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Avatar f tn they started out just in my pubic region. now they are behind my ears under my arms under and on my breast as well as my pubic region. my gyn told me to see a dermatologist and i am going to do so after the first of the year but does anyone know what they might be or how to get some relief from them? i have been dealing with them now for almost 15 years and i am tired of being in pain and tired of not being able to wear pretty clothes bras panties or anything like that because of them.
Avatar m tn I just recently had Major surgery to remove a large abdominal mass. I'm not sure how they closed the beneath incision, with staples or stitches but yesterday I am positive I felt what "felt" like a staple under the skin just to the right on my top abdominal incision. Now I have had 13 abdominal surgeries and never had any problems until this surgery. Can anyone help me or maybe give me any ideas as to what it may be.
Avatar f tn I was dx in June 2013 and Dr oro done surgery Sept 24 2013. It has been a blessing. But now 5 months post op I have a lump, bump, knot, whatever under incision. I went to er and they said soft tissue swelling. (I recently moved to Iowa and haven't found dr here yet.) Now I did pull my left neck muscle the big one from chin to sternum like 1 or 2 months post op idk how just weak I guess. And yeah I think I reinjured it again too bc its flared up and that when swelling started but....
Avatar n tn My healing was horrible. still I am sore and my incision healed with bumps and over excess grow of tissue. I was horrified because i was told it would heal just fine with very little noticed of scaring. when i look at the area of my lower abdomen it is very depressing. yet and even still presently i still have pain in the area and now in my lower back. i still have one ovary left in side of me and now im worry if its causing me to have pain.
Avatar n tn I've noticed over the past month that the skin on the back of my ankle, behind my incision, has turned a greyish color and it has tiny, scaly bumps all over it. It doesn't itch or hurt. At first I thought it was just dry skin, but it doesn't change when I put lotion and cream on it. Is this something I should see my podiatrist or dermatologist about? Thank you for any help and advise.
455126 tn?1212435798 The area is *slightly* raised under the incision (internal stitches, I assume), but there are no more hard bumps. I suppose it is healing.
Avatar f tn my daughter contiunes to get these bumps on her leg... starts as a bump but a few of the recently have become really big. when she pops them A TON of nasty stuff comes out.. it leave a hole, and bruises... i am really starting to worry. can you give me some guideance as to what it may be? thanks !!
Avatar f tn But I have tons of recurring cysts all over my body. The heaviest concentrations are my in armpits, under the breasts and in my groin area. I'm pretty sure scabies, yeast infections, and other common skin problems can be ruled out.. I've looked at pictures all over and none really match what I have. Oh, I should probably describe how they look, yes? Okay, well, the acne appears to be mostly under the left breast. The right has a little bit of acne and cysts.. But under my left breast..
Avatar f tn I have 5 pea size very sore bumps under my arm. Last night it was 2 and today it's 5 what could it be?
Avatar m tn I also noticed that in I have what looks like vericose veins right under the bumps. Could this be caused by the vericose veins. There are also other bumps that are not close to any veins. They don't look like warts given that warts cannot be popped. What could this be it is driving me crazy?
Avatar m tn Also I dont know if this is realated to this but on the other side of my labia there are smal (about the size of a half of grain of rice) bumps under the skin. They are not irritated and they do not hurt. Could this be herpes? I recently got blood work done just to get checked for everything and the doctor said all i had was a vitamin D deficiency..lol. Is it possible when my blood work was done they didn't check for herpes.
Avatar n tn Definitely you should have that incision checked! I had trouble with weeping, imcomplete closure, and bumps/knots as well. Silver nitrate sealed the wound and speeded healing nicely in my case. However, only a physician can judge whether that would be an appropriate course of action for YOU. Let us know how things go tomorrow after you've seen the doc.
Avatar m tn Please help me. I've been getting bumps or pimples in my Pubic hair since I was in 5th grade. After all these years I'm still afraid or embarrassed to show a doctor. Recently on the side of my left leg between my pubic area and leg there is a big thick lump right there. It went away and then came back. And now it's painful. It won't pop like the others in my actual pubic hair. I have pics. Please help.
Avatar n tn He is 42 years old, and has always had these lumps-and I belive he may have only around 8-10 around his body, not as many as you do, but they don't really bother him unless they are in spots that cause pain. Therefore, the bad part of this, is that they can apparently be 'under the skin" and therefore an MRI and other medical tests have to be done to see what really is going on...all this money spent to diagnose a fat lump!
1454019 tn?1342213712 I still have a cough and now have developed the red, very itchy, large bumps (like boils) under both arms. I had yeast infection after taken the antibiotics (which I really hate to take) so I got some suppositories and cream for that. Cleared up in two days then the bumps came. I really believe that the antibiotics have upset the chemical structure of my body and this is one of the results.
Avatar n tn I recently discovered extremely sore red bumps on my vagina, they are now becoming pimple like. I don't consider them to be blisters but I'm not sure if some types of herpes look like pimples more than blisters. I'm really freaking out about this and am hoping that someone could tell me if it's something else. I am getting tested Friday but it would really put me at ease if someone could tell me what it could be. The only symptoms I have are extremely sore pimple like bumps.
