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Avatar n tn And someone, please, correct me if I'm wrong - but if you are 100% completely clean and take a Suboxone, aren't you going to get higher than a kite???? I don't know, I just don't buy it and agree that something is fishy. If he has been on nothing for six months and then took Suboxone, 2 mgs, 8 mgs, whatever, I think it would have knocked him on his a$$. No, something is not right here. Can you talk to his Mom, or have you talked to her about this?
Avatar n tn this sh** will have to end soon before i really hit bottom, and i admit now that i'm tired of messing with it. as for the suboxone, back in october, i did make up my mind (so I thought) and went online and researched detox. suboxone came up and some type of association that offered names of drs. in my area who only can prescribe it; something to do with the DEA. i can't remember exactly what association it was (you'll see it when you research suboxone online), i was able to make an appt.
Avatar f tn I figured I might as well post this so I can give you guys updates - just in case anyone wants to try it too. I know that I can no longer do this on my own and if I do not have to feel the brunt of the w/d's more power to me right? So that is my plan. I will let you guys know how it goes tomorrow. Hopefully I can get in tomorrow!
Avatar n tn I was in patient for 5 days and treated with suboxone only for my stay in rehab. I then went to a month of mandatory meetings where I was drug tested once a week. After a month clean I thought this is a piece of cake. Wrong. After a couple of months I was back using. Stealing, doctor shoppinging, lying to my wife and failing at work. About a year went by and I was in rehab for the second time because I was about to lose everything including my wife and 2 boys.
Avatar f tn How old is your step son? Is he required to attend counseling and/ or support groups along with the suboxone? Yes many people get on and stay on suboxone for years. It does and can become another addiction. He needs to be sick and tired of being sick and tired. The suboxone is still in control he isn't. Does he live with anyone?
480035 tn?1222369764 and i dont think doctors are misinformed, i think it may have a lot to do with what i mentioned - about no 2 stories are the same and you just cant predict how someone will do with suboxone, no one can predict what will happen for the individual. i researched it and talked to my sub doctor for about 3 months before i made the decision and appointment to go for it, and to this day i am glad i did... i just wish everyone the best of luck here...
Avatar m tn I watched all the warnings on YouTube along with reading all the warnings on here and I was convinced by a trained addiction specialist that he could truly help me beat my opiate addiction with working with me to use the suboxone the right way. He started me out with the 2mg subs and had me follow the sheet to which I was almost through all of them ( I had 35 ) with in 24 hours. Through Kaiser he called me in (98) 8.2 mg tablets not strips but the dissolving pills. 3 1/2 a day.
Avatar f tn she is sleeping right now. I found the Suboxone and 6 pills are gone. I am at my wits end with her. She expresses she wants the help she say's it is okay for her to miss a dose, she say's she only needs to take the Suboxone if needed. I feel she is using the Suboxone as a subsitute when she can't get her Heroin. I feel she is sharing her pills with other people who might be going through withdrawl also. The Suboxone is 8mg-2mg.
Avatar m tn Contact reckitt benckiser who manufactures suboxone/subutex. Ask about the suboxone assistance program. They'll tell you if your son is eligible for it (he should be) but like flmagi said - there is a 2 patient limit for sub docs so make sure you look around.
Avatar f tn Do any of you know if Suboxone is addictive? Does it help with the depressed/irritated/tired feeling a lot of us feel after quitting narcotic drugs? How does Suboxone make you feel? I've read posts claiming that some people like the way it makes them feel. Does Suboxone have opiates in them? I am really trying to find out exact information on this drug to help delete the withdrawals. Thanks to all of you!
196784 tn?1194160061 For me it wasent expensive at all, I paid 20 bucks for my first visit (i do have insurance) and then I will pay 50 bucks a month for the prescription. I am now 3 days clean with no yucky feelings, im excited for this weekend, will be the first time I can go out with my family and not worry about pills, it sounds sad to say I couldnt enjoy my family cause I was so caught up on if I had enough pills, or I had to go meet my "guy" for more....but I know you all understand me....
220965 tn?1189759423 I live in Delaware and was wondering if anybody could tell me how much a 10 day supply of Suboxone would cost? Or basically a 10 day detox program. I have no insurance but I think I can raise enough for this if it is within reason. Thanks So Much This forum is wonderful.
Avatar f tn Now - she prescribed me a prescription for Suboxone. I have heard that this is very expensive. I talked to her about going to a family help center (which is actually right next door to her office) which they put you on a 10 day program and gradually reduce the dosage. The cost is about $1000 which includes ALL of the office visits, ALL the medication and talking with a therapist.
Avatar f tn Addict of 7+ years, now at just a stupid daily amount with over a hundred failed attempts at tapering. I fear suboxone may be my only lifeline left as I cannot afford in patient and my insurance wont cover it. PLEASE I need advice from nyone who is or has been on it. Nything will help.
489042 tn?1211423977 but its still there. Since I have no prescription for a control substance that is helping me get off of another controlled substance I can have my prescription of clonazeapam 1mg 3 times a day back. It helps and I do smoke hydro to help with the leg cramps. I can deal with it all day long and work through it but the only time it really bothers me is at night. Are there any little things maybe I could or can do an hour or so before bed to besides take 3 kolonopins...which I don't.
