Bumps on white part of eye

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Avatar f tn While I was looking at them I noticed on the inside of both eyes, near the nose I have two or three tiny white spots on the white part of each eye. Now they're not noticeable so the cosmetic side isn't an issue, however is this something to worry about? I think there's a slight yellow tint around the spots as well?
Avatar f tn Dear teal03, Sometimes, allergies can cause the appearance of “bubble” of the white part of the eye. Try to reduce swelling by use of cold compresses and avoiding scratching of the eyelids. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar n tn I have two yellowish white bumps on the caruncle part of my eye. Its red and looks kinda swollen and on top of the red part is the two bumps. It doesnt hurt, its just irritating to know its there. I googled it and havent really found an answer to what it might be. Honestly it makes me kinda worried because i've never seen this before. Is this normal and will it go away? Please answer as soon as possible if you can.
Avatar n tn Hi I know the internet isn't the best way to find a "diagnosis" regarding health conditions, but I'm seriously confused! I woke up this morning, and found basically "white headed bumps" within the inner corner of my eye. It isn't on the outside, but rather in the pink fleshy part of my lower eyelid. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v325/ccminx/closeup_circled.jpg < img for reference.
Avatar n tn I have the same white circles under my eyes. How many of you wear contact lenses? If so, do you use a solution or re-wetting drops? Maybe staring at a computer screen for long periods has something to do with it?
Avatar f tn Hi there, About 5 weeks ago, I noticed some small white bumps growing around the base of the shaft of my penis. I didn't think much of it at first, but after I didn't notice any improvements, I went in to see my GP. This was after probably 3 or 4 weeks of these bumps being present. He took a look at them and almost immediately diagnosed them visually as Genital Herpes, saying it was HSVII.
Avatar n tn By that I mean, if you go from the corner of the mouth on one side to the corner on the other, there's tiny white bumps most of the way across. However, they are mostly on the centerline of my lip. Most don't really show if you aren't looking for them because they are pressed against the other lip. Another thing that I have been noticing recently is that my lips, regardless of how much I put chapstick on them, seem to be going through a bit of a cycle.
Avatar m tn There are three small reddish white colored bumps on the inside corner of my left eye not on the red part but closer to the nose they aren't itchy and don't hurt or anything, should I be worried about them?
Avatar n tn I have two tender, very small white bumps in the corner of my eye (on the pink part inside of my eye, not on the lid). I went to the doctor on Monday and she said there was no infection but maybe I'd done something to irritate my eye during sleep. She prescribed eyedrops (Tobradex) which has done nothing in the three days I've been on it. Any ideas as to what these bumps might be? Would hot compresses bring relief?
Avatar n tn If the white spots on your eye lids are little hard bumps, like white heads or pimples, the problem could be too "heavy or rich" moisturizer. One point, for several weeks, I used a night cream full time (thinking it would nourish my skin better) but ended up with several pimples around my eyes. After stopping the cream, the pimples eventually went away. I've read about this problem several times in magazines. I hope your problem is as simple.....Good luck.....
Avatar n tn Hello. I have been getting white spots on my back. Just a few. I think they might be chickenpox scars and that might be it because they dont itch or anything. May be the same for you shreksb. Have you had chickenpox??
Avatar m tn I have had one on the top of one of my eye lids ever since I remember from a very young age, could have been born with it, I don't know. As I have grown older, more of them have appeared on my neck and I have two on one of my breasts that have been there for years. Best wishes.
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Avatar n tn i had an eye exam a year ago (pre-tx)because i had a white bump on my white part of my eye. it was dx as a pinguecuela(not sure of the spelling). i was told it was harmless and they rarely remove them(cosmetic procedure) since they usually are nothing. it can feel at times like you have something in your eye, and they told me to use eye lubricant. it is annoying just having it, but i'm glad it's not dangerous. i don't know if that's what you have but try looking it up online.
Avatar n tn With Raynauds, my fingers have gotten calloused from the constant hammering on keys and handing of cold products which have caused then to heal slowly like 3 months. I am now on temporary disability. Which is the correct Dr/specialist to see for this? Will I ever be able to return to the checkstand to be a cashier or look for other work? The callouses, hematoma (as my dr put it), under my nails, and numbness, pain tingling is sometimes pretty bad.
Avatar n tn Hello. I have white bumps that really look like chicken skin on the inside corners, below my eyes, and just by my nose under each eye. They are in the sort of loose fleshy part. I use oil to remove my eye makeup and am wondering if this might be clogged pores like millia and how I might get rid of them because they are getting more and more with each year. Thank you.