Avatar m tn As well now the blister in my public hair has gotten itchy and there are cyst like bumps under the skin of my public hair. I have swollen glands as well. I AM SO CONFUSED AS TO WHAT IS GOING ON. I booked a Doctors appointment, but I won't be able to go for another couple weeks. If anyone has ever had some similar experience or any insights I'd really appreciate some feedback. I'm getting a little concerned.
Avatar f tn but anyway didnt even have sex with the girl but about a week or 2 later i noticed alota bumps around my shaft that were about the size of a tip of a pen maybe a little smaller most are under the skin and are very hard they move with the skin and noticed hair attached to most of them they also dont itch or hurt in anyway they wont pop or discharge any fluid either. is this normal? i herad shaveing there could cause sebaceous glands or penile papules?
Avatar n tn Since then I have been pretty healthy until recently. About 8 weeks ago I started getting these severe pains in my right side under my rib cage. When I take a deep breath it is like someone is stabbing me. I have no fever and this pain is re-occuring. Some days I am fine, others I can't move. I have been to the emergency room twice. The first time they told me my liver enzymes were real high but there was no sign of pancreatits and they sent me home with pain killers.
Avatar n tn They are on top of the skin and ususally there is a hard mass under the surface. like the other person the bumps would bleed on to my under garments and create a scab and when I went to pull my under gaments down it would be so painful to remove them because it was ripping the new forming scab. some times they are in the crease of my vagina and my inner thigh. I notice that in some places where the bump goes away hair will not grow.
168348 tn?1379360675 Yesterday I had a surgery to remove one of these bumps. My surgeon did it under anesthesia, but without putting tube in my throat. I slept and did not feel anything. I have 3 of them, but my surgeon (the same guy who did my TT) said that would remove only the biggest one on my left tight. So he did it yesterday…and now I have to wait for pathalogy report. I still have 2 more. I hope this is some kind of lipomas.. But they are very hard to touch.. I just have to wait and see.
Avatar f tn Hi ! Thanks for your help and information. My incision opened the first time on day 8 postop. I had stitches in and it broke through vivathose...I had green/yellow discharge from the incision. The surgeon thought it was probably more MRSA infection. It eventually healed then I noticed the skin of the incision was black/dark blue. This was about 4-6 weeks postop. At this time the incision opened again and bleed a lot. The drainage was green/yellow/bloody.
Avatar f tn I know the pacemaker is flat but this it like little bumps which is I guess part of the pacemaker and when I raise my arm it protrudes and you can feel the bumps. It itches also there and also at my incision which is not red. Is this all normal??
Avatar f tn This is occurring mostly under the surgical tape, which the doctor replaced after a failed attempt to aspirate a hematoma, but it also occurs where she left the incision uncovered. I also noticed tiny bumps, like blisters or a heat rash around the exposed incision, as I was looking at the incision and tape checking for drainage or reasons for the agravating itching. I hope that is normal too.
Avatar n tn However, the intensity of the itch made me curious to look at my incision. To my surprise, I noticed these little bumps filled with clear fluid. Carefully, I pressed ontop of it and noticed that it popped. I began to unravel the top part of the incision to find that the area surrounding it was covered in these tiny itchy blisters. In addition, I noticed that it only appears around the incision and no were else. Particularly under those little tapes they put over the wound.
198187 tn?1190637930 How big is the ball? Don't like the sounds of that. It is probably just fluid accumulating under the incision but your body should deal with it and disperse it. Even if the rash is better by morning, see the doctor about this swelling under the incision just to be sure - especially if it increases in size. I've gotta go now and I'm not sure if I'll be back until sometime tomorrow but if that ball gets a lot bigger tonight either call your doctor at home or go to ER.
Avatar f tn I have about 8 lumps in my vulva area witch were all under the skin, I've tried to pop them as I was hoping they are just pimples. I've poped a few and some puss and blood comes out, I have had a warm bath witch it hoped would help. I have one witch is very painful on the top of my vagina lip, it hurts to wear underwear. I need some advice. I'm 19, & have been sleeping with my partner for 9 months. I've been reading up a lot about it, my doctor hasn't been open.
Avatar n tn A common concern of women are bumps that they discover on the vulva. Before you panic, know that there are a several causes of bumps or pimples on the female genitalia and most of them are NOT contagious, NOT life threatening, and NOT STDs. Here's what you need to know: Cysts are common and can occur anywhere on the body. In the vulva (the area near the vagina) they often arise from a blocked skin gland. They often look like pimples or lumps under the skin.
Avatar f tn A common concern of women are bumps that they discover on the vulva or around the vaginal area. Before you panic, know that there are a several causes of bumps or pimples on the female genitalia and most of them are NOT contagious, NOT life threatening, and NOT STDs. Here's what you need to know: Cysts are common and can occur anywhere on the body. In the vulva (the area near the vagina) they often arise from a blocked skin gland. They often look like pimples or lumps under the skin.