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Avatar m tn but it is so bad on me and in me in my nipples vagina and inside my body under my skin i can see a clump under my skin move about as i blow dry hot heat on my body. it sickens me my daughter moved out. I have a micro scope now and i have shown my roommate the bugs larvea and she knows now i am telling the truth. Tomorrow i see my doctor and i hope like hell he can help me. This has been going on since August and both my littledogs are so itchy and sick and i feel so bad for them.
Avatar n tn Two weeks ago I noticed a hardening behind the ears, the left one is the size of a quarter. Also, I have little bumps under my chin and a large long one across my jaw on the right. They are getting hard and are not just swelling as the Doctor and her staff suggest, they say it will go away. I am very concerned about scar tissue forming. The large bump behind the left ear is actually pulling the skin and tightening it to the point it is wrinkling into the tissue.
Avatar f tn It has been 6 months, and I do not have a hernia. Those bumps you feel are more than likely the an muscle that has been torn.
Avatar n tn I've had tiny, tiny bumps on my forehead since childhood (I am now in my twenties). The bumps are skin colored, giving my forehead the look of shiny sandpaper (although the bumps are fewer and further between).
1570562 tn?1451575233 Yesterday I began to develop a full-on rash over much of my torso. It's well and clear of the surgical site and runs above the adhesive reaction up under my breasts and down my sides. It covers all of the skin in this area, and the skin is bright pink and very itchy. There are bumps but they aren't visible. I'm not supposed to see the gynecologist who performed the surgery for another 5 weeks or so, but I need to see my GP sooner to get a renewal on my birth control.
Avatar n tn I had a laparoscopy 3 weeks ago and about 4 days later I developed a rash around my belly button & hairline incisions and a day later where my catheter had been. After this, at a rapid pace...the rash turned to blisters (somewhat painful & very itchy) with honey colored fluid that began to ooze. My doctor said had an allergic reaction (probably to the Steristrips) that had developed into a form of Staph Infection called Impetigo and gave me antibiotic cream.
Avatar n tn A rash developed on my right side underneath the horizontal scar around the time the small part of the incisions would not heal. It really isn't so much of a rash as it is 6 distinct pimple like spots. My general surgeon has looked at it and believes it is a reaction to the tape used to keep the gauze in place. Problem is that I have not used tape in 2 weeks now and I still have the "rash.
4356842 tn?1353315809 The nurse told me there was probably blood under the skin and she apply pressure which was painful as all hell. From what my family tells me my problem area was really close to the natural pathway so they had to freeze it. With freezing there is a 7-8% chance my svt can come back. I can live with that. I was told not to take my digoxin today and I actually feel pretty great. I have no chest pains, I do have to stay the night but I should be going home in the morning between 8-9.
1294845 tn?1296517826 One of my incisions is still not healed, in fact, today it started bleeeding again and is red around the edges with flattish bumps of redness around it - but it is slowly closing up and I'm taking it to mean that it was the deepest incision and therefore taking the longest to heal. If you haven't had a fever, felt sick or anything else maybe it's not an infection...but then, what do I know - maybe I've had an infection all along, too!
Avatar n tn the next day (the surgeon's office said I would have to come to their office ((a much farther ride WITH BUMPS)), and there was no guarantee the Dr. would still be there. Way to show compassion, Doc! ) I wish I had known about the possible pancreatitis and bile leakage possibilities that I've read of here! They pumped me full of Dilaudid (3 separate times), and it did not alleviate my pain! I've had to resort to morphine; which I loathe.
Avatar f tn I had a lot on my stomach, but it's normal. As are lumps and bumps; there are stitches under the skin that will inflame and cause some swelling. I called my doc's nurse a few times and was reassured each time. I felt bad calling but they understand and if it saves you a trip to the ER then terrific!! I can't help you on the bleeding part. I had a D&C and ablation so I had something similar to a period for about a week after. I don't know what might be related to ovarian or cyst removal.
Avatar f tn 2007 and the area where they cut in, under my right arm, itches so much that I scratch all night long. The area has a scar and it itches from 1 to 3 days unrelentently. I thought wearing a bra that was too snug caused the itch, but then I took off bra and it still itched. I have used topical anti itch creams as well as antibiotics. Since 2007, this has happened about 5 times, all horribly painful. I would like to know what this is so that I can prevent it or treat it upon onset.
Avatar n tn I'm way impatient, but it's a week and a half after surgery and incisions seem to look worse than when I was released from the hospital. Especially that lump over one of my midline incisions, which protrudes so much over the incision that it looks like a second belly button. Given its odd shape and size, I'm hoping it's not a hernia or something. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks in advance for any responses or suggestions.
Avatar n tn and had a ct scan and he told me it was a collection of fluid and blood where my inner incisions had came loose and it would resolve on its own. well, that was friday, i went home[in pain all weekend]by wednesday,i decided to go to ER.i just couldnt take it anymore, So i stood up and my lower abdomen busted open.Luckily my father was at my home and he called an ambulance.pus,liquid like gel came pouring out of me.Now i have to daily cleanse this 6 by 6 area myself .
