Can clonidine kill you

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243614 tn?1266201137 Give your hubby your pills and have him give you your doses.. That way you won't be tempted.. If you have been taking 8-10 per day you can probably cut down to 6 and go from there... Break them into halves and take them more often.. Like every 2 hours... then cut out a half every 2-3 days.. that will equal a whole a week...
Avatar n tn Before you mess with the Clonidine (spelling) check with Dr..... it does affect blood pressure that much I do know.
Avatar n tn How often can you take .1mg of clonidine when you are withdrawing from methadone, saftly?
Avatar f tn As far as going to work, go if you have to and feel like it. Remember that clonidine will make you sleepy and drowsy. So, please be careful driving. The clonidine will help a great deal, though. I'm very happy for you!
433714 tn?1204151085 Why would you allow youself to suffer horribly for 10-21 days when you can just go out and buy a little pill to make it better? I found out recently that it doesnt have to be as painful as most treatment/detox centers make it. The first time I went to detox, they put me in a locked room with nothing but books and games. And they watched me suffer through a big paine of glass to make sure I didnt try to kill myself. But i would have if I hadnt left there after a day and a half.
Avatar m tn Hi and welcome back. You can do the taper with the flexiril and the clonidine, but tapering is difficult to do alone. We are addicts and the temptation is always there. You are going to need a good taper schedule and you are going to have to be determined and persistant if you do this on your own. If you need a schedule, just ask. A lot of people here can help you with that.
1935252 tn?1329760719 You could try taking Gravol for the vomiting-if u can't hold anything down it comes in suppository form-trust me it works. Also-I don't know if you are using clonidine but it killed most of the gastro symptoms of acute withdrawal for me. I am on day 6 as well and still not sleeping and suffering but I feel the end is in sight. You can do this. Clonidine has to be prescribed so I guess you would have to wait to talk to a doc. It's what they give patients in detox.
1935252 tn?1329760719 Just take care of yourself like you would if you had a really bad flu - sleep or rest when you can, eat and stay hydrated, take hot showers/baths with the epsom salts. And keep reading. It will keep you going and keep you inspired. And another important thing? Tell yourself this is GOOD for you because it is. That's another thing I notice a lot - that we think we're sacrificing happiness or well being by giving up the drugs and that couldn't be farther from the truth.
Avatar n tn u should not only for the reason that everyday forward puts another day between you and your addiction so i say you keep moving forward, you can not expect to not have any w/ds, and you and you can not use every time you start to have them or you are never going to be clean, theres no magic pill thats going to take your w/ds away, and if you pick up a pill everytime w/ds get rough you are never going to get clean.. .taking pills=not clean....
Avatar n tn , meaning, they can't hold their head up, maybe moody, its really hard to tell because there are so many different ways other addicts can tell, but if you don't know about the drug, or you haven't experienced it, its hard for you to tell, you know?? I hope you can find better advice, I'm sure you will through this forum. Anyway, take care and don't get caught up with the "wrong" crowd.
Avatar n tn he' also on 2 diferent meds for impulsive behavior and a blood pressure med so he can sleep. he takes a combined total of 9 pills a day. starting with 72mgs of concerta .5mgs of risperdal 1mg of tennex. after school he takes 1mg of tennex and at bedtime he takes 1.5mgs of risperdal and .1mgs of clonidine. after all these meds. he still acts out. we have been told to have him evaluated for bi-polar disorder and we are doing that next month. he refuses to sleep by himself.
213991 tn?1214276619 It got better after 5 and then the emotional was my personal biggest struggle. i have had to change things in my life to make this work but once I started listening to advice and thinking about what was making me want pills and making me so depressed, i found other ways of dealing!! Hang in there!! It REALLY does get better and right now I am happier than I have been in literally YEARS!!!!
Avatar f tn Just know it is a Disease and we can not do this alone. Get all the Support you can so you are not alone in your own head. I wish you the best!
799181 tn?1246690273 today is my 48th day clean from using codeine, and all i can think about is using..... the cravings today have been unbearable, in the last 48 days i have had some cravings, but they usually go away as quick as they came, but today for some reason is different. i found myself sitting at lunchtime thinking how i could get some..... of course i am not going to, i have come to far to go back to the hell i was in.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to share my story with you all and let you know how inspirational all of you are. I know I can do this. I have before. I think my problem was no aftercare. Plus, it is just too easy to go down the street to an urgent care and get your drug of choice. How does anyone stay clean when your d.o.c. is something that has a legitimate purpose? Why can other people have these in their house for years and not touch them and I cannot??
