Can i take ambien and xanax

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Avatar f tn The doctor said I should try ambien and gave me a rx that I have not gotten filled yet. Has anyone tried this and how did they react. Please any input would be helpful.
Avatar n tn i dont have severe insomnia but i have to take medication to sleep at night, i know all about ambien i abused them 4 years take em and stay awake and trip. It dosent even make me sleep it just gets me high, my doctor put me on seroquel its non narcotic and it knocks me right out im on 200mg a night but ive been taking less i only take 50mg b/c the full 200 is too much. i dont know whats making u not think straight....
Avatar f tn Does anyone know a capable doctor in Florida who can help someone taper off of Ambien and Xanax - Tampa area?
Avatar m tn I have a prescription for Xanax that I keep on hand for those times I need a little help to get to sleep and stay there. I can pretty much tell when I might have a restless night so I break a .5 mg in half and it is just enough to help me stay asleep. I think a couplke weeks trial wouldn't hurt if you are feeling the symptoms of sleep deprivation. As your body continues to get used to the steady amount of thyroid hormone from the Levo, you will probbaly settle into a sleep routine.
491910 tn?1209369793 lol....I feel pretty sure I can do this, it's just gonna take some time and effort, and then I'll be completely clean! Last night I took only 3 (30 MGs), and I didn't sleep worth **** but I am staying up all day and hoping to be able to sleep some tonight maybe with the aid of something over the counter.
Avatar n tn Also if you can update me on how this all turns out for you whether you go to rehab or not b/c I still haven't felt right since I got off ambien over a year ago and it can be anything but I'm thinking I may be mentally addicted to ambien if you don't mind of course .
1202033 tn?1273774954 So, i have a short script for ambien, to help with my sleeping problems and anxiety. Anyways, i was wondering, when i run out will i have to go through the withdraws again??? Anyone who knows more about this, please do share!!!!
Avatar n tn I've increased my ambian intact as I am further into tx and was worried about this. I don't take over 10mg a night so I guess I am worried needlessly but it's good to hear this. Do you have any info on how it is when you stop taking it after months on it? Thanks.
Avatar f tn I also take Subxone. I take 12.5 mg of ambien and .5mg of xanax 2 or 3 times per day. Can I quit cold turkey without? I have heard xanax withdrawal can cause seizures,, but am not sure if my dose is high enough to worry about that.
Avatar m tn I stopped both the drugs,( Xaes and Ambien.) Two nights I did not sleep. Third day I had il i had hallucination. and. many sharp dreams. Two dreams were of doing meditation. In one I could see myself flying in the form of human balloon with.all other meditators, This was a blissful feeling. In second dream, I got excruciating pain and finally release of all tension as if my body is unwinding knots in the body.I do meditation since a long time. I never had such a wonderful experience.
492921 tn?1321293496 I asked my Dr to prescribe me something to help me sleep which I didn't hear from him after a few days I started taking the xanax and it knocked me out for a good 8 hours. I finally got the generic ambien prescribed. It helped me fall asleep fast for a few nights but never kept me asleep longer than 4 hours. After tossing and turning for a few hours I would end up taking another one to fall back asleep and get 4 more hours of sleep.
Avatar f tn I take 10 milligrams of xanax a the day and want to taper down Safely to 4 mg. Without the help of my doctor.
Avatar f tn Will I have horrible withdrawals if I just stop taking it at night? Today I was prescribed ambien and was afraid to take it not knowing if I should wean off the Xanax first. Anyone know if it will be fine to just stop the Xanax all together and start the ambien? Any advice?
Avatar m tn It has come to a point where I need to medicate myself with several different medicines in order to fall asleep. I usually take Ambien 10 mg and I take two od those and sometimes Xanax 1 mg. I have noticed that Ambien doesnt really help much anymore. I just feel weird when I take it. Sometimes when I dont take anything to sleep and I manage to fall asleep, I have very vivid dreams and nightmares. Even after taking medicine, I dont usually fall asleep until 4 am and I am up at 8 or 9.
Avatar m tn It works fine, but if I want to take a nap during the day, I find I cannot sleep without it. I never knew this was such a powerful drug and was never told it was addictive. Since I am a new member, I was looking for a history of questions by other members, because this appears to be a popular question. Thank you.
Avatar m tn With Benzos it's gotta be very slow and easy. I tapered off of Ambien and it took me 4 months. Ambien uses the same receptors as Xanax. Congratulations on your quest to get your life back. Xanax is infamous for always demanding more and more to achieve the same effects. It's a bottomless pit. I know .25 is the lowest dose. You're quitting at a good point; while standing on the edge of the pit looking down...much easier than being at the bottom looking up!
