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Avatar n tn My son has bumps under his left armpit. Do you have any idea what this could be? He's had them for about 4 months. They looked like they were going away. But now they look like they are coming back. And, he said that one of the bumps hurt. When he went in for his physical in September we asked the doctor to take a look and she said it was some sort of virus, and that it would go away on its own.
Avatar n tn i have this problem !! plz help me.. i have a big armpit under my arm and it gives me lot of pain.. this hapeende to me more then once.. idotn know why.. and when the pus come out then the dark circles of the armpit doesnt go away ..plz help me.. its a very big armpit.. and i clean my underarm nicely but still so plz help me..
Avatar f tn I woke up yesterday and noticed pain under my right armpit. I felt my armpit and found hard bumps or lumps and they are pea-sized and painful to the touch. There is about 10 under the right armpit. The skin is slightly red and I also have them under my left armpit, but only about 5 of them. They are painful to the touch as well and slightly itchy. The pain feels prickly and tender and it hurts more when I move my arm.
Avatar n tn about a week ago I had 2 small pea size bumps under the the right armpit no pain. I tried to pop them thinking they were pimples but they are deep in the tissue. ( no pussing). 2 days ago I woke up with a large lump under my left armpit which is very painful. What should I do? I'm very scared...Could this be Cancer???? I had Ovarian Cancer 18 years ago.
Avatar f tn I developed an itchy rash under one armpit a couple weeks ago. I started putting a steroid cream on it and it made the itching stop only when I use it (it itches again when I stop) but the rash/red bumps seem to be spreading. Does anyone know what this could be? Has anyone else had this happen?
Avatar n tn But, yesterday morning I found out this two bumps under my right armpits only exactly at 14 weeks after exposure. I was freaked. I went to doctor today and he told me that one is pimple and other is staph (something in that nature), he told me that people are getting it everywhere, it's a skin disease. I asked him whether it's lymph node and he said it's not. He said that lymph node would be pea sized, the staph lump was bean sized.
Avatar f tn My 9 year old daughter has had these bumps under her arm but not in her armpit area. They go up her arm( underneath) to under her breast and down her side. She said they don't hurt and they don't itch. There is one bump not that has a lump under it that is about the size of a lima bean maybe a little smaller. When i touch it, it does move around a little bit and she said that it doesnt hurt when i move it. She had them before and they went away but now they came back and its more then before.
Avatar n tn hello, I have had these little bumps under the skin on both armpits for years now... I had my dr. feel them about a year and half ago and he said they are lymph nodes that became that way from me shaving (I do shave quite a bit, and am not known to switch razors when supposed to). anyways, he said that they would go away when I laid off shaving, but I haven't so they haven't really done much either. They are very small, probably a pin head size or slightly bigger. not a pea size for sure.
Avatar m tn Ive had this rash under my armpit since july 2010. At first i thought it was heat bumps but i know they will go away in a day or so. Its reddish pinkish with little bumps and it itches when its dried. Ive used hydrocortizone and cortaid cream they clear it up as long as i use them but when it runs out or either i stop using it it comes right back and it will stink not like armpit musty stink but worse. COuld someone please tell me what this is its getting on my nerves?
Avatar n tn how long has it been hurting under your arm? is it central armpit? because breast pain isnt normally in ur armpit because the lymph nodes are usually only on the edge of the armpit and if it was a breast related problem that was giving u armpit pain then ur lymph nodes would probably be swollen. has ur actual breast been hurting? if it has regularly, then go back to the docs and say your still worried.
Avatar f tn All week I've been getting huge painful zit like bumps under my right armpit. I keep getting more. The big one were about 4 of them then they kind of connected into 1 huge one. It's very painful. Are these zits? Or what are they? Please help!!
Avatar f tn If there are recurrent boils,then pls get your blood sugar levels estimated. If the symptoms persist in the armpit,then get hidradenitis suppurativa ruled out. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or in case you have any additional doubts.Kind regards.
Avatar n tn I am 74 years woman with occasional high blood pressure complaint.now I have under my armpit few small painful boils 4 to 5 on lower side of my armpit.earlier aweek ago I had one on upper side which healed up but still paining.i have been giving wet towel-heat & ointment.repitition is worrying me .please help.
