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413852 tn?1317312312 Praying that embies stick REAL GOOD!!!! I had to pee so bad, they will give you a cup to let you fill that up, but nothing over that. I always went over and just drank more water after I relieved myself. You will be just fine!! I am so very happy for you!! FCI doesn't require you to rest an hour...five or ten minutes I think...I went home and relaxed. My aunt is doing great. The surgery went well. She is at home resting. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. AFM. I am okay.
Avatar m tn They may be fragrances that you miss, and some of them may be dreadful funks you wish you’d never experienced. If this technique does not work, then at least you can narrow down the real cause of your sinus problem. PART III 14. PREVENT DEFENSE The best way to kill your sinus problems is to attack a cold virus with everything you’ve got, before it leads to acute sinusitis. The first thing you can do is not get a cold. Cold viruses are acquired from other people who have a cold.
Avatar n tn That all said, my research (which I just began searching online several days ago, I'm no expert) has found very little progress other than the burgeoning awareness that there are others out there with this and that it is a real gastrointestinal condition/problem.
Avatar n tn Work on this in an instructional way. Talk about how we talk to strangers. The give and take of real conversation. The pausing to listen to others as polite and how we are good friends and family members. Role play it. You can teach a child that is not getting some social things naturally. I would stay away from getting so frustrated that you yell or say shut up. You'll end up with a kid who starts doing that.
Avatar f tn They are disgusting. I have used Pin-X 4 times now and I get real sick everytime, I dread it. I have no clue where I could have picked them up at. When it first started I was rnauseous almost everyday for about a month. I thought I might have been pregnant, so I took pregnancy test after pregnancy test. My doctor couldn't even figure out what it was! Soon after, I discovered a worm. I absolutely panicked.
Avatar n tn They come on with no real warning. There isnt really much anyone can do to help you. I usually get a real cold wash cloth and the heat from my body ***** up the water in the cloth. I do feel very dehyrated afterwards. I know i need to go to the dr and just have things checked out. I have a thyroid condition, a full hysterectomy, horomone imbalance, stress in all forms. I did do a aura cleansing and healing that day.
1294995 tn?1330666336 My doctor is still trying to figure it all out. Clomid helped a little but then it didn't. My lining was real thin but thanks to God, it became better this last cycle. So, yeah, I do get AF. It's becoming lighter and not so heavy, which makes me wonder what's going on, hence all the testing by my doctor.