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Avatar n tn itchy bumps on outer elbows, skin-colored small bumps on sides of fingers. I visited a dermatologist who recommended anti-histamines which had some positive effect. The bumps on the sides of the fingers seem to be triggered by summer heat. But they also increase in number whenever my elbows become more effected and itchy.
Avatar f tn I have been tested at 2 clinics for all std's an were negative. I have had an a slight burning sensation( not on the penis but just under my waist line). I cant find any rash.blisters, bumps, redness or anything, but It feels different. I have read all the info on all the sites about herpes and it does say you will feel the burning,tingling,iching in the spot prior to a breakout.
Avatar m tn I think it may be linked with my frequent, masturbation and my habit of slipping my penis under my waistband when it becomes erect. I'm 15, 5'7", 140 lbs if that makes any difference.
Avatar n tn About two weeks after the incident i realized some red bumps above my penis where the elastic waistband would be. I immediately freaked and looked online, I read that first outbreak comes with a strong stomach ache, which came the next day. The bumps have now gotten worse and having little whiteheads, like small pimples. There are a few on the inside of my thighs, but none on my penis. I am extremely worried about the situation and do not want to live with this.
Avatar m tn I am a 35 year old male and about two years ago I shaved my pubic area to find small red bumps all over my pubic area. I did shave a bout three weeks prior to that and noticed prior to shaving a second time that the area was itchy. After a few days they were filled with pus white heads. The bumps are scattered and not bunched together. All the whiteheads have a circular red base as well. Some are actually dry with some dead skin on top. They are itchy, sore, and they burn.
Avatar n tn lately it seems like the ones actually in the pubic hair themsleves have just been red bumps, but the one directly under my belly button has stayed a clump of clear blisters. i dont know if they have a fluid in them or what, they dont seem to pop. i dont recall being sick or anything in that nature when these came around, they just kind of showed up and them seem to spread around the area. any help would be great. i do have an appointment with my dermatologist on aug.
Avatar n tn Ok a few days ago i noticed I started to develope some small, red bumps in my pubic hair region. Most are concentrated around where the elestic on my boxers would sit. These bumps are absolutely painless and do not itch at all. Most bumps are barley raised above the skin. I have popped i few of them and only blood comes out...no puss or fluid. I dont think there is any swelling in my groin, no tenderness or anything. There is no discharge from my penis or pain while peeing.
Avatar n tn In our case its because the dogs sometimes have a flea on them even though we have them treated and I will get bitten frequently where my husband will not. Sometime ago I was constantly itchy on my arms and waistband, under my arms etc and that was because I was washing my laundry with regular soap where for the past 8 yrs I only use the perfume and dye free kind. Which stopped right away.
Avatar m tn Hi, recently i had sex with a woman unprotected while drunk which was 5 days ago, 4 days afterwards I noticed that there were a few 'spots' in my pubic region mostly slightly below my waistband and on the inside of my thigh (none on or near the penis or scrotum) the next day the few spots because much more and started to spread onto my thigh and more under my pubic hair, they are spreading very quickly. i did also have very vigorous sex for over 2 hours 2 days before this which may be a factor.
Avatar f tn The only thing even a little suspicious is that I sometimes get small, blemish-like bumps on the back of my neck when under severe stress. Also, I was once diagnosed with shingles (over 10 years ago). But shingles is not HSV2, so...??? Adding to this confusion is that the person I was exposed to has also never had an outbreak of any kind in the "usual places.
Avatar n tn Bob fracsini is raised circular bumps 5-10 milimeters in length and would be more diffuse and not just under the underwear band I would also add that I live in a cold dry climate, I don't regularly moisterize my skin and I think that not doing this could lead to susceptibility to rashes anyways I just wanted to get your professional opinion? Do you agree with my logic here? Thanks?
Avatar m tn Thx Doc! To clarify - 5 or so years ago, my physician did do a vinegar solution and decided they were warts...but those have long since been gone after being frozen a couple times. I also got warts on other body parts often as a kid...can that be related to getting them in my pubic region or is this exclusive to an STD? I am an athlete and my "bumps" are right on the waistband of my undergarments which can at times be sweaty...if that is at all valuable info.
Avatar m tn I made myself quit poking and prodding looking for unusual bumps except for when I took showers and used corn starch to reduce normal friction and keep area dry. Each day the itch would get a little less noticeable and eventually faded after about 4 days. Never once did I develope an actual blistwr,lesion, sore or anything oozie. Now here is what has me freaked out.
Avatar m tn I have the area on my inner thigh, red dots scattered over my testicles, some near the base of my penis, and one red bump on the area under my belly button wear my waistband covers. Please let me know whether this sounds like herpes, and thank you.