Avatar n tn Will someone get off their high horse and answer the question that is asked by so many of us. Can we get off these pills and how long does it take? I am taking 2 mills every night and feel like hell when I try to even taper off. At one time I tried stopping altogether but did not sleep for 15days. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
Avatar m tn When I stopped - within 24 hours I was experiencing stronger feelings of panic than I did before taking the Xanax and suffered night sweats and loss of sleep. I went back to 1 x tab a day (.25mg) and the feelings subsided and sleep was easier. Can I have really have a problem ditching Xanax after such a short period and on such a low dosage? (compared to a lot of posts I have read on here).
Avatar n tn I already take xanax, which is similar to ativan, at night and the first time I took them together I felt very weird and spacey in the morning. I so feel for you.....I've had insomnia since my teens and sometimes will go for months with only a few hours of sleep a night too. I'm sure lack of sleep is a huge contibuter to how bad your feeling.
Avatar m tn which is not too much a problem if I I stay in my room and actually go to bed. I crashed my car once when I decided to take it as I left work, desperate for it to be in effect by the time I got home. I do not remember anything about the drive and do not remember hitting the guardrail. I drove to a friends house in the middle of the night, an hour away, after taking two ambien and drinking an entire bottle of time.
Avatar n tn I take the soma in the evening to take the edge off the pain, but I am worried about mixing it with the oxy. I take the xanax rarely so I'm not too concerned about that. I take the ambien before bed to sleep, but I am afraid of mixing this with the oxy. I called my Dr. this morning but they didn't call me back today. Does anyone know about mixing these? I'm not talking about a large amout, one soma a night and one ambien a night, and it would be with the 1 oxy I took at about 6 p.m.
Avatar n tn I take xanax and ambien also. If you are using it for sleep then switch them up. I will take xanax one night,amien one night and tylenol pm on other nights. I don't use anything when I can get to sleep but if I can't I do like is said. I don't want to get hooked on anything else either. When i'm not to bad I use the tylenol pm's I just can't see myself getting addicted to them. Must be careful all the time though.
1473994 tn?1287019508 I drink heavely and also take xanax and ambien for sleep. Im scared i'm going to overdose one of these days but I feel like I just can't stop. My dr just changed my dosage to reprain (?) 5/200, ibuprofen instead of apap. I have an appt Friday and I'm so scared to tell him of my problem cause I know he will take them away and I'm just not ready. I know I can talk him into giving me a heavier dosage and thats my plan. I just cant seem to fight it.
Avatar m tn Made a decision to get off everything and since this July, I've cut my Xanax dosage down to 3.5 mg and my Ambien to 1.5 pills of the 12.5 mg Ambien CR. Had terrible insomnia and my docs prescribed 100 mg of hydroxyzine which I've been on for about a month. I'm very familiar with the Ashton method and I know I have pushed my tapering only because I am so motivated and determined to get off of all this.
Avatar n tn Right now I take 250 mg Zoloft ,1.0 xanax 3 times a day and ambein to sleep. I can't concenrate,no memory and cant sleep.I have anxeity all the time. And wish I was dead.I have been in therapy and with a shrink for 6 years now. Ans i tried so many different kinds of meds I cant remember them all.I don't go to social functions anymore with my husband I just want to be let alone.I have panic attacks at least 3 times a week and don't want people to be around me so i isolate myself.
Avatar f tn never slept, i am a mother of 3 my two older daughter one moved away, one is 19 afraid to leave me alone, but im ruining her life, she goes to college, she is constantly leaving school to take me to emergency rooms, i used to have kaiser but my job cut it off, cause ive supposedly been off work for 6 months, i m addicted to ativan, xanax clonopan does nothing for me, just ativan , now im on ambien, hydrochlordozite for high blood pressure, stopped prozac now im on effexor, i was on disability,
Avatar n tn Which is why I don't take it anymore. I kind of liked it a bit too much and my Psychiatrist cut me off the Xanax. As for Zoloft. Zoloft is in the SSRI class of Antidepressant medication. It's been aorund for almost 20 years now and has been proven very safe and "sometimes effective" for severe depression and anxiety dissorder. Zoloft will not ever produce a "HIGH" simply because the drug just doesn't work like that.
1690584 tn?1340301072 I would definitely talk to your OB about the Ambien to determine if it is safe for you to continue taking. I know my cousin did have Ambien for a couple of nights when she was pregnant - however, she was in labor already, having a tough time of it and hadn't slept in a few nights, so her situation could be very different from yours since you are not as far along in your pregnancy as she was.
Avatar f tn but right now im in a horrible spot in my life and all i want to do it just take ambien...
Avatar n tn I take ambien for sleep so that I don't wake up in panic and/or anxiety attacks. But I have noticed the drunk like feeling if I try to stay awake. I've also slept walk while on them and don't recall doing it. But knowing all im going to do is sleep after taking them, I wouldn't want to waste them taking more.