Can a tooth crown be removed

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Avatar n tn Obviously the crown then would have to be remade. If the RCT was done through the crown a filling could be placed to salvage the crown.
Avatar f tn These crowns can be removed but in all likelyhood they will have to be cut off and redone which from what you tell me is the correct thing to do.
7510441 tn?1391467769 Thank you Dr Tsang, the crack is bad but visible,both by eye and xray, i put one xray as my avatar,and another in my profile under photos. The root seems to be fine...
Avatar n tn With a gold crown I read that the molar only need 1 mm of tooth has to be removed for the crown to fit and a gold crown needs the least amount of tooth material to be removed. Is this true? Is a gold crown the most long lasting? Why do you recomend a root canal? Can I just have the tooth shaved for the gold crown without a root canal? When my next silver filing wears our what do you recomend for a replacement? Thank you foe all your help.
Avatar m tn Sensitivity to temperature is perfectly normal for a tooth that has received a crown but not a root canal. A lot of times, this will go subside with time. the dentist is right, there is a living pulp under that crown that is irritated from the drilling. Getting a crown put on is very hard on the tooth pulp. In my own experience, getting just a crown without a root canal is more painful long term than a root canal itself.
Avatar f tn I recently had a dental crown fitted. The dentist has made a long dental crown, over Tooth 16, extending to Tooth 14 so that the gap left by Tooth 15 is covered by the crown. It is a procelain on metal crown. I am not comfortable with the crown, there is a very tiny gap, near the gum on the inside/back part of the crown, where food gets stuck and I have to use my tongue to remove it or use a tooth pick.
20847907 tn?1534539744 can tooth abscess cause a lymph node to rise i had it removed and the dentist said that there was an infection inside the tooth under the crown ( he said the tooth was split via xray ) but as he took the tooth out he said it had infection of it and gave me antibiotics
Avatar n tn However, upon arriving to the appointment, he decided to do a crown. When I asked why a crown instead of an onlay, I was told a crown would provide a longer lifetime to the restoration so I agreed. If it helps to know the cavity was only affecting the MO surfaces. My dilemma is that after more of the tooth structure was removed to prep for the crown, my tooth began to feel sensitive to the air device my dentist was using, when before it wasn't.
Avatar n tn less tooth structure removed, more conservative less chance of occlusal problem disadvantage: less retentive more likely to develope secondary caries if oral hygiene is not well implemented
Avatar n tn I recently had a crown put on my upper molar because the tooth was cracked. The dentist said he cemented the porcelain crown in permanently but used Duralon instead of a newer cement and said that he could still remove the crown. I'm worried because if the crown can be removed it means to me that it isn't cemented in permanently, and that is the question. If the crown can be pulled off without damaging the crown, can this still be regarded as a permanent cementing.
Avatar f tn I had my very back bottom right tooth removed and had a crown put on the very back top right tooth. Four days after having the Procedures done I scheduled me an appointment to see the dentist again I was having top right Jaw Pain and pressure around the crown that was effecting my sleep.
Avatar f tn I wasnt shocked it got infected but i had to have the entire tooth (a canine - #11) and rt extracted and bone graphs put in after which i was given a plastic flipper with a fake tooth modeled after the crown they removed attached to it and am supposed to use this $800 pc of plastic for 5 months but it is already so loose already after only 3 wks ive almost choked on it more than once and the fake tooth part has been disinigrating so that it is sharp enough that its cutting up my gums, tongue, a
Avatar f tn I was having the same odor problem under a crown and it was decay and I had to have the tooth removed. Bacteria can find it's way under the crown and cause your dentist about the odor and pain.
Avatar f tn Jason, You can always get a second opinion for little money and see if there is a problem with the crown not seating properly causing this problem. When you make an appointment, just explain you are in need of having a crown re-cemented. Too, this dentist can check your bite to see if you're hitting on the crown exessively. Maybe equilibration is needed. If the crown can be recemented in, then great! But a second opinion should not be expenssive.
Avatar n tn for this reason, if it is a back tooth you may want to consider a cast gold crown which can be thinner and therefore requires less tooth reduction (after it is rebuult with a new post),. I have 3 of them in my mouth and would never use anything but gold on my back teeth. gold is the best way to crown back teeth and it is the most comfortable for the patient.... and it can't break like porcelain.
Avatar n tn it should be shaped like a tooth as much as possible
Avatar f tn I have CONSTANT throbbbing pain which has intesified over time its as if my heart rate can be felt in my gums above the tooth. Biting down hurts, when push on the crown towards the inside of my mouth it hurts... The endodontist said a root canal may or may not end the pain since signs show I may still have a cracked / fractured tooth... I am sick of this and I feel lost... I am sick of being in pain and miserable I don't know where to turn to next or what to do.
Avatar n tn I had a root canal nine months ago on my upper left molar (#16), about 19 months after my then-dentist nicked the root of the tooth during a filling. A permanent crown was placed six weeks after the root canal. Since the crown was put on, I have sometimes had very short, infrequent episodes of mild pain in the tooth when biting, typically caused by food getting trapped by the tooth, that always resolve themselves.
Avatar n tn I went to my dentist in January as I had a small amount of sensitivity in a molar. He made me an appointment in may for a filling which he carried out (although actually by that time I was having no problems with the tooth). Following this I had a great deal of pain and went back. The dentist removed the filling and put in a temporary one and booked me in for a root canal. In the meantime the tooth split. Went back again and he removed part of the tooth (and root).
Avatar m tn If the new crown is really not in occlusion of opposing tooth, there would be no problem. What you can do is seeing a prosthodontist who is competent in managing occlusion.
Avatar f tn Most root canals are successful, but from time to time a tooth with a root canal becomes re-infected and must be re-treated. A periapical x-ray can show if there are any abnormalities around the roots of the tooth.
Avatar f tn i have had another crown for 30 years without a single problem. just because a tooth has a crown things can still happen like root fractures but without a crown chances of loosing a cracked/root canaled tooth dramatically increases. if you crown a molar get gold. its much stronger and has less impact on surrounding teeth and gums. it will also last much longer.
Avatar n tn Maybe the temp is not fitting well and that is what may be the cause of the discomfort.I would not be happy with placing a crown on this tooth with the symtoms as they are. I don't know if you will need RCT but I don't think you are going to keep removing and replacing the finished crown.
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