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Avatar f tn The area under my chin is no longer sore and I don't feel any bumps, lymph nodes, or hard areas. The skin in this area feels very puffy, but I am able to press into it with my fingers. It pretty much looks exactly like a double chin. I had never had this "pouch" before and I am a very thin person with an otherwise thin face so I really don't know what would be causing this. It is only visible from my side profile.
Avatar n tn I have recently had the bumps come up on my chin. They are the same color as my skin u can not tell unless you are up close or I wear a concealer. They are red when irritated. Sometimes they can be itchy but usually the area is dry. These bumps can not be popped nothing comes out and you just damage the skin I have found that there is a temporary way to remove them is to take a needle and scrape them off but it bleeds and you have the scab but I hide it with make up.
Avatar n tn Hi. I've had what I'll describe as small, uncolored bumps on my chin for about 2 years. Recently they are appearing around the base of my nose, the bridge of my nose, and by my temples. My GP refered me to a dermatologist who thought they looked like "tumors" of some sort. He did a biopsy and afterwards said that they were what I understood to be pockets of oil under the skin. He put me on Retin-A Micro for about 6 weeks, which did nothing.
Avatar n tn For the last year my pores have enlarged and I have many white bumps under the skin on my right side of my face around the chin, jaw and top of the cheek bone down to the jaw with a few a couple in the middle of my right cheek. They arent hard bumps and most if squeezed while produce a white string substance and it never goes away. I wash my face morninng & night and have tried every type of face wash hoping to find my cure. Can you please tell me what this is and how do I get rid of them.
704871 tn?1228707067 They are white pimples that occur mostly on the upper cheeks, nose and chin. The best way to prevent milia is to avoid treating your skin with excessively harsh chemicals and to limit sun exposure.Also use good quality cosmetics and exfoliate your skin regularly.If still the symptoms persist then chemical peeling or laser removal can be done. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted in case you have any additional queries.Kind regards.
Avatar n tn I have hundreds of little white bumps under my eyes. What are they? Where do they come from? How can I get rid of them?
Avatar m tn I have some sort of infection in my chin, under my skin. My chin is swollen and there is a large, hard knott that I can feel . There is no visible pimple or in grown hair ..... im not sure what it is. It is sensitive to the touch. Not sure what it is and what I can do ?
Avatar m tn I am 60 years of age and have an under skin pimple I guess on my chin how do I treat it or prevent them this is the 3 one this year
Avatar m tn I've have dry flaky skin under my beard and eyebrows pretty much all the the time. I apply moisterizer after my showers and in the mornings before work...to no effect. It doesnt itch or burn...just flaky and embarrasing because i look like i've been eating glazed donuts or soemthing. I drink plenty of water daily and i take multivitamins as well. not sure why i mention that but if that informations helps. Is there any suggestions as to what i can to do solve this problem?
Avatar f tn Is anyone skin breaking out? I'm getting bumps & they itch real bad. What does that mean?
Avatar f tn Also, cold sores typically appear outside the mouth – usually, under the nose, around the lips, or under the chin. Please keep the area clean and apply some topical antiseptics. Also wear loose-fitting cotton clothing and use an antibacterial soap or mild soap like dove. Avoid any kind of cosmetics. Topical antibiotics such as mupirocin or neomycin containing ointment are also useful. In case the symptoms persist then oral antibiotics may be needed. Please consult a dermatologist in that case.
Avatar n tn Hello. I have white bumps that really look like chicken skin on the inside corners, below my eyes, and just by my nose under each eye. They are in the sort of loose fleshy part. I use oil to remove my eye makeup and am wondering if this might be clogged pores like millia and how I might get rid of them because they are getting more and more with each year. Thank you.
Avatar m tn I have been getting these red painful bumps under my beard on my chin after my beard starts to get a little bit thick - at first i thought i needed to clean face better so i started washing several times a day but the bumps still appear every time in about the same place but if i am clean shaving then my skin is all clear - can anyone help with --- thx
Avatar n tn Hi, I have developed, just today three areas on my chin, they started as bumps that I thought were pimples but then the itched and now they have several small dots where the blister has popped. Hard to explain. They are all on the right side under my lips on chin. I got sunburned the other day and that area was burned pretty well, I am peeling n some places but these sores seem really strange and are bothersome. Please help.