Avatar f tn In the corner areas of my mouth (you have to pull back my lips to see them)I have a cluster of white bumps at the top and the bottom of my lips. On the area on both sides of my mouth on the outside i have little small bumps the color of my skin not blisters. I have had an earache for about 3weeks and a discomforting lump in my throat for about the same time. It doesn't hurt but it is noticeable.
Avatar f tn I am of Irish descent, and the itchiness never happens on the underside of the arms, just the top part where the sun has changed the color some over the years. Now, this time, after lots of scratching, small bumps have formed, maybe about half a dozen or so. And it is these bumps that are itchy. Even after letting them scab and heal, there seems to be a littler version of the bump still there which is still slightly itchy.
Avatar f tn She also took a biopsy of one of the bumps to test it for herpes. Today, September 9th, I noticed that the bumps on my vaginal lips look larger and are now hurting without even pressing on them. The itching has actually decreased, but now my lips are painful. I know that I will probably find out in a few days what this is, but I am FREAKING out. I haven't been able to sleep at all, and I am just so nervous that this is herpes (which I am pretty convinced that it is).
Avatar n tn My ex started to get itchy bumps on the lower half of her body around the beginning of december. she itched them and they spread to her back, arms, etc... i would rub anti itch on places she couldnt reach. we still had sex this whole time also. when she itched them too hard( ones on legs) they would break and blood spots would show up and more bumps would appear. we broke up about a month after these itchy bumps showed up on her.
Avatar n tn Some later appeared on my other thigh, and i occasionally get a couple on my arms. On my face around my cheekbone/lower area of my eye sockets it looks a little red, and my face in that area always feels hot, as if it were sunburn or something. I also had a bad breakout one evening after shaving, this never happens. The bumps have been randomly appearing here and there (nothing in pubic region).
Avatar n tn My boyfriend and I went to Rehoboth Beach, DE last weekend and he has an itchy rash on his waist, ankles and thighs. I have red bumps on my ankles and knees. Some of my bumps are raised and seem to be filled with liquid. He went to the doctor but could not get a diagonosis because doctor sen't sure what it was and prescribed a cortizone cream and antihistimine. Mine seem to be going away. We are thinking his could be scabies and are afraid to sleep together as it could be contagious.
Avatar n tn It's a GENTLE part of your body that isn't protected by the same type of skin on your arm. I really do not see the reason to be scared to go to the doctor if you are NOT SEXUALLY ACTIVE or even if you are, and you are over 18. Even for someone under 18, you can ask your doctor to be confidential with you. I have a weird bump on my vagina, but I think it might be a sore from the tampon rope. I am on antibiotics as I just had my wisdom teeth out.
Avatar m tn I had a complete examination by an eye doctor who told me I had some bleeding in the white of my eye which cleared up on its own. He also mentioned that there was some inflamation around the pupil and I was given some drops to use for 2 weeks. At that time my retina was fine. Around 2 weeks back, I noticed flashes and black dots and went back to him in a panic and was informed I had vitreus damage, but my retina was fine, he said that this might have been due to my inital hit that I got.
Avatar m tn Week 29. Trust me. 29 weeks on is a much better place but I'm still not out of it. Have received oral and the giver didn't complain. It can look normal one day. Or for a few days on the trot but then can look about 60 % of what it was . Capillaries, flakey skin sometimes. Like dandruff on your glans. But as stated before. It fluctuates between 60% & 90% . I can wk without lube but find it can make the skin look in poorer condition.
Avatar f tn However, my face started becoming really red, and my skin had rashes that started on my chin and spread all the way up to my forehead, and then started forming on my upper eyelid as well as the high part of my cheeks right below my eye. I also had an even worse outbreak of acne at the same time, so not only did I have whiteheads popping up everywhere, I also had extremely red, itchy, burning, and hot skin along with it.
Avatar n tn About a third of the white part and all of the black is under the surface. Also, this is blown up super huge. These things are really tiny. If I'd thought about it, I might have shown a normal hair for comparison. Oh well.
Avatar f tn I am all but positive you meant no harm, but "I request that you see a doctor" has SO many problems with it. Number one -- those that can afford, usually do so and do not rely on the internet to find someone to help them. I read somewhere where somebody said go to the ER. THAT is NOT going to go over well at the ER. I have been chastised for BP 214/129, staph infection, broken ribs . . . could you imagine walking in with a pimple? I have had these before.