Burning throat and tongue

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Avatar f tn Yes, burning in your throat and sternum area is part of acid reflux. If the medication isn't helping let your doctor know this! Stomach acid backs up in your throat causing the burning. You need to address the white coating, with your doctor. Make sure you brush your tongue when you brush your teeth. Take care.
Avatar f tn Possibility of any drugs causing it or dry mouth, oral cancer, damage to the lingual nerve, and diabetes are the other causes for a burning tongue and if nothing else is found these should be explored. It can also be gastric reflux (ruled out in your case.
Avatar f tn my tongue is like white and like patchy with red little spots/pimples at the back and it like stings/burning sensation? can a doctor check it?
Avatar m tn The most common symptom of strep throat includes a sore, burning throat that may be red in color and covered with white patches. Other symptoms of strep throat include fever, headache, stomachache, nausea, chills, discomfort, loss of appetite, swollen lymph nodes and difficulty swallowing. Because strep throat is a bacterial infection, antibiotics are successful in treating it.
Avatar m tn A month back I kissed a gal, after that I have a burning tongue and also burning throat. It's lasting for more than a month. What would be the problem? I'm really irritated because of this. Is it the symptom of HIV?
Avatar n tn Tonight I was just working n my laptop and all the sudden I got this intense burning sensation in my throat. I thought I was coming down with something. It felt like hot soup. It went away after 30 minutes, but keeps coming back. I also noticed this past week I had cancer sores in my mouth and my throat seemed sensitive when i would drink soda. I am kind of worried!
Avatar n tn For the last month or so, off and on, I have suffered from horrible dryness of my mouth, tongue and throat, which causes my throat to feel somewhat swollen. I am taking the following medications: Allegra, Prilosec and Flovent (one puff a day.) I have not taken the Allegra for two days to see if this would help the dryness, but it has not. I do have an infection under a tooth where I had a root canal a few years ago.
Avatar m tn Symptoms - depending on the muscle and the location of the trigger points - are a painful burning tongue (glossodynia), dry mouth, sores on the tongue, difficulty talking, a sore throat with no inflammation, pain on swallowing and the feeling that there is a something/lump stuck in the throat, and pain in the lower back teeth. Your voice may be hoarse. All these muscles function to open your mouth.
Avatar m tn I am now having uncontrollable sweating and throat hurts... And I believe I have ohl because the tissues on the side of my tongue will not come off. I'm overwhelmed and need to seek some type of advice and my sexual encounter was one time and don't have a clue of the young ladies status.
215220 tn?1191456864 It makes my TN start with pain in front of my ear to my top and bottom teeth and into my temple and nose. The pain is sharp, stabbing and comes and goes with burning in between episodes. I have been using cepecol lozenges and throat spray which help but only for a little while. It seems if I take cepecol I can stop a full blown attack. I have been to the ER three times since the start of July and was given medicine for TN and Strep.
Avatar f tn Since march I have had a burning mouth and white tongue which the doctor said was thrush but a sample came back negative. I still have the burning sensation abd white tongue - is this a sign of HIV? I tested negative after 16 weeks of what I thought was a needkestick injury. In that tine I had been to a few gay cottages but hadn't had sex, only wankibg, but worried someone could have stabbed me with a needle.
Avatar n tn t know what to do I have a constant lump in my throat but worse is the heaviness/ dry feeling I have on the back of my tongue. my tongue feels weird and I can't explain other than it feels dry and heavy but only in the back toward my throat. and the feeling in my throat is like air is pushing it. I feel like my doctor is blowing me off, he put me on ibs medication, antibiotics and had to beg for thyroid and he just told me it was normal.
Avatar f tn Hi! Wondering if this has to do with my thyroid being off & not taking my pill correctly ?? I am 37 yr old female. I have had hypothyroidism for 15+ yrs. I did get a blood test in Sept & said my levels were fine. How quick can they change? In the beginning of October I developed a red/burning tongue, red irritated spots in the roof of my mouth & some inside of cheek. I had burning tho down my throat that felt like I drank something very hot.