Avatar n tn Do not squeeze spots. This seldom improves their appearance and will spread the bacteria under the skin leading to more spots. It can also cause a secondary infection and even permanent scarring. Eloise.
Avatar n tn http://www.askmehelpdesk.com/skin-care/what-these-bumps-under-around-eyes-how-do-get-rid-them-milia-226858.html can anyone tell me how to get rid of these things? they have recently started showing up and i dont know why. I have rather light skin and live in cold weather and havent seen much sun lately so would that have anything to do with it? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!
Avatar f tn I have little bumps under my eyes. Dr said if he remove them it will leave scar under my eyes. what to do?
Avatar m tn Hi, I suddenly got a chin rash or something that started out with little bumps that itched on the left, then it moved to the right and has now spread to just under my nose. It's been like that for a month or so. They are no longer itchy and are a minor irritation, but a couple of people at work suddenly got it too... I'm worried it will spread to my entire face. I don't usually have a lot of acne problems, so I think my skin might've gotten infected somehow... possibly the phone at work.
Avatar n tn I have a rather large sore that appears under the skin on my chin. This seems to appear usually when I am under stress. After the first couple days it breaks through the surface. This mass is about 3/4 in by 1 in. It usually takes about two weeks to heal. I use Gold Bond antibiotic cream several times a day. What is this sore called, and what can be done to avoid another outbreak? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/239783'>Facial bumps</a>.
Avatar n tn I have read that acne does not itch like this, there are no pimples under my skin to itch. I have also tried hydrocortisone thinking it was just a sore. Reduces pinkness a little but no cure. It’s not dry and no bumps. When I sleep I make sure my chin does not touch the pillow, and I don’t rub it or have anything that ever comes in contact with it. There seems to be almost no facial hair in this spot. I have also ruled out shaving irritation.
Avatar f tn After about a month I saw a dermatologist who gave me desonide ointment, it makes the bumps disappear and my skin to smooth but the redness persists and as soon as I stop it flares right back up (getting worse over time). He cultured it at the time and was only able to tell me that it wasn't fungal. After a month I saw him again, I quit the desonide for a 1.5 days so the rash would flare and be good and nasty and he cultured it for herpes this time, culture came back negative.
Avatar n tn I have tiny white bumps under both my eyes (in the same region where you would get bags under your eyes). What is this and could I do anything to get rid of them?
Avatar n tn major flare up of burning on chin and neck. Dermatologist gave pramasone and larger cortisone injection, this time in hip. (Then went out of town for holiday!!). Today: Burning continues on chin and neck, some redness, a couple of very small red bumps along hair line on bottom of neck. I decided to see my GP and he thought it might be a fungal infection. Prescribed Lamisil for 30 days and told to stop creams. Now at 6th day, some slight improvement, but still have some burning on neck.
Avatar m tn in which case a mix of blood and oil will come out only to eventually seal up and become pressurized again, usually with blood being visibly trapped under the skin. It honestly feels like there's half an extremely pressurized pea embedded under my skin when I get one of these things. They only show up on the very front of my chin, either below the corners of my lip or towards the bottom on either side of the cleft (never in the middle).
Avatar n tn For the past few weeks, I have started to notice small white bumps on my chin. There are several and appear to have puss in them, however they are difficult to pop and when I do, there just seems to be more of them the next day. I have been exfoliating and have been using the same products.
Avatar f tn Milia are white pimples that occur mostly on the upper cheeks, nose and chin. The best way to prevent milia is to avoid treating your skin with excessively harsh chemicals and to limit sun exposure.Also use good quality cosmetics and exfoliate your skin regularly. If still the symptoms persist then please get them evaluated from a dermatologist.
Avatar f tn These are not raised bumps above the skin but under looking more like tiny glands under the skin but its' appearance is dramatized above the surface with makeup. I've looked everywhere online for similar pictures and symptoms but didn't find any. I have fairly medium skin and can get really dark in the summer, so it's not due to fair skin. What has caused this, what IS IT and what can I do about it??? I've read about laser treatment for a variety of vague undereye problems. any home remedies?