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Avatar m tn About a month ago I noticed really small bumps under my pubic hair. I didn't really pay attention to them because it looked like hair was growing from them. Today I went to the restroom and I noticed they spread on to my penis all along the side and top not really along the bottom.
Avatar n tn I have been getting bumps under my arm every time i shave. The bumps are under the skin and hurt when i touch them or move my arm in a certain way they are a litlle smaller then a pea. I've tried to change the razor and change my deoderant, but still everytime i shave one appears and usually disappears in a week. What could this be?
Avatar n tn the hair folicles can get infected when you pull them out. sometimes the new hair can also get trapped under the skin and it will get real big and red and sometimes have some pus from the irriation. I have had it leave scars from where they have gotten stuck after waxing.
Avatar n tn I don't know if this is a skin problem or a hair problem. I have red bumps under my armpit. They do not have a white top. They do not secreat anything. They do itch. I think it is due to shaving. Even though I use a shaving cream and have used soap. This just started happening about a month ago that they stayed instead of just going away. Meaning I know what razor burn is and this is what it looks like. However, they are not going away.
Avatar n tn There is a bump under my vaginal, kind of between the anus and the vagina. But closer to the vagina. It doesnt itch, but it's just there and it's annoying? I cant tell if its an ingrown hair or something else.
Avatar n tn I have a bunch of tiny bumps under my knees. They're not red, don't hurt or anything, they're just there. Some of them have hair through them, but most of them don't. What are they and how can I get rid of them?
Avatar n tn My son has bumps under his left armpit. Do you have any idea what this could be? He's had them for about 4 months. They looked like they were going away. But now they look like they are coming back. And, he said that one of the bumps hurt. When he went in for his physical in September we asked the doctor to take a look and she said it was some sort of virus, and that it would go away on its own.
Avatar m tn i have small pimple-looking bumps under my breast. they are everywhere. i can squeeze them and it's almost like a harder white thing comes out of them... or a tiny little hair! most of the time i don't squeeze them at all. i can just grab it with tweezers and pull it out. what are these things?!?! (sorry if this was toally gross!
Avatar n tn i am 21 years old i was sextually active at 19 but i have 5 close in proximity bumps on the under shaft of my penis but directly under my penis head they look like puss bumbs like when u squeeze ya skin and puss comes out i have had them since i was 15 which means they can be from sex all i did back then was jack of to adult porn lol which could be the result of all that pressure lol just a penis joke but i thought maybe it was a build up of pre come in advertanly pressure throught my skin from
Avatar m tn I am a 20 year old football player in college, ive been dating this girl for 7 months now and i started noticing a few white bumps under my penis they dont itch or hurt and are only really visible when i stretch my penis out. should i be worried about herpes or any STD?
Avatar f tn I also shave my under arms with the same razor I use to shave down below and now these bumps seem to be under my arm from time to time. I don't think it's irritated hairs because the bumps don't seem to be coming from the hairs. I'm just paranoid right?
Avatar f tn I have had bumps under my arms for a few months now. I don't have health insurance and cannot afford to see a doctor. The bumps started under one arm and eventually spread to the other. They are red, tender and vary in size. Some have whiteheads like a pimple, but they do not feel or act like zits. The white is deeper, farther under the skin. Some have spread back to where my arm and back meet, and down to where my bra sits.
Avatar n tn Hello, I'm 17 years old. And I have been receiving bumps under my armpits for a very long time. And the pain varies on how big the bump is. If its a big one then it hurts when move my arm up and down. When its small its doesn't really hurt that much. But anytime I get one I squeeze them with two fingers and sometimes blood, puss, or a substance that looks like water, or even blood mixes with water.
Avatar n tn hello, I have had these little bumps under the skin on both armpits for years now... I had my dr. feel them about a year and half ago and he said they are lymph nodes that became that way from me shaving (I do shave quite a bit, and am not known to switch razors when supposed to). anyways, he said that they would go away when I laid off shaving, but I haven't so they haven't really done much either. They are very small, probably a pin head size or slightly bigger. not a pea size for sure.
Avatar n tn I have one breast bigger than the other. I have small bumps on my vagina where the hair grows. Sometimes the bumps hurt when I try to squeeze it. I am asking you ladies for your answers. I am not sexually active. I had both of these since I was 12. What should I do.
Avatar n tn I have these bumps that look like boils that appear in my gential hair area and its something that my family say that they have problems with that occassionally. but on last year i started having sex and these bumps appear often on my gential hair area but not that much. i have been to the doctor for medicine about these bumps and they have disappeared but reoccurred. what could this be? sometimes they feel like under the skin or have a head on them that burst of pus?
Avatar f tn they started out just in my pubic region. now they are behind my ears under my arms under and on my breast as well as my pubic region. my gyn told me to see a dermatologist and i am going to do so after the first of the year but does anyone know what they might be or how to get some relief from them? i have been dealing with them now for almost 15 years and i am tired of being in pain and tired of not being able to wear pretty clothes bras panties or anything like that because of them.
Avatar f tn Hello from the UK! I have a problem with red sore bumps under my armpits and groin area which keeps appearing. Its sometimes very sore and tender to touch. Could you please tell me what this is as i feel to ashamed to go to my GP. I also recently started getting them on my legs.
Avatar m tn I've had maybe 4 or 5 pimple like bumps in my pubic hair over the course of around 6 years. I always dismissed them as ingrown hairs because I used to trim the hair around there. And for the most part they generally looked like ingrown hairs. But since coming out of a long term relationship and recently having had unprotected sex, I've been rethinking my sexual history thoroughly, and the can remember that one of them was more severe than the others.