Can i take azithromycin with mucinex

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Avatar n tn ask your doctor about your side effects, they don't sound serious. mucinex is safe to take with azithromycin Merry after-Christmas!
Avatar m tn The spasm cough causes it all and when it goes away (usually 4 to 5 days) things are relatively normal although a normal cough stays with me for weeks after. I notice if I catch it early (which means I carry antibiotics with me all the time) it is not as nearly as bad. Doctors have diagnosed this as Asthma, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma etc etc. All different specialists seem to have a different prognosis and the recommended pills over the years have not really done any good.
Avatar n tn I’ve been dealing with this for almost eight months at this point. I just do not and can not deal with this anymore. Is there ANYYTHING I can DO?!? Please email me with any suggestions!
Avatar f tn You can take mucinex or sudafed. But if you're really sick I would go to a Instacare to get checked out. Don't let yourself suffer there are meds that don't cause any harm on the baby.
242516 tn?1368227505 When it's more clear to your doctor that you do in fact have a bacterial sinusitis, your symptoms will be more moderate to severe, and can be treated with antibiotics that are more narrow-spectrum such as amoxicillin as a first choice. Later generation antibiotics that have broader coverage across more kinds of bacteria should be reserved for complicated infections. These are general guidelines, meant to be taken in the whole context of your health history by your doctor.
Avatar n tn VanillaBean5230 posted: On Friday, June 11th, I was diagnosed with otitis media (middle ear infection) and placed on Augmentin and pain reliving drops. I am still experiencing pain as if someone is stabbing me in the ear, it is keeping me awake, and my ear is completely blocked with what feels like fluid. I stil feel awful and cannot get comfortable at all. Should I return to the doctor? My ear is hurting me a lot and I am having pain into my kneck and terrible headaches.
Avatar dr m tn A small minority will progress into one of the classic complications of a common cold, such as a bronchitis or sinusitis. Any time I see patients in the office that come in with any of these classic symptoms or one of the more severe complications such as sinusitis, I always ask about the few days or weeks prior to the onset of the throat symptoms.
Avatar n tn all i have is my nose that gets blocked so often that i have to breathe with mouth and also have a permanent sore throat. currently in indiana. If someone can give me professional advice or recommend a specialist it would be appreciated!!! As i think my condition keeps getting worse. also i smoke but the doctor tell me it has no relation to my allergies!(i'm quitting) and when i stop smoking it gets a looot worse as i have much more mucus coming. (seen doctors in both india and US) .
Avatar m tn With that in mind, I started taking Mucinex on my own, along with Aleve, to help with the soreness and pressure. Almost immediately, I started coughing up CLUMPS of mucus, not liquidy or slimy, but more gelatenous (sorry if it is too much info), and the Aleve DID help with the soreness and pressure... for a while. Eventually, it is almost like whatever it was was altering itself to resist what I was taking.
Avatar f tn probably start tomorrow. Sp pharma said azithromycin is fine to take... Ya know, I don't even want to take Tylenol , let body fight & not mess up Lft's. Kitty has FeLV ( outside ferel pet for 2 years .... Sweet! She's doing well now & living inside in glassed in Florida room isolated from my inside kitty..... They kiss at glass doors ....Aw!
Avatar n tn I have had a chronic cough for over two years. I have no other cold symtoms. I can feel congestion building in my chest and I cough to release it. An immunologist diagnosed me with asthma and prescribed Advair and something to release the chest congestion, Guaifenex. I understand that I will be taking the Advair for the indefinite future, however when I stop taking the Guaifenex for even a day or two my chest congestion returns. I've been taking it for four months now.
392548 tn?1216614379 I got a really bad cold in mid-February, which included a lower respiratory infection (which I don't recall ever having before.) I was prescribed an Azithromycin antibiotic, Robitussin with Codeine and Albuterol inhaler. I've long since been off those and still to this day (2 months later), my lungs still feel slightly tight and itchy. I can take a deep breath okay, but it's a strange feeling, especially since I've never had this before.
Avatar f tn Alot of these symptoms can easily be complicated with TMJ (a jaw disorder), now that I have confused the hell out of everyone. But you do have to be persistent with doctors folks - take charge of your health. I thank you all for reading and for any support and input. Happy Holidays.
Avatar f tn i already take antibiotic for my pneumonia but i had colds again can i take again antibiotics?
Avatar n tn So, long story short, I did not take the Singular. I know have an appointment with the head ENT doctor at the hospital in my area, next week. I'll put up another post after I see him. Thanks for all your advice and concerns.
Avatar n tn It still hurts, but not as much and the swelling has gone down. I also felt achy with this for a couple of days. The only thing I can link it to is that I got a flu shot on 11/2. I hope this helps someone in the future.
Avatar f tn The esophageal specialist would like me to go to 40 mg QAM instead of twice a day but said if it is helping I can take it bid as long as I still have symptoms for the testing. Ugh. If my symptoms don't improve I am not sure how I am going to last for 3 more weeks till the testing and I am not even sure if that's my problem. Could you imagine after all this if I am still in pain and that's not the problem.
Avatar n tn I've seen some webpages saying you have to have 4 infections in a year before an ENT will see you, I hope that's not true. I can definitely empathize with how you feel. I've been so upset by this, really depressed and frustrated and bored from not feeling like I can physically do the things I could do just 6 months ago. Hang in there, though, we'll get this figured out. Thanks for your post.
Avatar n tn Since that time I have noticed what I think is a drainage problem with my left ear. While I don't think I grind my teeth, I can sense that something might be wrong with the left jaw joint as it sounds and feels 'squishy' when operating my jaw. Also, occasionally the tension in my jaw joint seems to build and the pressure problem in my middle ear gets worse. When this happens I feel like I want to release the tension in the jaw joint and can actually 'crack' the joint.
Avatar n tn This has been happening to me for over 6 years at least once a month - Went to doctor several times and they do not have any concerns - I am told that it is a pocket in my nasal passage that fills and must be emptied from time to time by draining - I did have a serious head trauma when I was younger and told it might be related but not for sure - It is a hassle but with no other symptoms there is nothing they can do - I do have low blood pressure but they are not sure if that is related either
Avatar n tn After having had this smell for quite a while and the sinus problem along with it - and lack of taste and smell -I can honestly say I think they are all clearing up - the smell is no longer constant -although quite strong at times. I'll keep you posted. Saline spray or the neti pot with saline wash is very important if you have sinus problems.