Can a heavy period cause anemia

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Avatar f tn One thing at a time needs to be ruled out. At this moment in time, it would be advisable to see the doctor again with regard to checking for deficiencies in the blood. And then proceed from there if there has been no improvement. Breathing problems can be due to other factors and does need looking into. For persistent heavy menstrual cycles sometimes a laparoscopy is performed and a D&C carried out. Sometimes polycystic ovaries and fibroids can cause a problem.
Avatar n tn Anemia shouldn't be ignored as thorough doctors should always look for the underlying cause. I suffered with it for almost a year. Fatique was the most notable feeling to me. It can be a sign of a more serious disorder so please have it checked.
Avatar n tn My body was just rejecting them... I decided to go on Seasonale because I only get a period 4 times a year, and ever since I've been on it, my levels have been up, my last blood test showed no signs of anemia... And I had been anemic for about 6 years. If you're getting your period that often I would bet that is affecting you negatively, for sure. Your Doctor will be the best one to give you advice though of course - good luck!!!
Avatar m tn having a heavy period can cause anemia due to the amount of blood loss. u may have endometriosis and need a d&c.
Avatar n tn Take you to the doctor? I'm sure she is alarmed by heavy, non stop bleeding. Anemia is a concern from the bleeding. so, please make a doctor's appointment and don't let them tell you that month or longer periods are normal.
Avatar n tn I actually have excess iron in my body (iron serum 159, % sat transferrin 59%). I'm wondering if this can actually cause anemia. I am making an excess of red blood cells in my bone marrow so something else is effecting my count. Has anyone else had iron overload which lead to anemia? It doesn't show up as a symptom in the research I've done. Does the doctor ever respond to threads or is it a one shot deal?
Avatar f tn It is suggested to see a doctor for heavy periods since excessive bleeding can lead to anemia and weakness. This is merely an advice and not a substitute for clinical examination. Consult a doctor for more queries and assistance. Best luck and take care!
Avatar f tn However I haven't stopped bleeding since and it has been nearly a month. So basically I have been bleeding almost non stop since my last period until now when my next period has begun. I am now feeling extremely light headed and dizzy and have had a headache for about 3 days. Im just curious if this is serious and if I need to go to a doctor.
Avatar f tn The abnormal endometriosis implants form within the muscle wall of the uterus, and can make it enlarged, and irregular. Adenomyosis can also cause pain. I have two thoughts for you: Have you considered the Mirena IUD? Those really work, and because the progesterone is only dispersed locally within the uterus, you don't have to worry about systemic side effects ( like blood clots, etc). The other possiblity is an endometrial ablation.
Avatar n tn A number of things can cause it but with me it was just the drugs/meds. I can remember taking a shower and having to sit before I could dry off for fear of running out of air. Mine is somewhat better now but I dare not push it to much or I'll pay the penalty for a few days. I've never had to intentionally slow down or pamper myself but I am learning that to much physical activity and boom. No air and muscle aches to boot. I hope you get to feeling better soon. See that doctor.
Avatar f tn So they are trying to prevent my approaching menstrual cycle from being the usual heavy drawn out problem with meds and they have also placed me on an iron script. The OBGYN said to call if the period seemed heavy and that they don't need me back for a year. A week later, today, I am still weak and still presenting with anemia symptoms. So I decided to go to my regular doc for some ideas of what to do and to talk about the head pain.
Avatar f tn I sometimes get chest pains, I think from the heart beating so fast. Anemia can definitely cause rapid heartbeat! Get maybe a cardiac enzyme blood test, an echocardiogram or nuclear medicine test to ease your mind about your heart if you can & get a doctor who will be willing to tell you to take iron, how much & who will retest!
Avatar n tn 'Some kinds of anemia (pernicious anemia) can result from hypothyroidism' So, please get a paper copy of your Thyroid tests: TSH Free T3 Free T4 Thyroid Antibodies: Thyroid peroxidase & Thyroglobulin If the above tests are inconclusive, recommend: TRH test (Kellman Center, 212-532-0600 is one of few labs that run this TRH test) Let us know how it goes.
Avatar n tn You could be losing blood via a heavy period or not enough Iron in your diet, also a bleeding ulcer, hemorrhoids and other problems can cause iron deficiency anemia. You can take over the counter iron pills but you will have to get tested in about three months because you don't want to get a high iron level as this is very hard to get rid of. Then every 6 months you should get a TIBC, percent Iron saturation and Iron level and a CBC. But I would see another hematologist as this one isn't good.