Avatar f tn Go to your doctor and make a plan to come off, he or she can give you some things like maybe clonidine, a mild muscle relaxer and an anti-inflammatory. Just please put some thought into trading one addiction for another. One that in my opinion, will put you in a worse situation. Sorry to be so adamant or demanding about this but after what I have been through, methadone is the devil's drug to me. There are a lot of other ways to get help for pain without narcotics and it will work.
Avatar f tn Of course you could become dependent on that too, but you shouldn't take it for too long anyways and taper it as you should all other drugs you can become physically dependent on.
575762 tn?1223096362 I would recommend you study on this site about Suboxone - perhaps you can find a doctor who will prescribe it for you - -- You can go to and find a doctor in your area who prescribes it - -- The total cost for the doctor and the pills is around 500 dollars, but the relief is almost instantaneous. In the meantime, the Thomas recipe is wonderful and will help with the W/D's.
Avatar f tn I'm so happy you are not on the tapering bandwagon. Opiate withdrawl WILL not kill you, unlike alcohol. It's can be a brutal experience but YOU CAN DO IT!! Please try some Ibuprofen and tylenol for your pain. They can be safely taken together 3-4 times a day. I can imagine your pain is intense but us addicts tend to scoff at the good'ol remedies lol. Keep up the good work and remember if your thinking of 'tapering' you are already experiencing a relapse.
Avatar f tn i think that everyone will agree to taper down the best you can and as long as you can. 1 week might not be able to do it for you although your go to attitude is very awesome. it might take a while your body must be so used to this i know mine was. then i started going to a methadone clinic which has it's own drawbacks finally after going there for 5 years i have gone in the past year and a half from 120 to 35 then kinda been hanging there since august due to other medical issues.
Avatar n tn Keep trying and do not feel like a failure if you relapse,All of the people I know who are ex drug addicts and have NEVER relapsed have had a PROFOUND change in their view of their lives,you are dealing with a dilemma that is so difficult,and all of the answers are within you,although at times you may think the problems exist in the outside world,unless you can change them, you need to alter your interpretation of that world/your life,society,etc.
Avatar n tn Whatever you do, don't go off of Valium cold turkey. That can kill you. I know a valium addict who literally bit off her own tongue while in a Valium-withdrawal-induced seizure. Don't even think about, Sandi! Anyway, there is help and hope, but it won't happen in secrecy. Seek out a good AA meeting. It doesn't matter that it's an alchohol-based group. All of us are exactly the same. And there's no shame in it, either. It's called being human. Good luck!
Avatar n tn the way i have understood anything over a 100 mg's your body stores and i have come to take that as a fact because at 250 mg i still wanted more the doctor always ask me if i was getting drowse when i ask for a increase i have never had that affect but again i have seen people on as little as 50 mg's haveing the nod's none of it really makes since each person is different so there for every one has different situations but i can say it's a mind over matter thing wilpower and prayer is your best
Avatar n tn This makes sure your decline is gradual and smooth. ***If you feel like you can, you can taper even faster or go cold turkey. Opiate w/d WONT kill you (alcohol and benzo w/d can be dangerous if not done right). Use your pancreas problems as motivation! W/D WILL be uncomfortable, but it WILL END and can be minimized with support and supplements (use these forums for additional ideas). ***Assuming you sleep 6-8 hours Day 1: Take 1 pill every 3 hours while awake - should be about 5-6 pills.
Avatar n tn Anything is possible you are in the unique position to be in a relalionship where you both don't have to lie about your addiction to the other..... You both understand what the other has been through...... Plus you can both support each other and help each other with recovery......... Another great thing is you both cannot lie to each other about your addiction... Go to N/A meetings together and see an addiction counselor once a month of possible...
Avatar f tn To anyone who has an addiction or is still feeling it I just want to say you're not alone and I've got your back as much as I can. Because going through this truly makes you want to help other people. Having quit figs and some dabbled with alcohol I can say this was opiates are terrible and prescription ones are so goddamn dangerous because its an easy habit to conceal especially with pills. I wanted to tell some people and hear your story and support if you're at all interested.
884770 tn?1244475851 Sounds just like me. But, this time I'm doing. You have to want to! And, you sound like you do. But, those damn pills don't want you to. And, they've told your body not to let you. So, you have to be strong! Every second you don't cave, you've won! If you fall for a second, don't let that discourage you. You're not back at square one. You've still won a ton of battles! Don't give up! Exercise, vitamins, and eating healthy has really helped for me.
Avatar f tn I'm gonna be pestering you come January! You can and WILL do this! Hey, be true to deserve that.
Avatar n tn before you end up in jail, man you don't want that. you don't want to kill your self either!!! you will be hurting way to many people that way. beleave me your family would be tramatized!! addiction can happen to the best of us. it may seem like it but it's not the end of the world. you have your family that loves you, your friends that care for you. plus you have us. we have all been where you are right now so we can relate. and we do care that's why we are here.