Avatar f tn She went into surgery for about 45 mins, came out, went home and that was the end of it. Both my sisters now have breast tissue under their underarms and both hate the way it looks. They both had it checked out and the doc told them it was harmless. One sister though has been complaining that it hurts her when she is close to getting her AF so shes going back to the doc to possibly have it removed.
Avatar n tn yesterday to have her check it out, and she said it was a Sebaceous Cyst that had ruptured under the skin. It sounds a lot worse than it really is, when it ruptures it just speads out and flattens so that it's not a huge bulging bump like it was before it ruptured. It can be caused by an ingrown hair, a clogged gland, or bacteria that gets into the skin after shaving with a razor. She told me to put a warm washcloth on it once or twice a day and it should go away in a couple of weeks.
Avatar m tn As with traditional cardiac ablations, the Stereotaxis technique involves inserting catheters — narrow, flexible tubes — into a blood vessel, often through the patient's groin or neck, and threading them through the vein until they reach the heart. There are no surgical incisions, and the patient is under general anesthesia.
Avatar n tn 8 months ago I had surgery to remove cysts under my arms and disolving stitches were used and I ended up with an infection. 3 months later I had a hysterectomy and both stitches and staples were used. 4 days later I had a severe infection. All was removed. My question is; I currently am breaking out with hives, I swell and get itchy throughout my body. My GP thinks I could be allergic to the dissoving stitches.
Avatar n tn I understand what you mean about the pain when lying flat, my pain was relieved by my painkillers but I also found that putting a pillow under my legs (to raise them a little) when i was lying flat helped reduce the pain. I am now almost 6 weeks post op and I still feel a little pain when Im lying on my side but its so much better than it was. You mention sharp pains, down both hips and particularly your left side (where the work was done).
Avatar f tn If you have astigmatism it may be correctable during your cataract surgery with either limbal relaxing incisions or a toric IOL. That would give you better vision even without additional astigmatism correction from eyeglasses. If you choose a monofocal IOL, you will have to decide which distance you want the IOL optimized for.
Avatar f tn I know that sounds funny but I used to have little bumps and what looked like scarring and I was told was just reaction to dust and dryness. That seems to be gone. Just wondered if you had any comment on vision change with steroid. 2) My external incisions are almost healed over, and like I said I have no pain, but I do have quite a firm lump above and to the right of my belly button.
1397648 tn?1288146526 I also, being a single guy, developed a crush on my nurse in the OR, but I'll save that story for my buddys. I have 10 incisions on my body, under my arms across my chest and 2 drain holes below my ribs. Small ones 1/2 inch long. Another concern I had was the whole BM issue, but I can report this morning I'm happy in that area. I am on several meds for the shorterm.
Avatar n tn i had my skin tags removed 2 weeks ago there were 3 of them and they also removed a hemorrhoid too, i had mine done under general anesthetic which i found better because i didnt know what was going on, i dont have any pain now apart from when i empty my bowls, i am so glad i had it done as my main problem before was hygiene, my problem started 4 years ago after child birth and im lucky they removed them because they dont normaly let you have them removed as they are classed as a cosmetic and not
Avatar n tn most of time she suffered from hernia of navel. last year she had gone under surgery of intistine.after that she has suffered pointed pain in navel which is unbearable.can u help me to know exact reason of this type of suffering.
Avatar f tn My coworker had constipation before her GB was taken out and pain under the left shoulder blade, stools were loose and nauseous. So not sure if it's your GB, but wait until the endo and colonoscopy...should shed some light on what's going on. There are so many things that can go haywire with our digestive systems and let's not panic!!!! Good luck with all of your tests; did you say that yours are on the 19Th as well?
Avatar n tn The only way that a person could be diagnosed of having endometriosis is through undergoing laparoscopy. I recently underwent both- laparoscopy and hysteroscopy under general anesthesia. That surgery usually makes 3 incisions on your abdomen: 1 on your bellybutton; 2&3 on your lower abdomen. Through these, they will insert a small camera to see if you have endometriosis and find out what stage your endo is. Afterwards, they will "scrape" or burn where your endo is located at.
Avatar f tn Hoping I can drive soon. Sleep with a roll-shape pillow under your neck and lie on your back and tuck a pillow under your knees. Ice packs help with the soreness/pain in the back of my neck. Massage also helps. I am hoping for successful fusion and they will be giving me a bone stimulator this week. I wish all of you well...keep the faith and find the best surgeons. Ask me anything you like and I'll keep you posted.
Avatar n tn I was OK though when the time actually came and they wheeled me into the cath lab. My ablation was done under a general anesthetic, so I just went to sleep, woke up and it was done. The biggest inconvenience was having a catheter for the day I was in the hospital being monitored and waiting for entry sites to heal. I felt fine, very minimal discomfort, and was released the next day. For about six weeks, I had some sensation in my chest--likely from the healing that was taking place.
Avatar f tn So, at least I had the chance to somewhat recover from the surgery. Congratulations on your 1st grandchild. I have five under the age of five. So I hope you find the source of the pain. What a shame that you are dealing with this at this very important time in your life.
Avatar f tn Please feel free to be wound up... Ive been wound up over this for a few years. Yes, this doctor turned out to be about the slimiest person I have ever dealt with. (You know the old saying, someone had to graduate at the bottom of their medical school) I fell for his sales pitch in him telling me everything I wanted to hear.