Can i get a swedish massage while pregnant

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Avatar m tn I am interested in availing of a linggam massage from a sex worker but I have never had any encounter with a sex worker before. The thing with having a girlfriend give a handjob or massage is that it is more of a give and take relationship and it's really hard to fully relax and not have to reciprocate. I don't think I have ever have been in a relationship where I can just relax for 1 whole hour as they are not willing to do so and feels unnatural.
14346590 tn?1451854557 Can you get a massage while pregnant. My back is hurting so bad it even hurts when I'm laying down and my husband asked if I wanted him to take me to get a massage but I thought I read somewhere that pregnant women can't get them.
Avatar f tn Yes its safe I have a membership with massage envy they are a nationwide spa chain not everyone can do prenatal massage they have people certifiedan and lots of different kinds of pillows and things to help you be comfortable laying there while you get your massage I go about every 6 weeks
1060976 tn?1258703824 Because it is the easiest of the IVF treatments, I say relax. Get a nice pedi & mani, but mostly, get a good deep tissue (anytime this week) or swedish massage & try to relax. If you can get accu-pressure or puncture treatment a couple days before...even better. I say it's all about the relaxation. ;o) Mounds of RSSBD to ya.
Avatar n tn k9169- I go to and went to a massage therapist before I ever got pregnant and the whole time I was pregnant, BUT you HAVE to make sure they are trained to work with pregnant women. Along with what battylady said, there are pressure points on your body that can cause you to have contractions. They must be trained to know which areas to avoid! I think it's great and it's so worth it but just be careful and enjoy!!
1587805 tn?1296931972 Does anybody have any of the same problems? And can you share with me what you went through to get pregnant? I just don't know what to expect walking into this appointment.
Avatar f tn I am 37 weeks and pelvic pain keeps getting worse the further I get.
Avatar f tn It's my birthday, and I wanna do somethinq.. I got 10W left and I just wanna be able to do something.. Something exciting I guess, I feel so lame and no fun cause I can't do anything.. I can't get a tat, I can't drink, i couldn't get on rides when the fair came, I just wanna be able to do something besides just sit around lol. And I was just wondering if I could get at least a face piercing or would it be bad ?
Avatar m tn I will come straight to the point.just today i went for a massage at THAI SPA in INDIA.As soon as the massage started about 15 mins later the masseur asked me if i wanted special massage.i agreed for a handjob.She took of her top and massaged me with her hands and later gave me a handjob.the massage was with oil as it was a swedish massage.the girl is from thailand.i generally asked her where is from and what she does etc.
Avatar n tn I got a swedish massage Saturday afternoon and about a half hour after started to feel a little sick. It felt like cramps/nausea and came in waves. I had my period for a few days, but was not feeling bad before the massage at all this month. About 2 hours after the massage while I was shopping I felt really sick and fainted. I've never fainted before in my life. Do you think it was the massage? Im hoping its not something more serious.
Avatar f tn Ummmmm, I hate to sound like a broken record, but to clarify, when you say you tried massage, if you went to a physical therapist or chiropractor for that, you can get far better results if you go to a Swedish massage therapist, as I suggested. There is a difference beween the stuff PT and chiro can do, and what several sessions getting Swedish massage can do.
Avatar f tn Takes all the weight off the spine. Most of the time it makes it stop hurting for a while. Also, massage therapy is helpful, Swedish massage is the best kind for me, breaks up all the tension in the muscles that builds up from pain, for a while anyway.
Avatar n tn last night i went a massage club, a girl give me a massage , i was nude,she wore her underwear,she site on me and rub my penis until i ejaculated. my question is can i get hiv or std in this way?do i need a test?
Avatar f tn My cousin did. As a professional massage therapist I recomended a swedish massage twice a month. It's cheaper than seeing a therapist, or medications and if you need those they'll refer you. But you might as well take the option that just plain feels good, and gives you a moment to focus on you and feel better faster.
Avatar f tn Well I'm 37 weeks, and my neck and my back(up top) are really messed up.. like it hurts to turn my neck or move my right shoulder. Is there anything they can do while I'm pregnant or do I just need to wait to go after the baby's born? Since this pain came I have a knot on the back of my head now too..
Avatar n tn I am wondering what the best thing is I can do. Should I go to my doctor and ask for a brainscan and/or order supplements that may improve my condition. Are there any supplemets that are proven to regrow neurons which I can buy? Any help will be much appreciated.
398532 tn?1231463960 I didnt know that a foot massage can bring on a pre-term labout untill it happened to me...i went to foot massage place not far from work and got my foot massaged, that nite i started bleeding and having 'show', the doctor asked me what i did that during the day and told her that i had a great foot massage and she asked was alot of pressure made around the ankle and i said yes she said no more foot massage unless you want to have your baby early....i was in shock!!!
Avatar f tn You can. But I wouldn't worry if you don't miss your next period. But if you do, just take a test.
Avatar f tn I wanted a tattoo but they suggested that I dont because you cant faint etc.
Avatar f tn Plzz someone help i am suffering from severe lower back pain , all around hip pain going down my leg.. I already have a 3 year old and a 9 month old son and 22 weeks pregnant .. I tried calling few massage ladies but no one is ready to give me a massage coz i am pregnant but the midwife said if paracetamol don't work u can get a massage done!
10064121 tn?1415176073 Is it OK to get a massage while you're pregnant? I have never had a professional massage before and my grandma wants to take me to a spa. Also, has anyone ever heard of being able to keep on acrylic nails in labor? I was going to get my nails done but I'm going to be 35 weeks soon and not sure if my hospital allows acrylic nails in L&D.