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Avatar n tn I have been taking the MS Contin (or generic name Oxycontin) for over a year now, in addition to that which is abot 100 mg at a time I take 4 or 5 Tylenol 4's, 3 or 4 10 mg Valium among many other medications. I am seeing a Social Worker and she says the only way to overcome that much of a habit is to not only go into Detox, because that's only a few days, but at least a 30 day program.
Avatar n tn I stopped taking OxyContin 3 days ago. I believe I went through 60 40mg tablets in just over 2 weeks. I was also taking Xanax about 5 mg a day and of course uppers at the same time. So basically I've had the combo plate of all the stuff that everyone else is trying to keep you away from. It's been like clockwork for me and I'm about to go on another cold turkey spell while watching TV and writing to others out there.
Avatar m tn I live in Toronto, Canada. The oxy problem is reportably worse in somev U>S. states,but its also in Toronto,Its second to crack-cocaine,but first in the narcotic category.
Avatar n tn As far as other side effects, well of course there is the liver which you mentioned and the kidneys. Thankfully there isn't tylenol in the oxycontin, but the tylenol with percs is surely compromising these organs' well being. My very good friend, a percocet abuser, just got off a dialysis machine 2 days ago, for failed liver and kidney function. He is an otherwise healthy 32 year old man. Then there are changes that occur to the brain, that in many cases can be permanent.
429155 tn?1205676864 MY PERSONAL DIARY OF OXYCONTIN WITHDRAWAL. May I briefly fill in a little background.I am David aged 55 and employed as a postman/driver/sorter, well up until 38 months ago I had never been into hospital,well boy was that about to change.
Avatar n tn Buprenex was the first form of Buprenorphine approved by the FDA in the United States, and is used as an analgesic (pain reliever). It is mostly used in pain management in the elderly because of its unique property of NOT depressing the already taxed respiratory systems of older individuals. It is used in place of drugs like Morphine Sulfate that could possibly kill a senior citizen without the close supervision of a physician.
Avatar n tn Do the percocet and the percodan, which are of the generic brand here in Canada look the same or would they in fact look different and how would I know how much oxycodone is in them? If someone could help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated...Thanks....Sheila.
203342 tn?1328740807 I know it was on the ballot for several different areas and even in my area on legalizing it for medical purposes or banning it. I looked briefly into it and was impressed by not only how much it may help people (medically) but how carefully it is regulated when it is used medically. It is strictly done in a doctor's office and carefully monitored. It's not like they are going into a back alley somewhere and buying this from drug dealers. They also appear to monitor the amount and usage.
452698 tn?1206594444 It's been a very secretive addiction that started when I had oral surgery way back when. I had a dentist who didn't see a problem in offering me prescription after prescription of Tylenol 3's. He had me on them for over 3 months and when my prescriptions ran out...I turned to buying Tylenol 1 which can be purchased here over the counter. At my worst I was taking over 17 pills at a time every four hours or so. Insane when I actually think about it. Addiction runs in my family.
Avatar n tn or Canada but one thing I found out was that Tylenol 1 (8mg codeine) helps with the withrawls. You need a script in th the States but it is over the counter in Canada cheap and in any quantity you like. Just be careful not to exceed more than 12 pills per day. I do not think it is an opiate.
Avatar m tn He has done xrays here and there. Once in a while he would throw in an MRI. And his diagnosis is nerve damage in my upper arm. I do not have damage in my upper arm. I never have. Back 15 years ago, I was addicted to perc`s and still am. I went to him and it took 1 visit to get the perc`s. After about 1 month, I was able to up it to 60 tabs instead of the 30 he was giving me. Naturally, That still isn`t enough. I am buying them off the streets. And when those are not around.
Avatar f tn I have never taken Oxycontin before. The oxycodone in Oxycontin is metabolized by the liver into oxymorphone, and oxymorphone is 2 times stronger than oxycodone. With the Opana ER, I have read that chronic pain patients either love it or hate it. I am one of ones that absolutely love it. Opana ER has provided me the best pain relief I have had in years. I tried the generic oxymorphone and it was not as a long shot.
Avatar f tn First off, you are right. Suboxone is not available in Canada yet. You would be best off to taper from the meds, since you cannot take time off to detox. Tapering will help somewhat with the withdrawal symptoms. However, tapering is tricky and is best done if someone can hold and dispense your meds to you according to a schedule. If you need help with a schedule, please ask. I have the Thomas Recipe on file. I will post that in a little while for you. Now...why can't you tell your husband?
