Can i take advil with lortab

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Avatar n tn if would like to take a handful cuz i ache soooooo bad all over. i no that i will stay with 30mgs a day till next wed....if i can stand it.....then i will go to only 20mg a day. do ya think advil or alleve is ok inbetween? i know kidneys and liver are in jeopardy, but i cant go around in this fibromyalgia/lortab fog. i want to get back to my former self. i want to feel comfortable drinking a few beers or drinks without worrying bout liver damage AND feeling crappy all nite!
Avatar n tn My husband and I are addicted to Lortab, we take anywhere between 8-10 10mg Lortab daily. The cost of this addiction is killing us. We both have a great desire to quit. Should one of us stop and then the other? Should we do it together? We have children to raise and him having a reason to take them and I having no energy feel like we need them. I know better it is destoying our family.
Avatar f tn I have taken Loratab for 12 weeks now 2-3 times a day. I stopped taking them 2 1/2 days ago and I feel horrible. I am having major dizziness, nausia, soreness all over, insomnia and throwing up and diarehhea. Is it possible to have WD after only taking them for this short amount of time? I feel like I am having flu symptoms. How long will this last if it's withdrawl?????
Avatar m tn Believe it or not,,tylenol wd can also b a factor with Lortab wd, Lortab has 500 mgs of tylenol per tab be it 5, 7.5 or 10 mg of hydrocodone. Tylenol is bad for the liver, but so are all pain relievers OTC. Try some tylenol...and wait it out...10 mths is not a long time specially if u were using as prescribed....
Avatar f tn My family would be devastated if they found out. My metabolism is really high. I weigh about 115lbs. Can anyone suggest something to help with the body aches? And what symptoms should I expect? I'm absolutely terrified..
Avatar n tn I had read the forums before I went in, and now i can say I am a survivor. You can make it thru this, it is a sickness, But you can and will get your life back.
Avatar m tn I am in day #3 now after taking some pills over the weekend and am heading to work in just a few hours... I will have to take this totally minute by minute I know but I need some encouragement at this point.. I know the people I used to talk to here a long time ago were very encouraging to me and I trust that they will be again even though I screwed up and relapsed. I am trying to get off this merry go round like so many others and it helps to talk to people who truly understand.
239164 tn?1207266607 Hi all just reading at this forum b/c I too am addicted to lortab. I attempt to take 18-20 10 mg pills a day. I have no script so I have to buy them on the street. If I ever got caught I could be in big trouble. I am a nurse and can not miss work and feel I have no time to take to get better. I did quit last year and I went through the worst withdrawal, I could not take it. I am scared to feel that way again. I want to quit so much!
Avatar n tn Is there something I can do to help with this. I feel like I am in w/d again and after haveing so many goood days I can't get over feeling bad again.I know I still have lots of work to do to stay clean. I am working on getting healthy again. I need to build my strength up the w/d took alot out of me and i know i have to work on getting healthy body and mind. Any suggestions to what is going on with me? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn How many were u taking a day. I take lortab for pain and I would say I woud take 1 - 3 a day as needed and when I run out I do go through a small withdrawal.....tummy and cold flashes. They usually last about 3 days and then im fine. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I was worried about this too when I quit the pills; If I get a flareup now, I just take Advil for about a week and it seems to work out fine.
Avatar m tn I have ambien but, it sounds scary. I'm so tempted to just take one cause I can't take the insomnia anymore!!!!!!!! Its horrible!!! I toss & turn all night. And blow my nose.
Avatar n tn I took one moment at a time, and drank lots of water and have been eating as healthy as I can. I did have to take one day, medicine for anti anxiety (adivan), and tylenol flu helped too, occationally. When times were toughest, I thought of all my new friends from this site that were/are going through the same thing, and it gave me strength, and I prayed for them. I will keep you in my prayers. I have a list now. Please keep us posted on how your doing, and what your going through.
Avatar f tn thanx for all ur comments and i did talk to my husband last nite, he wants to help me i knew he would and i get that he kinda thinks im full of it!!! i can deal with that but this time i just really want to do this, my doc is already gone for the holidays but he thinks i should continue meds anyway. wondering if anyone has tried the Thomas recipe? does this work & is it expensive? im kinda scared i hurt with meds can i handle it without?
444932 tn?1273984397 I'm not sure what to do but I know I cannot take another Lortab. I have the most addictive personality. I could become addicted to ANYTHING. Is it possible to overcome becoming addicted to anything remotely pleasureable and live a "normal" life? I hate myself for being so weak, so undisciplined, for not having any ability to delay gratification. I am hopeful that I didn't stumble upon this site accidentally. I do believe in God and I have been asking Him to help me.
