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Avatar m tn Recently I have gotten a hoarse voice and today I woke up and my sore throat is starting to get better but my tongue is sore and on the back left side of my tongue I have a bump. I recently had a cavity filled but the sore throat came before I had that done. Thanks for any advice!
Avatar n tn All of a sudden both or our throats are bothering us and i have a sore tongue as well with red bumps on the back of my tongue. Any ideas? I've been tested for eveything because of a blood disorder i have and he just got tested but no results back yet.
Avatar n tn This morning, however, I woke up and i could still feel it and I tried to just scrape it with my toothbrush but it was still there so I got a flash light and saw that I have mulitple bumps all over my tongue and on my throat. They are lighter than my normal color in my throat. On my tongue they are kind of blisterish looking. I'm just wondering how I could have gotten this? I'm pretty sure i've never had it before.
Avatar n tn But the other day I noticed for the first time on my tongue, these bumps on the back, I didn't notice any in my throat or on the roof of my mouth. There are different ones. Like the ones in the middle just look like little ones and the ones in the back are big, I took some pictures, I hope they will help. Picture: http://s98.photobucket.com/albums/l273/maleficentmoon/?action=view&current=bumpsontongue.jpg&refPage=&imgAnch=imgAnch1 <img src= "http://i98.photobucket.
Avatar n tn I have been fighting a sore throat for 18 days now. It started with sore throat, aches, no fever, and coughing and sinus congestion. Everything has gone away except for the sore throat. Had two negative throat cultures and negative mono test. Three days ago, I noticed two large white bumps on the very back of my tongue. They hurt like heck, making it hard to swallow or talk. the only thing that releives it is ibuprophen. Could this be some forn of herpes?
Avatar f tn It may be a reaction to the mediation you took. I was on an antibiotic that burned my tongue and tongues heal very fast--but this took 3 weeks! For relief I rinsed my mouth with organic coconut oil (may or may not be wise-I have no idea) but it took the pain away for a bit.
Avatar n tn But the other day I noticed for the first time on my tongue, these bumps on the back, I didn't notice any in my throat or on the roof of my mouth. There are different ones. Like the ones in the middle just look like little ones and the ones in the back are big, I took some pictures, I hope they will help. I have a pic in the other bulletin below Picture: http://s98.photobucket.com/albums/l273/maleficentmoon/?
Avatar m tn They are not exactly painful unless they are prodded but I'm concerned about what they may be? A side effect of the dryness and dehydration? Cold sore on the tongue? Does anyone have any previous experience with something like this?
Avatar n tn A blood test reveals that I have HSV-1, but my doctors insist that neither the white gunk on my tongue nor the sore throat has anything to do with oral herpes of any kind.
913040 tn?1242939263 i have two bumps on each side of tongue i know that it is nomally doc said something bout papillaes or something like that but not only do i have those two bumps i also have these large red bumps majority of them on right side going down my throat my throat has been sore for bout a month if not longer now including my earaches that ive been having ive been taking antibiotics the throat and ear pain seem to come ago its been coming and going for over amonth now and i dont know what to do everyo
469423 tn?1207513295 This is so overwhemingly common - yet no doctor will put this puzzle together - at least in my luck. After digging for 5 years - I strongly believe this is a side effect of thyroid medications. I lean towards this bieng an imbalance on PH levels within the body with some individuals. HAve you had any discomfort within the tongue itself? Burning - swolleness of anything you can describe? Do you notice dry throat and thirst? Did you undergo RAI treatment after the TT?
Avatar n tn the first thing that seemed stange and made me think of possible std infection was some weird bumps on the back of my tongue. there is a lot of them. but only in the rear. the part that isnt covered in bumps has been discolored with some sort of stuff. however, the stuff comes off. the bumps don't hurt at all. nothing really hurts. the other reason i am worried is because ive had a bad stomach ache. however, that is the only "flu like" symptom.
Avatar n tn I have had bumps on the base of my tongue on the lateral edge for some time. these bumps have white dots near them that expand into thing white rings. these bumps are most prominent at the base /back of my tongue. last year i went to my doc and told him i thought it was thrush, he didn't agree and told me it was nothing. at this time, i was tested for diabetes and hiv - both tests came back negative.
Avatar n tn And today i just noticed some reddish/white bumps in the far back of my throat and on the back of my tongue. Other then that i feel fine. I dont have a fever or a cold. I feel like i have a lot of mucus caught in the back of my throat whenever i swallow but thats about it. I'm very worried that this could be gonorrhea of the throat and I'm worried about seeing a doctor. I could just be paranoid but i dont know what to do. What happens if I do have gonorrhea of the throat?
Avatar m tn I still have red bumps on the back wall of my throat but there seems to also be small red bumps on my tonsils and sides of the back of my tongue (though I'm not sure if these are just the normal papillae). Any idea what the heck is going on?!
Avatar m tn i have bumps on my tongue near my throat. i cant determine if its a papilae or thrush. anyway. i had sore throat a week ago then yesterday i saw this little red bumps in my tongue.
Avatar n tn I started out with a sore throat and then fever every day for about 5 days already but now that my sore throat went away i have white bumps on my tongue and my gums are a liitle swollen but i believe that is because my wisdom tooth is coming out can i have any recommendations or may i please know what is wrong with me?
Avatar n tn My daughter has swollen throat and bumps on back of tongue has had for couple of years. Problem swallowing and always sore throat?
Avatar n tn Then a couple days later I started getting larger red bumps on the rest of my tongue. I've never had anything like this before and I can't recall eating anything out of the ordinary. I was just wondering if this was a run of the mill viral infection or if I should go get checked out.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am asking this question for my husband and I tried to get as many details as possible. He has had a sore tongue for a couple of weeks now...it is only sore on the left side and there are no bumps or anything that we can see; it looks the same as the right side. He said it also hurts when he swallows, also only on the left side, and it hurts his throat and his ear. The pain has not gotten better or worse over time, it has just stayed the same. Thank you in advance for your help!
Avatar m tn Last night my tongue started to hurt and I noticed a sore on the middle of my tongue. Now I haven't had intercourse or oral sex in at least 5 months. I was dating a girl for about 2 weeks and and broke off with her when I found she had slept with a random guy without protection. In this 2 week period nothing sexually transpired between us but we did make-out. I get cold sores about 2 - 4 times a year. I do have a tongue ring and took it out when I noticed the sore.
Avatar n tn This went on for quite some time before I discovered that the oral sex was causing the sore throat Waiting to be retested No discharge or bumps or lesions on genitals I believe i contracted something that infected my girlfriend which in turn keep re-infecting me, including my throat and genitals. QUESTIONS: 1.) I tested 4 days after unprotected encounter, was this too soon for: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Trich? 2.
628151 tn?1224805243 I ruled that. I have also started to develop a light yellow film on top of my tongue that is hard to scrape off with a toothbrush. Soon after the taste bud incident I noticed 3 spots on the roof of my mouth began to hurt, it is more of light burning/sore feeling. These spots are not raised and they are not bumps, just part of the roof of my mouth and are about the size dime. What I find very strange about all this is I went to the Dentist and he said it all looked normal.
Avatar n tn Hi, Nothing can be said with surety without having a look at the lesions. Since when have you noticed the symptoms? What is your age? You should consult your doctor and get a proper clinical examination. Let us know about what your doctor advises and post us if you need any other information. Regards.