Can a tooth infection make you tired

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Avatar m tn anytime you do even the smallest of work you risk the possiblity of needing a root canal, shame more dentists dont share this info before this type of treatment is given. whether it was this drs fault or was going to be is neither here nor there. you now are stuck with a tooth (or teeth) that are in need of more $$$ treatment. was the issue not having dental ins and paying out of pocket? there is a plan (well here in cali anyway) called care credit.
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Avatar m tn I've seen a few rare scenarios of people dying from tooth abscesses. What about a gum abscess that is being treated with antibiotics? My boyfriend has a gum abscess and he has been prescribed penicillin and topical antibiotics. He says it is getting better, but for some reason his cheek on the other side of his mouth got swollen (maybe unrelated from biting it) and he says the area of the abscess is still a little irritated even after being on antibiotics today.
1806721 tn?1554333407 First i would speak to your dentist to see how bad the infection is, i know here in NY they can write anti-biotic scripts for such things. If you see a doctor about tooth pain for a infection all they will give you is anti-biotics nothing more sadly. At least with the dentist he may give u a script for painkillers as well. For the other symptoms it could be possible blood sepsis which is quite fatal.
Avatar f tn I had a tooth break off about a week and a half ago. It doesn't hurt but I have came down with flu like symptoms. Could the tooth be infected and making me sick?
Avatar f tn An infected tooth can spread through underlying tissue and kill you. A friend of mine got necrotising fasciitis because of a bad tooth; the hospital had to put him in an induced coma for over a month to save his life. He was lucky; the "flesh-eater" bacteria did not spread as rapidly as in most cases so he lost very little flesh.
20847907 tn?1534539744 can tooth abscess cause a lymph node to rise i had it removed and the dentist said that there was an infection inside the tooth under the crown ( he said the tooth was split via xray ) but as he took the tooth out he said it had infection of it and gave me antibiotics
Avatar m tn s which causes dry mucous membranes, including the mouth, These two conditions can cause tooth problems.Find a good rheumatologist. who deals in rheumatoid illnesses, but above all find a good endocrinologist who can tell you about problems with auto immune illness in relation to the thyroid. There is a line of products at the drugstore called Biotene---tooth gel and mouthwash which is lubricating to add moisture to the mouth.
6530778 tn?1456883801 A tooth infection can eventually spread to your brain, but you would have to have a really, really bad toothache for a long, long time before that could possibly happen. You would know for a long time that something was wrong. You would know that you needed to get your tooth fixed, and there would be plenty of time to take care of it before it spread to your brain.
Avatar f tn Sounds like a tooth abcess, I had one of this this spring. Got a bump on the gum above the tooth. It can make the tooth hurt, but it doesn't have to. You need to go see a dentist, not good to have infections in the teeth. You need antibiotics and then a root canal with a crown. Very expensive, but the only chance to save the tooth.
Avatar m tn I have been told that if you let a tooth infection go long enough that it can cause a sinus infection and it is possible that only you smell the poop smell because of an infection have a parent smell you and see if you really smell that way or if it is just something you are smelling that no one else does and that will put your mind at rest about the smell and going to school as far as the tooth I'm not sure if you have gotten the actual problem fixed or not or just taking meds for the pain
Avatar f tn I had an infection in my teeth painful at times and the one side of my face swelled up with a reddish tint also an infection in the teeth or tooth can affect the ears and sinuses that could be the reason for dizziness and headaches
Avatar m tn Why would it be short, they made a mold of the old tooth to make a mold for the crown, then they ground the tooth down to the root of the old tooth, and put a temp cap from the mold of the original tooth. My main concern is the grinding off the good top wisdom tooth, the enamel that was taken off and not treated afterward. Or are the commercials on TV for teeth care just conning everyone about enamel ware from acidy foods, and stiff brushes.
Avatar n tn org/user_journals/show/2322 The Flip-Turn Sinus Flush is mildly risky, because you have to bend over to do it, preferably in a shower, but you can also do it outside on soft ground, or you can kneel down and lean over a bathtub with the shower running. As Londres says, you should see an ENT to make sure you don't have a physical anomaly that is causing the chronics.
Avatar f tn Yes you can. Please see a dentist asap. And make sure your getting a good amount of calcium. I see plenty of pregnant patients with severe tooth decay and need work that cant be completed due to pregnancy.
Avatar n tn What can I give my dog to help reduce the infection in her tooth before her appointment to have it removed?
Avatar f tn Having toothaches can really make your good day to a bad one. My advise is contact your dentist asap, and tell her/him about your condition.
Avatar m tn Sounds like the classic symptoms of a sinus infection, go to your doctors and get a course of anti-biotics. I've been sick with a sinus infection for 9 weeks!
Avatar f tn I noticed the symptoms really peak after suffering from Hepatitus (toxic from overuse of tylenol and tylenol codiene prescribed on top of that for a tooth INFECTION) i also have been suffering from mucusy stools -tested no chrohns-it is undertimened colotis and overgrowth of bacteria?not sure kind, I no longer suffer from the hepatitus. But symptoms have not gone away the whole list of fibro symptoms. I did test positive for ASCA and neg atypical Panca does this have any significance??
Avatar n tn mines always normal. And weird joint pains!!! A file is broke off in my tooth as well. Just did a lot of reading on root canals. Tooths been in pain too for over a month. I think after all my reading I will have the tooth pulled!
Avatar f tn antibiotics can make you feel tired. its short term after your courses it will go away don't stop the anti till your done with the course of treatment.