Can breast milk go bad

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10256164 tn?1408981241 Omg girl! Breastfeeding is the way to go! Helps with immunity and development. Also breast milk produces more of any nutrients the baby is missing when he/she is born to ensure baby is getting nutrients. Did you know there is no lactose in our breast milk as there is in cows? which means naturally we are not even suppose to have anything lactose! A lot of people don't know these things. I would do some research and I guarantee you will not want to formula feed. I hope you breast feed!!
Avatar f tn Your breast milk is actually the BEST thing you can put on your nipples to heal it. Take a warm compress or hot damp wash cloth and put it on your breasts for 5 minutes before breast feeding, use a nipple shield to protect the damaged tissue, after feeding squeeze a few drops out and rub it on your nipples and let it AIR DRY! Don't wipe of your milk after feedings.
Avatar f tn I agree its highly unlikely that its your milk as your milk cant go off, I'm wondering if it maybe his cord and when your feeding you may be getting little wifs of it, sometimes they can get a little smelly, they dont necessarily have an infection but they can smell abit off
9842459 tn?1411688168 I plan on feeding my baby breast milk but from a bottle. I bought a pump. I plan on going back to work once she is born and I was wondering if its okay to do. While I am looking I plan on breast feeding normally though.
599316 tn?1256921613 It does take a while to go down. I actually had my grandmother wrap my breast very tight and that seemed to help.
Avatar f tn my mother in law was watching my baby for me while I was spending time with my hubby upstairs. I had a feeling to go check on her and I see her feeding baby 1 day old breast milk. I had pumoednit yesterday and put it in a cooler and took it out because she didn't eat it. I guess she grabbed it from the side of my diaper bag and decided to feed it to her instead of getting me to feed her my breast. it was sitting out literally all night after being cooled prior. she drank 1 oz.
Avatar m tn Loss interest in sex ,mood changes,i already have indigestion problems which im takeing meds for but nothing to produce breast milk , and i have low aniema .Can someone please help me. BREAST MILK NOT PREGNANT,HEADACHES EVERYDAY,EYE SIGHT MESSED UP ,TWO PERIODS THIS MONTH.
Avatar f tn People will give you all kinds of advice: pumping, herbs, specific foods, mother's milk, etc. I tried it ALL! Nothing worked to increase my milk supply. I breastfed at every feeding and then topped her off with a little formula. It's very common to not produce enough, so don't feel bad. Just be glad you can breastfeed at all. Some women can't even produce 1 drop. And some babies can't latch. You are luckier than you realize.
2006603 tn?1331329327 1 year for milk, until then you want to stick with formula and breast milk. I was told to wait until 6 months for regular food. Although I did start small amounts of rice milk at 5 months.
Avatar f tn In the wicked office they told me I could pump it out and storage it but it don't feel so comtable with that option I'll by the pads
Avatar f tn Yes, my grandma lost a baby from breast feeding. She did t have enough nutrients in her milk for the baby. You always want to make sure you have enough nutrients.
10665671 tn?1413744449 I'm so glad you are going to breast feed!! It is a wonderful experience. I don't think it makes any difference if you go straight from the breast or breast milk in a bottle. I didn't have much need to pump, so usually did it straight from the breast. My first child would go back and forth between breast and bottle but my second would only do the breast (kind of a pain). You can supplement with formula if there are issues with no hazard to your baby.
Avatar f tn m not really a drinker, but I might have a beer to help produce breast milk. I have a hormonal issue that can reduce how much comes in.
Avatar f tn Can I get a tattoo while breast feeding. My son will be 3 month on my Birthday and I want to get his name tat on my shoulder.
Avatar f tn Is it possible to not produce milk in one breast? My right one leaks and my left one doesn't or not yet I'm 30 weeks. They've both leaked a little but now you can see or through my shirt. My right has always leaked a little more though.
Avatar f tn I had the same thing starting at 17 weeks i freaked out to i rang a health number lol but they said its nothing bad and its very good that we have produced this early it just means if you have the baby very prem then you can breast feed they also told me we can produce it quicker.
Avatar f tn At what weeks can you start leaking breast milk ? I'm 27 weeks and I haven't had any milk come out !
Avatar f tn r baby via bottle your breast milk if that makes you more comfy. Breast milk is the best think for our little ones but formula is also a great option for those who need it. Either way us mums should support each other in our feeding choices not fight about them.
739091 tn?1300666027 Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) is the presence of abnormal cells inside a milk duct in the breast. DCIS is considered the earliest form of breast cancer. DCIS is noninvasive, meaning it hasn't spread out of the milk duct to invade other parts of the breast. Reading that doesn't make you think mastectomy, right? I keep reading comments about over-treatment of DCIS or over-treatment of Breast Cancer.
Avatar f tn s just as smart and independent as a breast fed baby. But, if I pump milk for this baby, does that relieve the pain in the breasts after birth? I'm really not looking forward to it.
Avatar f tn ( now my breast hurt so bad they are swollen, stretched, hot and 10x bigger. I tried a shower nothing helps.
2053975 tn?1343405733 Long story short everything thawed out including my stored frozen breast milk. When my husband got home my supply was defrosted but still cold, not hot. It kind of looked like a runny slush. Would it be ok to refreeze or is it no longer good? I just left it in there, but now im concern.
Avatar f tn Yes it is bad. If you are going to breast feed you should refrain from smoking anything. There is also the concern about what could also be in the marijuana if it is being bought illegally and not monitored by the FDA.
Avatar f tn If I only want to breast feed while in hospital than go to formula?
1881346 tn?1341924768 the actual milk wont come in till a few days after delivery but you can start producing colostrum... the size increase is most likely from swollen milk glands and additional fat as your body prepares... not so much filling up at this me when you do fill up after baby youll know lol but as of right now you can see colostrum anytime through the pregnancy but dont express it or try to stimulate it in any way as that can make it worse...