1684282 tn?1505701570 Andre Waismann, who still practices his craft in Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon, Israel. You can see a short but informative video about Dr. Waismann’s work by following this link Since the original procedure was used on addicted soldiers in Israeli army, it has been gradually perfected by new medications that have since been approved by FDA to help control the effects of the withdrawal.
Avatar f tn I have looked into buying other prescriptions from Canada, but not the narcotic ones. It's probably worth looking into if it's possible. The appt went okay. I'm a little emotionally exhausted from everything so I'll come back later and give everyone the full update. Thanks for your help and support!
Avatar m tn sorry bama if i didn't specify more, really i ment to but got off track. mental withdrawal is kicking my a**. i wasn't referring to anything about the codeine i was only simply comparing the methadone with any type of opiate pill. methadone is a very strong drug and i just think it would be right that people are more educated on the pitfalls of it. when i walked in to that methadone clinic i was told nothing negative, and for 4 yrs it ruled my life.
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425312 tn?1279969779 the doctor who wrote it ran a treatment facility in UPstate New york where they gave patients amino acids and vitamin via IV during treatment.. He also counsels patients individually.. All of these things are meant to rebuild activity in the major neuro transmitters.. as addicts our neurotransmitters have been disrupted by our use of drugs.. even stuff like cigarettes and eating alot of sugar can disrupt them.. with drugs however it can be more damaging..
Avatar n tn I got an email from Chezz, I think he is a little disheartened, and sad.... Alissa - chezz says hi to you..he hopes life eases up for are in his thoughts...
401095 tn?1351395370 1st post in this forum - I just found this place. I'm currently on suboxone (Canada) and taking 16mg a day (2 x 8mg pills). I went for my "procedure" on Sept. 17 2008. I was taking 800-960mg of oxycontin a day (10-12 80mg pills a day) - obviously i did not start on that dose - it all started 5 years ago when perc's got boring and my friend found this pink, 20mg oxycontin pill.
Avatar m tn Not sure if it's true but I'm not ready to find out, it would kind of defeat the whole purpose of quitting. I live in Canada and it was fairly easy to get the T1's but in Alberta, it is getting harder. We have "Alberta Netcare" here that tracks everything about your health through your healthcare number.
Avatar f tn Like I was before the car accident. But I don't. I know that buying illegal drugs won't help in the long run and I have two kids to take care of on my own and it would break my heart to get in trouble and have them taken away so I just keep taking the stuff that doctors give me and hope that when I see the pain management doctor on tuesday he'll know what he's talking about and hopefully I can get on something that will help me out.
Avatar n tn i'm sure this question has been asked before.....does anyone know if suboxone is available in canada [ontario] seems widely available in the U.S.
425312 tn?1279969779 I went for 6 days without having anything in my system and i thought I was going to lose my mind. I thought the muscles in my legs and arms were going to jump out through my skin, hot, cold, sweating, couldn't sit still and forget about sleep. That was February 8, 2008 to February 15, 2008. Then what did I do, stupid me, took some Methadone. Well Now I am out again and no way to get any, and I am so sick and tired of spending all of my money on this ****.
Avatar n tn I never told my boyfriend that he had to stop but I told him how I really felt. I had searched oxycontin in yahoo and google and found some very disturbing facts.... i shared these with him as well. I think what really made my boyfriend want to stop is when he experienced a withdrawl first hand. He finally didn't have any oxy one night and the next morning woke up sweating and in terrible pain, he could barely move except to run to the bathroom.
Avatar n tn That is the only pill I ever saw with the fancy v at the bottem and I don't believe I could ever find it on the internet because they were to new to the market, they sound like the same thing I was buying and just about put my husband and I in the poorhouse and landed me in a rehab. This was my first relapse in 3 yrs. but I was taking care of my Mother who had cancer and passed within 2 months of diagnosis and I just went off the deep end and took everything I could to numb the pain.
Avatar n tn So, get with it Canada! Learn to love the smell of gunpowder in the morning. Judy, I believe they only allow one question per day so Dr. Horvath doesn't freak out. Poor guy's hanging by a thread ... I liked your Rousseau quote. Succinct *******, wasn't he? Just don't get carried away. He was French, ya know. If you find you just can't help yourself, we'll send a de-programmer from the Just Say No to Rousseau Foundation to check in on you. And I hear the de-programmer is a sexy guy ...
Avatar n tn As soon as the pain was gone I found myself trying to justify re-filling the scrip, or buying OTC codeine which we can do in Canada. Thankfully, I didn't but I can't say I've been 100% codeine free since I quit. I tried tapering but got too impatient but if you can do it, I say go for it. You can always make the leap when you get further down. Maybe be a little more aggressive. Enough to avoid most of the w/ds without forfeiting your sanity or work.