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Avatar m tn Hi, well a quick background.. back in high school (this was like 12 years ago) I started getting addicted to various drugs including OTC drugs like DXM, dramamine/benadryl.. after a few years I stopped it all EXCEPT diphenhydramine. I have no explanation for why this one stuck with me, I suppose because it's so easy to get? Now when I say "extreme" long-term abuse I mean extreme. I've been through periods of 80-100 pills nightly (25 mg each) and now I limit it to 40-50-ish.
Avatar n tn i want to know whether to take interferon or not my pcr 600000 normal liver enzymes liver biopsy 4/6 plz tell me take it or not.
587279 tn?1223704355 Has anyone had long term side effects from Wellbutrin or Zyban? I have had long term neurological problems that seemed to be triggered by a reaction to wellbutrin. I was wondering if others have experienced any problems from either of these drugs. Please contact me and let me know. I am suffering from muscle wasting, muscle twitching, severe memory problems and I am 32 years old. No doctor nor specialist can figure out what is causing my decline in health.
Avatar f tn Will it be more difficult because of the long term of use? I am in pain anyway so what is the point of causing liver damage. II go for cortisone shots in my and that seems to help more than the pills. What should I expect considering my age and the years of use? Any thoughts would be welcome. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Five years of tamoxifen treatment -- with or without chemotherapy -- cuts a woman's 15-year risk of breast cancer death by about a third. The reassuring finding comes from analysis of long-term data on 21,457 women with breast cancer enrolled in clinical trials of tamoxifen.
Avatar f tn I've been on bupropion for a while now and I'm wondering if that may have any effect on my body chemistry. Anyone else on long-term medication?
Avatar m tn I also take bupropion xl and was taking olanzipine. I have stopped the olanzapine, after long term use. Coming off the olanzapine, I have had more anxiety and more emotion, and have not slept very well. After stopping olanzapine, my BP was checked and was now high again at 148/110. The doc has added on amlodipine also. I am still on the bupropion xl but now am titrating up on lamotrigine.
Avatar f tn Yup, just before I noticed PATM. I've stopped taking it because I think I damaged my gut and now these out of this world bacteria are causing this. Hopefully in time it will reheal and I can be rid of this curse.
1342640 tn?1276185528 it's an antidepressant that can be quite stimulating and isn't recommended for use where anxiety is the primary problem. Don't go there. The long-term problem with smoking is the same as the long-term problem with many meds -- they can adversely affect both the immune system and the liver. The big problem with tobacco is, it is so toxic to so many different systems in the body long-term that in susceptible people everything is weakened in resistance.
Avatar m tn This drug combined with psychotherapy saved me from suicidal depression. I remain on the drug for the long term, given the multiple episodes of depression in my medical history. While it is true that i have always had a relatively strong libido, I wonder if the drug is responsible for a radical increase in my sexual activity. Before the depressive episode, I averaged 2 sexual partners a week. During the depression, I had no sexual partners at all.
Avatar n tn I think your long term medications with anxiety of new job are making you forget lot of things. There is evidence of several neuropsychiatric symptoms associated with bupropion in patients with depression, including delusions, hallucinations, psychosis, concentration disturbance, paranoia, and confusion. In some cases, these symptoms are reduced or eliminated by decreasing the dose or ceasing treatment.
401095 tn?1351395370 As a last resort, after repeated long-term over-stimulation, the brain will shut down Dopamine receptors so that nothing can park there ever again. Think of this like the demolition team coming in and permanently barricading off the driveways. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is your brain on Drugs So now that we have a basic understanding of how things work normally, I'll try to explain how things work when meth is ingested.
1475202 tn?1536274577 Xanax is not a good choice for me since I need a medication that is designed for long-term use and is gentle for my liver to metabolize. The transplant center I go to made a strong recommendation to discontinue Xanax and switch to one of the above listed SSRI's. Upon consulting my general physician she suggested Buspar and told me it is metabolized in the kidneys only. So this would seem to be an excellent choice if it works. I see a lot of others posting negative results.
237509 tn?1189759428 Will your doctor switch you to something with a longer half life like valium and then you could get your dose down with the asssistance of you doctor.. Long term use of meds like xanax cause depression in alot of people.. 3 years would be considered long term.. Getting on a lower dose of benzo could really help you.. but going on something longer acting would help the switch..
Avatar m tn first, cyclothymia, soon after bipolar 2, and, recently (after thorough re-examination of my long-term history) bipolar 1. My medication regimen has evolved to the point now where I'm maintaining on Lamictal and Celexa, with later additions of bupropion and most recently Strattera for symptoms of ADHD that persisted.
