Can a complete blood count detect cancer

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Avatar m tn Hi, How are you? What symptoms are present? A complete blood count or CBC test is a broad screening test to check for disorders such as anemia, infection, and many other diseases including blood cancers. It measures the amount of various types of blood cells in a sample of the blood. Abnormal results may require further tests and evaluation. It is best that you discuss the results of the diagnostic tests (correlating with the symptoms present) with your doctor to ease any worries.
Avatar n tn Special CT scans of the abdominal blood vessels can detect diseases of the arteries that block the flow of blood to the abdominal organs. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is useful in diagnosing many of the same conditions as CT tomography. Barium X-rays of the stomach and the intestines (upper gastrointestinal series or UGI with a small bowel follow-through) can be helpful in diagnosing ulcers, inflammation, and blockage in the intestines.
Avatar n tn You can help by anticipating these problems and working with your oncologist to detect and address them. Many doctors advise a complete blood count on Day 8 to check the level of WBC. All the Best!
Avatar n tn I have a hard time not eating late at night because I always need to eat due to the baby, so maybe my symptoms will take a little longer to subside. For those of you who can, try to see a Gastroenterologist and have some tests done, or at least talk to the doctor about trying Nexium. It may just be the answer. I still don't have my test results back from the echocardiogram done on my heart--they also took pictures of my throat, so maybe that will reveal something; I will keep you all informed!
Avatar m tn A complete blood count (CBC) is a blood test used to evaluate your overall health and detect a wide range of disorders, including anemia, infection and leukemia.
6850426 tn?1385502685 When women still have menstrual cycles, a little bit of microscopic blood can get into the urine sample. Sometimes microscopic blood can be detected in the urine if there is a kidney stone anywhere along the urinary tract. Kidney stones do not cause pain or problems until they start to move or press on tissue. Kidney stones come in different sizes and can sometimes be very small like a grain of sand, but can still do damage if they scratch the linings.
Avatar n tn I saw something deep red coming with the blood, like a part of something. It was very thin, like a thin paper, and with a size of a little crumb.
3624762 tn?1349398652 NAME CBC(Complete Blood Count) NORMAL RANGE See specific tests RBC HGB WBC and Platelets DEFINITION A CBC tests for all the blood cells, including red blood cells and the different types of white blood cells. NAME Cholesterol NORMAL RANGE 100-240 mg/dl DEFINITION Cholesterol is synthesized in the liver. It helps to build hormones, vitamins and cell membranes. EXPLANATION OF TEST RESULT High levels of cholesterol are associated with atherosclerosis and heart disease.
Avatar n tn i took three pregnancy test after my period was 3weeks late and they came out nevative,after a month i went to go have a blood test done,it was also negative,now its almost 2mo. i still havent gotten my period.can i be pregnant? how can i find out? what else can it be because i dont have any symptoms of being pregnant?
Avatar n tn I have researched this extensively, and the only thing I can find is that it may be Von Willebrand's disease. It's a common blood disorder that causes easy bruising (fragile capillaries) due to a defect in the platelets. (platelet count is normal, but clotting ability is not). I am going to ask my Dr to test me for it. Have any of you experienced blood loss episodes, including nosebleeds, heavy periods, excessive bleeding after surgery or anemia? I am very curious.
Avatar f tn i hope it helps... The medical value of the ultrasound is mainly to detect liver cancer - a big risk factor in chronic hepatitis - early enough that it can be successfully treated/removed. That is also the reason that you need it every 6 month. The growth characteristics of HCC are such that it normally does not exceed a treatable size within that that time. Cirrhosis/fibrosis cannot be detected by ultrasound, unless there is intense nodularity and gross inhomogeneity as in late stages.
642936 tn?1239295766 As a nurse I'm sure you know lots of this, but it doesn't hurt to know that at any given time the body can mount a campaign against a virus or a cancer, and often win the war. I think the lymphatic system is truly a facinatingly complex marvel of design. It never hurts to hear these things happen. My cousin was given a 1% chance with lymphoma spread to the brain, and made it.
Avatar n tn The alkaline blood system has a blood tested pH of 7.2 or higher for the most energy possible. Drinking 55 oz of water before one brushes one's teeth, and then no food or beverages for one hour, will begin to heal over 30 diseases. A diet of fresh raw fruits and vegetables will also provide that needed diet of 80% alkaline raw foods needed to allow the body to heal from the inside out. Essential oils is another form to encourage the body to self heal.