Avatar n tn I still have the symptoms of a slight burn when urinating at this started the next day from intercourse as well as burning in the throat and tongue. Its been five days and have been worried so i will go see my doctor.
Avatar n tn I am now on antibiotics for strep throat and it seems to not be work, which I had a throat culture with positive for strep. My oral infection is getting worse. I was tested for HIV at 6 1/2 weeks after risky sex, and it was negative. Why is my oral infection, which I believe to be thrush not responding to treatment and strep not responding to antibiotics? How reliable is my negative test result on HIV test? I am still not feeling well at times.
Avatar n tn My GP recommended B-12 and Zinc vitamins, tested me for diabetes which was negative. Regardless of regimen, no relief and burning tongue continues. Then, a month ago, recurrent headaches began along with the continuing burning tongue, the discomfort is at the base of head with pain in neck and shoulders. Headache discomfort usually comes in morning and/or evening. Relieved with ibuprofen and Xanax and/or therapeutic chiropractic massage.
Avatar f tn Because of my remote location, a trip to the ENT was very expensive and I declined to go. Eventually it did clear up and heal and go away, and I went on with my life. Fast forward to last week, I've been feeling a bit stressed and noticed my heart burn and IBS acting up a bit. I did basically nothing for it, hoping it would just go away. The post nasal drip / throat clearing and dysphagia started again a few days ago.
Avatar f tn My mouth felt a bit sore, but I thought that was from the friction, and also I was feeling a burning sensation on the tip of my tongue and also on both sides of my tongue all the way up where the wisdom teeth are. On the second day, the same feelings were persisting. The sore throat became more mild, but the tongue still feels as if it was burned and it feels very irritated and kid of feels a bit numb.
Avatar m tn Most of the pain feels like its coming from behind the tonsil, or way back of the tongue/throat, and i don´t have to be swallowing for it to hurt. Sometimes it just starts hurting, and it feels like it´s burning and stinging. Kind of the same feeling if you have an ulcer on your lip and something salty gets in it. This same sensation also occurs on the right side. I tried looking for any ulcers but because of the tonsils (like i said the pain feels like it´s behind the tonsils) i cannot see.
Avatar m tn Then put condom on and gave oral. It was 2 weeks ago and 2 days after the incident I started noticing burning and itching in the area right below where the condom ended. She didn't have visible lesions on lips. When I fingered her she did say ouch a few times. I'm deathly afraid right now. STD clinic says no herpes but I know I would NOT have this burning were it not for the encounter.
Avatar m tn After having oral sex (just oral for a short time )with a tran sexual three days ago, I sensed that my lips get dry ,one they after i got a mild burning (like mild chilli) in my mouth, mainly noticeable on my top of tongue, gradually my lips and top of the tongue get better but the middle of tongue and my throat start mildly burning .it seems that it go forward little by little !
Avatar n tn The problem is on the second day at night when i took my second dose of the day an hour later my tongue started bleeding for no reason and looked irritated. I felt as though my whole tongue was burning and it looked unusually white. And then my throat started hurting and feels clogged with mucus. I went to the ER but the doctor couldn't figure it out and didn't think it was oral thrush even though I could scrape the white stuff off.
Avatar n tn It could most probably be tonsillitis and a throat infection. Throat pain, difficulty swallowing, fever, scratchiness in the throat, post nasal drip, malaise and loss of appetite are symptoms of tonsillitis. It can be caused by bacteria like streptococcus or it could be a viral infection. Bacterial infections need antibiotics. Consult your primary care physician who will do blood tests and take a throat swab to determine the cause and prescribe appropriate medications.
Avatar f tn I continued to occasionally have a hoarse throat but three months later I started to occasionally get earaches along with my throat issues. I now continually get itchy or burning ears along with a burning/ hoarse throat. My tongue coating problems continue to occur as well , not the same yellow coating but more of a white coating. My cbc tests ordered by a physician came back fine.