Avatar f tn - Certain medications, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen, when taken over a longer period of time - Drinking too much alcohol - Infection of the stomach with a bacteria called Helicobacter pylori Less common causes are: - Autoimmune disorders (such as pernicious anemia) - Backflow of bile into the stomach (bile reflux) - Cocaine abuse - Eating or drinking caustic or corrosive substances (such as poisons) - Extreme stress - Viral infection, such as cytomegalovirus a
Avatar f tn I started having severe menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding after my second time having a period (at 11 yro). The heavy bleeding was caused by anemia, had to go on iron supplements which immediately helped. For the pain, I had to take birth control pills (though I wasn't sexually active). This helped for about 4 years, then the painful cramps came back but were not so severe. Everyone is different obviously, so I would suggest going to gynecologist.
Avatar f tn But, depending on where they are, they can cause heavy bleeding. Those in the inside layer of the uterine lining (endometrium), called submucosal, are the ones that can cause heavy bleeding even if they are small. Taking hormones (estrogen or progesterone) as well as some foods or supplements such as soy can cause them to grow. Of course, there are other things that can cause heavy menstrual bleeding, many of which don't tend to be checked by gynecologists.
1323173 tn?1277141303 Last week I went in because I can tell when it gets low and had a CBC done and it came back 5.8 As I stated I also deal with the same type of menstrual cycle, but they will last anywhere from 10-14 days and yes very heavy with sever clotting. I am now going in to discuss my options with my Doctors and It looks like we are considering a hysterectomy. No they have never been able to tell me why it happens. and all of the things we have tried thus far have only worked for a month or two.
Avatar f tn Monday I had some spotting with a bad back ache but then overnight it turned into my period but it was watery but still heavy (the one consistent thing about my period). I heard stress can play a big role and I think that might be the cause but I am not sure.
Avatar n tn But it is also important to find out the cause of anemia as anemia can also lead to such symptoms also.It is also important to rule out inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome.In my opinion,your girlfriend should consult a physician and get ANA and ESR done to rule out lupus. Hope it helps.Take care and regards.
1175284 tn?1263976683 Is it possible I can just get a hysderectomy (sorry about miss spell) and stop all this bleeding and anemia problems? If I do I can NOT tell my husband because he still hopes for a child someday... I am not trying to be mean but I love my husband and I can not lose him. He is all I have.. :(...
Avatar n tn I would ask your gyn, I am not sure, but, I know that periods, if heavy, can cause anemia.
Avatar f tn Iron deficiency anemia is usually caused by heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding. Some women are more prone to becoming anemic than others. Eating iron rich foods and/or taking an iron supplement would be a good idea if your iron is indeed low. Low iron may explain your dizziness but not sure it would cause fever or vomiting. I've heard of women vomiting at certain times in their menstrual cycle. I'm not sure what causes it.
Avatar f tn i have never had regular periods and have went just over a year and a half without a period.. i got so many test and everything done and some doctors would try and tell me maybe i have endometriosis only to have my ob (whom is awesome) confrim that i have never had that. my sister in law is 24 and has not had her period for just under a year they tried some type of birth control to help but still nothing. i would try not to worry.
Avatar n tn i wasn´t feeling any anxiety, i was just thinking about my day, then started blinking rapidly and feeling extremely heavy but still a felt a little like i was barely touching the bed, like i was beeing lifted a little. I feel confused when this happens, not because i dont know what it is... just confused, it has been happening for years.
495402 tn?1220621003 One of the most common symptoms of treatment is anemia, but generally speaking it is hemolytic anemia which can be present even with abundant iron stores. On the other hand if you are a pre-menopausal woman it would be quite possible that you are anemic due to low iron. Post-menopausal women often have iron stores comparable to men. We cannot tell you one way or the other without scores but I would make sure that your iron panel suggests that you need iron.
Avatar n tn i am 17teen years old i was on bc but i stopped and never seen a period yet is there a posibility that i can be preggo
Avatar n tn The last year I've been having a of a lot of air escaping from my vagina, ususally when laying down at night on my back or even on my side. It is not due to having sex and I'm disabled and am not active physically at all, and I don't sit around with my legs apart or anything, so I don't know how air is coming from the outside in. This has been increasing in nature along with an increasing and unusal blood during my periods which are increasingly very thin blood that appears to be almost watery.
Avatar m tn Too frequent or excessive urination causes low blood pressure, dehydration and even malnutrition (e.g., anemia) and can be a cause of some of your symptoms. GOOD LUCK!