Avatar f tn It is very strange for both of us. I can tell you that psychologicaly it ruins me a lot, interferon theraphy was a hell. Now it is ok, I feel no sympthoms, just little tired and getting some fat. Doctor also told me that I can work out. Unfortunately during last tree months my good cholesterol decreased so I dont know it it has something in common with Baraclude. My doctor is also very fast-going, so I dont know too much about hep. B, a bout my future, how long time I can still live, etc.
Avatar n tn the first three were normal, and during the fourth i ejaculated blood and blood and a blood clot came out in my urine. 4 days ago i was at a strip club and had a lap dance. i was aroused and had an erection. i went to the wc and a huge clot came out followed by blood an then another clot. this occured again during urination.
Avatar n tn I've been reading what every1 has been writing and its helping me. I've been trying to find out whats going on with me. It started wen I noticed some spottin a week before my period was due, (mine are always on schedule & very heavy) that lasted a few days & stopped. I feel like im pregnant & so i took 4 home pregnancy tests all came out positive. I went to the dr & 2 urine tests came out negative.
358304 tn?1409713092 but he said a stool sample is a good place to start... and they can tell a lot from a stool sample. So what are your thoughts? I'm a little anxious. What will they look for? What kind of things can they find out just from a stool sample? Thanks guys!
Avatar n tn You can try an b-hcg (blood test) it can detect even a one day pregnancy but dont be disappointed if that is negative. Good luck and baby dust to you.
Avatar m tn And, based on the scientific literature, according to the company, the sooner a patient can get to a non-detect viral load at the onset of treatment the higher their likelihood of being cured.
Avatar n tn I have so much trouble with this too. I am 15, a healthy weight and excercise everyday, I can get a proper breath every 15 or so breaths, I have difficulty getting to sleep some nights and often feel dizzy. Reading these comments I think it might be dehydration or vitamin deficiency and even just slouching, but its really helped to know its not just me.
Avatar m tn I was a bit skeptical, but I didn't let on because I didn't want to insult the man, as he's pretty respected in his field as a researcher. How can one virion be any harder to kill than another. Anyone got a link to a graph of a "typical" viral load drop in a "good response" scenario?
Avatar n tn Said that I had just ovulated. I can keep a log, he could start me a drug that would give me a period in 10 days and then see what happens, or start me on birth control. I told him I would get back to him with my decision.
Avatar m tn I was wondering if and what the doctors have told you about it, I plan on researching to see what can be done. This is the first time I have heard of someone having a similar problem, it's nice to know.
Avatar n tn Well, just to add our story...very similar. My son, 20 months has been having periodic fevers every 2-3 weeks for the last three months. The scary thing with him is he also has febrile seizures. He has had three in the last three months...and they are bad. The last one he went in to respiratory arrest and almost died. He was in ICU for several days and in the hospital for 11 days. He ended up with aspiration pneumonia from the seizure. But the culprit are these fevers.
5468358 tn?1368468432 The different components of the WBC are the neutrophils (50-70%), lymphocytes (30%), basophils (1%), eosinophils (1-3%) and monocytes (4-6%). Eosinophilia is usually detected by a blood test, usually as part of a complete blood count. A count of more than 500 eosinophils per microliter of blood is generally considered eosinophilia in adults. A count of more than 1,500 eosinophils per microliter of blood that lasts for several months is called hypereosinophilic syndrome.
Avatar f tn He should get stool examined for occult or hidden blood to detect this blood loss. Also he s to get a pheripheral blood smear done to know the RBC count, structure and whether there is cytopenia (general decrease in cell count). The renal function and liver function needs to be checked, and electrophoresis of hemoglobin done to know whether there is thalasemia trait or sickle cell anemia. You need to see if there is vitamin B12 deficiency. Please consult your doctor regarding this. Take care!
987242 tn?1335494370 The necessary test for ruling out leukemia is a simple blood test. It is called a complete blood count (CBC) and it includes evaluation of the white blood cells, red blood cells, hemoglobin/hematocrit, and platelets (which are all important components of your blood). If there are no abnormalities evident on this test, you do not have leukemia.
Avatar m tn It is mostly used for testicular caner, and I am sure that its controversial, and I understand no one blood test can detect cancer. Yet with all the blood cancer marker test she took, they were all normal, as this last test was too, very normal. We found a blood cancer profile test that is quite expensive, but are thinking of having her take it this summer, as we do not want her to take a cat scan.
Avatar f tn you re immune from a long time so you lost hbsab antibodies, it happens sometimes and also a good sign of complete hbv eradication your immunity is ok even without hbsab for future infections but if you want to be 100% sure just make a booster dose of vaccine to gain hbsab again since it is easy to meet it again if nigeria has no hbv vaccines programs at birth