Avatar f tn In either case, the consequences, both long and short term can be devastating and a detox program may need to be employed in order to withdrawal comfortably and safely.
Avatar m tn I REALLY messed with my seratonin levels. I was a MESS (to say the least!!). In my reading about long term affects of AD's and also learning more and more about what was actually happening to my neural pathways.....any med that affects our central nervous system "can" cause these zaps as you call them. Buspar (busiprone) affects seratonin......vistaril is considered a central nervous system depressant and zoloft, of course, majorly affects levels of seratonin.
Avatar m tn detergents and softeners and double-rinse all my laundry. I use dove sensitive skin and only use neutrogena t-gel shampoo. I do not use perfumes. I only use Goldbond Extra Strength Medicated Body Lotion. Embarrassing, but i've spent extended time nude to see if it could be a clothing reaction and this STILL happens. This mostly happens in my back, chest, sides, butt, upper thighs, upper arms, inside of my elbows and shoulders.
Avatar f tn Both have neurological dammage does anyone have these effects im just worries about the long term affect on my brain
Avatar n tn I never really liked the idea of relying on harsh medications that may alter my brain chemistry or permanent effects from long term use, not to mention the side effects and interactions so I definitely like a more natural approach with supplements and nutritional foods. However, psychologically I feel that because it is more natural, it may not be as effective or quick acting that I like with medications but in the long run it is less of a payoff.
Avatar n tn In my opinion, I feel that physicians are over medicating people. I like the response, so I understand a little. However, it is really sad that we as people look to them for help, they are the angel we go to when we need help. To know that many are "quick to medicate" is scary. We are unsure of the long term effects of this.
Avatar f tn (if ANY doctor ever tells you that you can't build up resistance from long term SSRI usage....Don't believe it for a second) I have a list of thousands of sufferers like you and I that have build to resistance to prolonged use of SSRI's) The two medications I have discovered to help with this issue are Effexor or the Tri-cyclic Nortriptilyne. These meds directly effect the Reuptake of Norephinepherine in the brain and do well to correct the headache problem.
Avatar n tn Since the active ingredient (bupropion) is the same in both name brand and generic, you should have no problem. The only time people have problems (normally) is when they are allergic to the dye (color) in the pills (inactive ingredients). Actually since this is a new generic, it may still be make by the name brand company with the wellbutrin (they do that alot to make more money).
2110259 tn?1335111572 Also be aware (I am taking one treatment in this class of medications in Phase 2 FDA study under psychiatric supervision and have had a favorable response) that there are a new class of antipsychotics in clinical study the NMDA receptor modulates that are showing to have a safer long term side effect profile and an easier to tolerate short term side effect profile (google "A New Class of Antipsychotics, Psychiatric Times").
Avatar f tn Well, I must win the trophy for long term nico gum addiction. I've been chewing the stuff, every day, for more than 15 years. I've been told I have jaw muscles of which even **** Tracy would be envious. They look like they've been pumped up with steroids. If every chew was the equivalent of a tiny foot step, I'd probably have been able to cirumnavigate the globe several times.
276730 tn?1327966546 Like all side effects of Citalopram however, sleep disturbances are temporary (It should always be remembered that in a tiny amount of cases people suffer long term effects of SSRI medication). I think it’s always best to taper slowly!
Avatar f tn ____________________________________________________ This one may sound a little silly but Aricular Therapy has been used in China for a long long time! I have not tested it but it is cheap you may want to investigate and or research it... What is Zerosmoke®? Zerosmoke® uses two biomagnets to create a precise pressure point on the outer ear. Auricular therapy, as this is called, stimulates acupuncture points in the outer ear.
544292 tn?1268886268 So happy that you found us here. When I started journaling a long time ago, I could barely find anyone to help me. Not that I am happy that there's so many of us. But you know what I mean. It is easier if you have friends. Make yourself Comfy!
Avatar m tn Gap of 10 years, plenty of gaps, no constant and long term use as it becomes useless. I have had depression since I was 10 so the dope had no causation effect at all. Why do people smoke dope? Same reason people take any other substance that changes their interaction with the world. As Mammo says, escape. But we do that in so many ways I don't see it as an issue or a problem. You see people read books, watch movies, watch TV, talk to other people all to escape their daily grind.
Avatar m tn Despite the importance of the switch phenomenon, the precise mechanisms underlying the process have yet to be elucidated. Moreover, the neurobiology and long-term clinical consequences of the switch process are still poorly understood.