610505 tn?1329607323 One cannot give an absolute regarding what withdrawing off of suboxone will be like. There are No absolutes with anything. However it must be taken into consideration that withdrawal from sub can be hellacious because for some of us it was.. My Documented proof is that Ive detoxed off of every opiate around exccept methadone (from H to Oxy) and Suboxone was the WORST of the worst for me. There is my documented unbiased proof.
Avatar n tn I just got a prescription filled for Suboxone and am wondering how much I have to be in withdrawals to begin taking Suboxone. I've read that if you are taking under 30mgs of Methandone, you can start Suboxone immediately but have also read that you must be in full withdrawals to begin. If I start the Suboxone now, what will happen? Will I be in worse withdrawals than if I just wait and take in a couple of days? I'm wondering which w/d's will be worse (Methadone or starting Suboxone).
Avatar n tn please share with me your experiances with the new drug suboxone. ive been on it now for a month. iwas on injectable buprenex for two years and was very excited to have a alternative from the needles. im not sure if i like it or if im doing it corectly. i was on 4 ampules a day before and now im taking 1/2 of a 8mg suboxone three times a day, i tried just taking one tablet in the morning but i found i need something later on in the day so thats when i started doing three times a day.
Avatar m tn My son relapsed using a lot of dilaudid. He got suboxone to help with withdrawals but when looking at pictures online I am confused. The pills he got are small round white pills with no imprints on either side. Does anyone know which brand name this might be?
702707 tn?1228707461 I'm not sure whether or not everyone knows this, but you can buy suboxone in parts. You can buy 1 days worth at a time if you want to. Most people find it easier to pay once a week or twice a month than a whole month's worth at once. If you buy a weeks worth though, you can't pick up more until they're all gone. You can't get them early. Some may allow a day or two early, but not most. Especially, not if you have insurance.
Avatar f tn I was googling other peoples experience with Suboxone w/d. I copied some info which I will paste here. *Suboxone withdrawal was not that bad. No RLS. Currently Day 12 I thought that I would finally post to the forum to share with you all my suboxone experience, and thank xxxxxx for his service to this community. I have benefited from his advice. Over 4 months I went from 24mg of Subs to .25 mg. I have been off subs for 12 days now and I'm doing ok.
Avatar f tn I was prescribed morphine and hydrocodone from the VA.I see a lot of people on this site asking how to get off these pills without the horrifying's possible but you control the detox.I was on 180 mg.morphine a day,here's the facts. At that level it will take 8-9 months by reducing the dose by 15 mg a month.I told my help me by lowering my prescription each month.I'm on my last month now at 15 mg.a day and have had no withdrawal symptoms at all.
Avatar m tn I took my first dose of Suboxone today. I have taken 2 doses so far of 8mg. It has been great, no withdrawls, I feel fine except really tired. WIll this go away? Also, I have been reading how addictive it is so now I am concerned I just switched from one problem to another. I started taking pain pills in 2002 for chronic low back pain. For 6 years I took my meds exactly as prescribed but when it got to the time I needed a change or a dose increase my Dr wouldn't change anything.
Avatar f tn To make a Lin story short, through experimenting I have discovered a great detox method that has worked for me with almost no WD symptoms. First I take slow k a prescription for potassium (6-8 per day), you need to get your potassium levels checked with a simple blood test as ibuprofen causes you to lose potassium through your urine & low potassium or hypokalemia as its called makes you feel very tired, weak & short of breath.
Avatar n tn The mind can be a powerful thing so think positive. Some people may have had bad experiences with suboxone but there are many people who have had good experiences too. Keep on Keeping on!
Avatar m tn I would have to agree with BQ77. Suboxone has its place in recovery, but in the long run, cold turkey off a 5-7 vicodin a day habit will probably be much easier than risking dependence on suboxone. The problem is yes - Suboxone works GREAT "A MIRIACLE" when your on it.. but it binds quickly and is highly physically addictive. Suboxone is NOT an easy drug to detox from by any means.
Avatar f tn Most people feel fine after 2mg of Suboxone. I felt ok, and he sent me home with a prescription. 16mg a day. Honestly, that was more than enough. I would of been safe with 8mg a day even at that first week. That's why I say to make sure they don't give him more than 8mg. I'm sure he wasn't taking more than 20 a day where I was, so 8mg should be good. But, again, everyone is different, so in this case you may have to trust the doctors. It's like you said...
628190 tn?1269022107 It too a week or so on sub to get my dose right, but after that, I felt good, cept for sweating, I would feel cold to the touch and be ringing wet with sweat. And if you smoke buy extra I smoked like a frieght train, but after 13 months and following my Dr im clean since 3-9-09 I did have a short relaspe in apr for 4 days, but im here and alive and free.
306455 tn?1288865671 I've noticed over the past few days when anyone mentions suboxone you have replied with horror stories. If you have never used it, there is no need to try to scare people away from. I've read the other posts so I kind of know what has been going on. I've never used it myself nor have I used methadone. There are many new people that come on here looking for answers whether it be for taper plans, cold turkey, questions about methadone, or questions about suboxone.
1316877 tn?1275204213 You say that you've been through this before right? So you know what to expect, and you know what detoxing off of pain pills feels like. If you feel like you need help medically go to a walk in clinic, not an ER. You will be much happier with the bill. Why did you take so much sub.? It doesn't get you high. Do you really want monthes of he*l like everyone is describing? Why not get back on the sub and taper off like you are supposed to? What is with the, "no, oh no, no more sub.!