Avatar n tn I like the way I feel when Im on the pills but I know that I can't keep taking them like this anymore. I don't think I can get through the wd's and I don't know what to do. Im a 29 year old woman and Im in good health otherwise. I used to be a happy go lucky person and now Im a hermit. Needless to say I feel really guilty and depressed. Partly because I still feel like hell from the wd;s and also because Im a weak person for getting more pills. I don't know anymore. I feel so lost.
Avatar f tn Well if the crazy place won't hire me, I can't afford to leave, can I. But getting back on topic. With the ammount I have been taking am I going to be dangerously ill or lethally ended going from the 3-4 to nothing like this. I am terrified. I sit in this house for years never leaving and just thinking which makes it even worse. Very controlling husband, who is never here and zero protective to me with the violence around here so forget about him.
Avatar f tn I just posted this in the hydrocodone withdraw forum, but it seems there has not been many recent post, and one post read, ask a new question, so here goes, a bit of my story, and a withdrawl question!!
Avatar n tn When i had my last bx the doctor was new and woulndt give me any pain meds unless it was pure codiene well the hospital didnt have any, i also have deferred pain when they take the sample i have extreme pain in my right neck and shoulder the nurses were upset because they coulndt give me anything and they said next time to bring my own meds to take after the bx, so next time im going to bring my own liquid advil or something...
445838 tn?1205790177 You can do it. I think day 3 was my worst also I thought I was going to die. I took lorcet also. But I made it through you can too. Hot baths and heating pad is the only thing then that worked for me. Then I got on neurontin, and it sure helps because I still have RLS not as bad but I have bad days. GOOD LUCK and Hang in there.
Avatar f tn I can empathize greatly with you. Although not on that many a day for that long, mine is the same story.... why do they not tell you??? I have been on and off for about two years mostly 3 a day. I have posted where I am at now in the process of weening again - it is so frustrating. It is an evil drug but works for pain that is why it is addicting. You will feel better soon. What you are experiencing is the exact reason people continue to use vs.. get clean.
Avatar f tn Good morning, its wannabfre2b, well just got that script a week ago for 60/5-500 lortab, i didnt take them all myself, i sold some of them (i know a big no no, but i havent been working that much) , looked at the bottle and tossed it in trash, with a refill on it, i am going to try this time with all ive got. I am really in a lot of pain, (lower back, disc issues), so i made an appointment for a massage.
Avatar n tn Hi tammylhf, First, I want to welcome you to the Pain Management Forum and let you know that we are glad you found this Forum. I want to let you know that there are no Doctors on this Forum, only CP {Chronic Pain} Patients that help each other with our own expertise and experiences that we have developed through our own CP Issues. I want to congratulate you on being able to recover from your addiction to Tramadol. However, I'm sure you probably already know that answer to this question.
Avatar n tn Wow, didn't know there was anything like this on the web. I've been, well, abusing lortabs since I shattered my ancle in '98, I'm 25 now. I'd take what I had at the time, five 10's at a time, and felt great usually for the rest of the day. When I ran out I got a "cold", where I felt like **** for about a week before I got better. I had three surgeries over about four years between 98 and 02 or so, and I did the same thing every time.
Avatar f tn Also be sure to get Advil or Excedrin for those aches and pains that will crop up. YOU CAN DO IT! I did, and I know you can too! Please keep posting and keep us up to date about your progress!
Avatar f tn I take prescription anti-inflammatorys, Voltaren, and/or Toradol! I dont regularly take Advil or Tylenol! During withdrawals, I tried Tylenol PM to help with sleep and it really didn't work well! Because of the previous bypass surgery, check with the doctor before taking the NSAIDS but, I have not had any problems even though I was told to avoid them! I was also told not to smoke because of the surgery, but I still do! SIGH! Good luck!
Avatar m tn Slept 3 hours last night starting to feel the anxiety and my face is getting hot and my BP is going up I can tell normally I would take a noon dose guess what folks THAT will not happen....I gotta push thru this again I can tell I am going to feel the cravings again. A little nauseated not bad and no significant bathroom attacks yet. I will tell you damn sore throat now has moved into head cold that feels like heck.
Avatar m tn I have had a lortab problem for about 6 years now.. about 15 a day. What is the best way to start the process ok kicking the habit with out having some terrible WD's? Any Help would be greatly appeciated.
Avatar f tn uhmmm....I dont think the body "deals with it better".. I think anyone taking 25 or 30 vicodin a day is doing serious damage to thier body. And I was one of those people. I did it...and I can tell you first hand that it's horrible on your body. The body cannot handle or break down that much chemical at one time. Prolonged, heavy use like this can and will cause major, permanant damage to your liver and other organs.