Avatar m tn I also had a swollen lymph node on my neck about a month or so after this happened, but the doctor gave me an anti-biotic and it went away in like three days. So, I'm posting again because now I'm starting to get small little bumps that are extremely itchy. So far I've only had two, and they come as a single bump (not in a cluster or many a time or anything). They're there for about a day or two, and then vanish. I'm also having some pretty bad stomach pain, almost everyday that's off and on.
Avatar n tn Several months ago, my face became very red and I developed scaly patches above my mouth and under my eyes. Went to dermatologist and he said it was contact dermititis. I bought fragrance free shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, etc. Didn't work. He then told me to get "All" detergent, the clear one without perfumes, etc. I bought it but never expected anything. Rewashed my sheets with it and started using it on my clothes. Three days later, my face is totally clear!
Avatar m tn is the part of your butt that touches your back pants pockets feel a little rough yet? it will be like goose bumps and not itch there. Actually that can come earlier and you might not of noticed it. Check and let me know. 3. Do you have any anxiety?
Avatar n tn After the Head MRI, that indicated MS, that is what the DR's suspect now. So I understand that Waistband feeling! Best of luck to you!
Avatar n tn like, eing sunburnt on your face and then you sweat from exercising and it burns? that's how my entire body feels...like a burn under my skin I NEVER get actual hives ((some small bumps on my face but, that's it) I take a benedryl when I feel that coming on. I was taking a bendryl every night before bed so the histamine would wear down...the benedryl doesn't always work... I am curious if your headache goes away with in a week...
Avatar n tn A guy on the forum earlier said he had red bumps that formed blisters and then burst and EWH said it didn't sound like herpes... How can that not sound like herpes? I have to wonder whether or not he's on Valtrex's payroll.
Avatar n tn I can't tell you what you have, but I can tell you my problems. For about 10 to 11 years I have this problem of bumps showing up on my skin. They are warm to the touch, and are raised. They usually go away over night. Once in awhile half of my lip will swell 3 to 4 times norm size. My knees swell. I have even had these knots on the bottom of my foot. One of the strange ones is that my finger tip will swell. About one month ago I had surgery, and it made my body go into over drive.
Avatar n tn It also occurs while lying in bed, if I turn over to lay on either side. If my waistband touches my navel, or if I brush against it by accident, it hurts. There is no discharge or bad smell coming from my abdomen. I'm pretty sure it's not appendicitis (since I've had this for weeks now with no severe complications). However, when I try to look inside my navel (I have an innie), it appears to be swollen in the lower part of the navel.
Avatar n tn i was not overweight at the time, but am now. i would be hot while everyone is under blankets shivering cold. Now i sweat CONSTANTLY! I'm dripping sweat down the sides of my face as I type this. I sweat sitting, standing, eating, sleeping. I am only not sweating if I have air conditioning! I think its a thyroid issue, but cannot afford the lab test bc I don't have health insurance and am unemployed. I am on generic Xanax and Celexa for anxiety and depression, but that's it for medical issues.
Avatar n tn As anything else - lip sticks of glosses give me little sores on my lips and cause them to puff up and get little scabs and peel contantly - i also get dry patches under my eyes and eye lids. When I visited a doctor they told me I may have an allergy to nail polish and an ingrediant in lip glosses/balms its also happens when I were nail polish. After removing it it usually clears up within a week.
Avatar n tn There are no bumps but my skin is raised, and I don't know what it is. I thought about Lichen, but I do not see my vagina changing in that form, like the pictures that I have researched. Please Please help me figure out what other problems there might be. I have been in the same relationship all this time. Also, if you know any remedies for the itching, please send my way. I use All Free & Clear laundry detergent, and wash with warm water as I fell needed throughout the day.
Avatar n tn I was really moody and my forehead and neck developed all these little bumps. And worst of all, I was gaining weight for no reason! I felt fat and bloated, but I was eating well and exercising more than I had been in the previous 3 months. I gained 5 pounds in 6 weeks and my clothes were all tight. Which, needless to say, certainly didn't help my mood! I tried not to obsess about getting my period because I had a history of irregular periods.
369912 tn?1229653690 It was like someone was ringing a cloth out right under my left breast. I had two sharp ones and it literally knocked the breath out of me. I think it's my first experience with acid reflux. (I drank a glass of o.j. today which I never drink). Anyways, if I didn't know better I would have almost thought I was having a heart attack. I never realised how bothersome acid reflux/heartburn could be. So sorry to all you BFP'ers who might be experiencing it.