Avatar f tn For a couple of years i have had a rash under my right armpit, it consists of quite alot of raised spok like lumps, it doesnt itch or bother me, but i know its there so its more of a conscious problem. I have been to my doctors and they referred me to a dermatologist who didnt really do anything, they told me to stop shaving for a while to see if it was affecting it but that proved nothing, then i have been on salicylic acid which i have had for about a year now and thats done nothing either.
5820937 tn?1374870067 They usually don't itch but there usually sore or painful if I try to pop them. These pimple like bumps are not exactly under my arm (the armpit), they are about 3-4 inches down from my actual under arm. Sometimes they appear on the edge of my breasts by my under arm. I've tried not wearing deodorant or shaving but they still appear. They usually fade away but leave a discoloration and then new ones appear.
Avatar f tn I've recently developed itchiness under both my arms...I've had this for about a month. I did switch deoderant when it started so i switched back to the stuff i always used but it hasnt improved. At first it just itched like crazy....now it itches and burns. The area is all red and blotchy. the rash is only under my arms and hasnt spread anywhere else....
Avatar n tn I also have a rash that starts in my armpit and speads downwards. It started in my left arm and in now under my right arm. It is no where else on my body. The bumps look like chicken pox or little zits. Some of them are really big and itch and some are little and don't itch. I never had a cold or anything when they first arrived. What is it and what should I do about it?
Avatar n tn I have painful red bumps mostly in my armpits but also other places, but its very concentrated in the armpit. The doctor would not diagnose it, and I want to know what it is. I am on three kinds of antibiotics, for my fever and nuasea. Some of the bumps form puss at the peek, but they do not pop unless tampered with. My girlfriend has the same bites or whatever they are, in her armpits and the inside of her thighs.
610184 tn?1225616390 I have these tender sore bumps under both my armpits. it startedd only on my right underarm but moved to the left as well. It looks like pimples, but not puss or white head it is just red and sore. I have tried switching detorants but that didn't do anything, I am mostly wondering what it is and how I can make the bumps go away.
Avatar n tn About two to three days ago I developed a painful bump under my left arm in the armpit area. Recently one more appeared they are very painful and hurt very badly when I apply deoderent. The bumps are under the skin and dont appear to be my lymp node. What can they possibly be and what can I do about them.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing painful lumps in my armpit for a while now. It started up about 2-3 years ago. They come and go frequently. More times they are 1-2 under each arm and they go away. At first they are really painful, to the point i can't move my arm without it hurting. After the that the pain usually calms down and it doesn't hurt unless i push on it. I haven't shaved in a month, only too see if they come again without me shaving and they have. Is this serious, should i see a doctor?
Avatar f tn A few days ago I got an itchy red bump under my right armpit and within days the right armpit and upper under arm has several red itchy bumps and the left armpit is also developing a few (not like the right). I have been putting Neosporine and Cortizone cream on it but it does not seem to be getting much better. Any ideas? I am unable to see a doctor for financial reasons at this time. Thank you!
Avatar m tn I then rubbed sperms with toilet paper. 8 days later i had a very itchy armpit at both hands with bumps. On day 10 i had night sweat and fever which will ignite in the evening, and lasted for 2 days only. Nothing happened then till..... Yesterday, i started having fever with lower abdominal pain especially on the left side, and a back pain and weakness. In the morning it is there but not as bad as in the evening, i also got night sweat.
Avatar f tn I am 47 year old female and noticed a small lump in my armpit was sore and decided that it was a bug bit however I now have another one in almost the exact same area under my other armpit. Should I be concerned?
Avatar m tn Hello everyone! I have had this lump under my armpit for about 1 1/2 weeks now. At first it appeared as a small bump and was very painful. Then, a day later, it grew bigger and it gradually started to hurt less as the days went on until now. Now, it is completely painless. The lump feels kind of hard and like an amorphous blob (if that makes sense)...it feels like there are 2 other smaller bumps connected with the larger one.