you do see one make sure you question him or her to make yourself confident they know their meds and the difficulties.
1185895 tn?1266611690 Well, I started on the Cymbalta and can say that it has been like a godsend to me. I have had no panic attacks and am feeling much like my old self, again. Thank you for your help.
1258539 tn?1293843802 I have been living with severe anxiety and depression along with depersonalization for the last 6 months. I just started cymbalta 60mg. Was wondering if anyone thinks this might help with the anxiety and depersonalization feelings?
Avatar m tn Reboxetine (Vestra) would just interject, what works for one, doesn't for another - so even though this grand compilation of different studies shows the top drugs, it doesn't mean it's the end all be all. I did fairly well with Luvox for years, then was on Zoloft, which was on for 4 - I did gain weight, but it's because I had urges to binge.
1408467 tn?1281401943 hi I hope someone can help me i am 53 I previously was on Lexapro for a year after a 1 month break my doctor changed me to Cymbalta I started off with 30mg for a month then onto 60mg for another month My doctor told me to go off them cold turkey because of severe night sweats & hot flushes & then cold shivering etc.I have been off them a week I am having quite debiltating dizziness severe nausesa & sudden hot flashes like I am burning up & then follows the shivers.
1128643 tn?1262487249 To Broadindaylight I take cymbalta 60 mg. I find it works well for depression, though i have never had any problems with pain. I had to increase fiber in my diet a lot, dry mouth and during the first four weeks i had some very down days. But now i am doing good on it. That is my experience, it is I find similar to Effexor, i took that before, it is in the same class. Good luck with your treatment.
1348086 tn?1370786785 My doctor, around three months ago, suggested I be put on Effexor along with slowly tapering off the Cymbalta, but I had a very bad reaction with taking both meds and we decided to just keep me on the Cymbalta. Something else has GOT to work. I can't live like this. Has this happened to anyone else? What did your MD's suggest?