Can i have miscarriage without bleeding

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Avatar n tn I got a bright red light bleeding on March 1st. Around midnight I started bleeding very heavily and when I used the restroom I had clotting and what looked somewhat like jello which I'm assuming were blood clots. Then as I sat there a large, long sac looking clot came out. Did I have a miscarriage?
Avatar f tn lay in bed and get waited on for the weekend. see a doctor for any pain. I had exact same and did that bleeding stopped and I have the coolest 16 year old you could ever meet. just rest up.
Avatar f tn It has been 2 days since I passed my baby that I wanted more than life its self I am still bleeding a little (sorry if tmi) but I am wondering if it is okay to start trying again as soon as the bleeding has stopped from what I have read women are more fertile after going through this is this true.
Avatar f tn I got pregnant two weeks after i had a miscarriage without even seeing my period. Then three weeks later after the conception i started to bleed as if i was having my period accompanied by cramps and very tiny clots. So then again i was saddened and believed that i had another miscarriage. Five weeks after that bleeding i took a pregnancy test that showed positive. I knew that i didn't get pregnant again because i had no intercourse after i got pregnant the second time.
Avatar n tn i have missed my period for over 2 weeks now first week i took the pregnancy test and come out positive and 2 days ago i had peed blood is that mean i had a miscarriage and took another test tonight nothing seems to appear can you tell me whats that mean?
Avatar f tn I would just like everybody's opinions whether its a miscarriage or if u this k I am pregnant I have had a miscarriage before and that's what I'm thinking it is but it was a lot heavier when I had a miscarriage. Any opinions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I had a miscarriage in Aug we are in sep and i need to know how long i have to wait before i can see my period again?
Avatar n tn I am not sure if I even miscarried! But I'm worried I have, I didn't even know I was pregnant. I've been on this new BC pill for 4 months that has wreaked havoc with my cycle. Sometimes I get my period, sometimes I don't. Well I did this time, but it was over a week early, and it was the most painful cycle I've ever had. I have been bleeding for 7 days now, rather steadily. Normally it would've been over 3 days ago, and a whole lot lighter flow.
Avatar m tn I think i may be having a miscarriage. I havent told my mom yet because i'm only 17. I have a doctors appointment monday that she does not know about but, about two days ago i started bleeding it started like a period but its extremly heavy and there are alot of small clots I had been having bad cramping but none in a few day. I throw up everything i eat can someone please tell me whats wrong.
Avatar f tn How long do you bleed after a miscarriage at 12w2d? How long do I have to wait before I can try to conceive again?
Avatar f tn and either have an ultrasound or get your levels checked a few times to see if they are doubling. But there are so many women that have bleeding and continued to have a healthy pregnancy. I would call your Dr. back and see if you can get in sooner. A lot of times they will work you in if you need to be seen sooner. Just tell the reseptionist what is going on and that you need to be seen sooner. Good luck and I hope everything turns out to be ok!
Avatar f tn And to have a good day. I don't know what to even think I plan on calling my doctor Tuesday. I am very sad....
Avatar f tn Though everyone says the baby is gone, i am not able to believe it... Anyways, I have opted for natural process. Since i am now already 32, will i become pregnant again? This really panics me. Can anyone please clarify me?
Avatar n tn No one can say if you will or won't. Just watch out for signs like cramping or bleeding. Call your doctor if you are concerned. Wishing you the best!
Avatar f tn If you had gone to your dr during the bleeding they could have done a blood test and other things to find out if it it was in fact a miscarriage but at this point there isn't anything that I can think of that can be done.
Avatar f tn It wasn't until I sat on the toilet and saw the clots that came out that I realized what could have happened. I saved the clots, but because I was young (16) I didn't tell my mom and I just waited until the morning to go to the walk in.
Avatar f tn If a Miscarriage was spontaneous, without any prolonged or complicated bleeding, it will not have any bearing on ovulation. The reason for delayed ovulation could be that during pregnancy the body is producing HCG, a hormone of the pituitary gland that suppresses production of other hormones to stimulate ovulation. With use of basal body temperature or cervical mucus monitoring to find out the most fertile period, you can return to a normal cycle of ovulation.
Avatar f tn Oh I am so sorry! I know how hard it can be to have recurrent m/c... the toll it can take on you is horrible! I know that nothing I can say right will really help, but please know that I am thinking of you. And that we are all here for you if you need us. If your Dr. won't do any testing can you find another that will? Can you insist that they do? I didn't m/c my first, but then I had 3 m/c between my 1st and 2nd...
Avatar f tn I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope your miscarriage is easy. I was fortunate enough to micarry without any pain whatsoever. I bled for a few days, like a period. No cramping. . . Then it was over.
Avatar n tn just said sorry this is happening and sent me on my way. if i m/c early on and have no cramping or excessive bleeding, i will not go to the er or drs.....i know a lot don't agree w/ this but at this early on it is what i have and will do. i just hate the whole waiting game. :( keep in mind, that i am in touch w/ my dr during the process, just not sitting in his office going through the grief.
Avatar f tn I am not bleeding after the spotting and just have a feeling about it. I have endometriosis and a low progesterone level so it is a wonder how I was pregnant in the first place. My husband and I were not even trying. I have two children the first was a normal pregnancy and only tried for 3 months before I got pregnant with my daughter, the second I found out after trying for a year that my levels were low and I dx with endo.
283175 tn?1295540865 I think it's better to have a D&C afterwards JMO but I had stopped bleeding for 3 days before I had my D&C I MC'd Aug. 27 and Had D&C Sept. 5th.....and they say that the likely hood of having another MC go down tremendously after the first but in my case it wasn't down was my 2nd in 10 months first one I was 8 weeks this time only 6.
Avatar f tn Does anyone else worry without being given a reason to? Or am I crazy? How far along we're you when your worrying subsided?
Avatar f tn Honestly, this pregnancy was such a surprise and everything has happened so fast I haven't really had time to process everything. Like I said, I just at this point want it to be over and done with so I can move on.
Avatar f tn I'm really sad to have lost the baby, I was watching a movie and some lady gave birth and the first time when the baby is born, when I heared it cry omg I cried so much. It's really sad.I just wish one day I can have a baby. I really want one because I'm 20 and my husband is 29. And he has 2 kids from his ex girlfriend and it upsets me that she wants to get back with him and all that. I wish I can have a kid from him so he can forget about her.
374593 tn?1257883550 i am so sorry for your loss. i have had 2 MC's and had d and c's both times since my body did not naturally do what it was suppsoed to. i was the same as arpee, had them on fridays and back to work by Monday. it was painless and i was knocked out completely. just some minor cramping aftrewards. but from what you have described, it sounds like your MC could be starting. if you do not start to actually pass the tissues soon, i would go back to the doctor's and talk about otehr options.
Avatar f tn Your baby can be moving without you feeling it. I am at 35 weeks and my boy has become so lazy and running out of room!
Avatar n tn Part of me wants to wait two weeks! Either I have ovulated in late March or my body hasn't realized I m/c. I really know this is a blessing but am frightened that there will not be a fetal pole...
Avatar n tn With my first child I used to dream that I was bleeding and having a miscarriage I worried about it all the time researched a while bunch of stuff and yet she came out healthy as could be.I'm now pregnant with my second with no worries. Its natural to worry but don't over do it I'm sure u and ur baby are very healthy.
Avatar f tn It took serious self-advocacy to get what I wanted, but I went through it without meds. Told them if I could give birth to a nine pound baby without drugs I could handle a dilation. I wanted to be conscious. I didn't want to miss that - it was the last moments I would spend in what had been a very long-awaited and joyfully celebrated pregnancy.