Buprenorphine overdose in cats

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Avatar f tn Thank-you so much for asking after her - I will continue to update you. Apparently FOPS is very common in Burmese cats, but all Orientals are more prone than other breeds. It is a terrifying result in a dental - basically they have nerve pain which seems to be provoked by chewing. Much Love and Blessings to all of you, Opus, Jade, and anyone else battling with their pets.......And any advice would be very welcome!!!!
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi! Welcome to Part 11! There's a huge number of posts on Tramadol recovery here. Please come in and make yourself Comfy!
388261 tn?1215403444 They all relieve pain, swelling and stiffness. Sam-E: Reaches pain receptors in brain and can also work as an antidepressant. Black Haw and Cramp Bark: Antispasmotics which relieve muscle and menstrual cramping. As aromatherapy, lavender essential oil helps to calm anxiety and stress. The German Commission E recommends the use of Hops herb for discomfort due to restlessness or anxiety and sleep disturbances.
Avatar f tn Brian could possibly be in treatment in the hospital somewhere. Isn't that where most of us end up after a drug overdose? One thing for sure, if he does get to read all these posts he will realize that he has a lot of concerned friends here! J.B.
Avatar f tn We are apart whilst he goes through this and are to be reunited in a month's time. I don't understand why when this is all I want for us and he is finally showing such courage that I feel so tense, nervous as hell and so anxious about our future. I love this man with all my heart and he I, I want nothing more for our love to know a healthy context and I am so so proud of his steely grit and determination to reclaim his life.
429155 tn?1205676864 MY PERSONAL DIARY OF OXYCONTIN WITHDRAWAL. May I briefly fill in a little background.I am David aged 55 and employed as a postman/driver/sorter, well up until 38 months ago I had never been into hospital,well boy was that about to change.
Avatar n tn The paramedics asked me what drugs I had taken and when I told them I realized that I was a walking overdose. I had tramadol in my stomach, Demerol, Nyquil, and xanax. They took my straight back to the emergency room and took x-rays of my arms, chest, and skull/brain, everything appeared normal even though I have a big fall and I was in sever pain in my left arm. This is the part that gets me and I don’t understand and never will.
Avatar n tn If you got the diahrea your in mild withdrawl there is chest pain and aniety in tapering as well. Be realalistic. That other substance in there with the codiene that what is going to screw up your liver big time go to a doctor and get it checked. I hope your ok. Getting off this **** isn't a fast process at all. Your in danger go to doc it's serous bigtime 12 at once thats serious. Sorry but I'm concerned about your health so should you.