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Avatar n tn My daughter has alot of tiny bumps on her upper arm, she is 12 yrs. They don't itch, they are not red, and some have, what looks like, a very little bit of puss and the others are skin colored. Her right arm has alot more than her left. They start at the shoulder then trickle down to her elbow. on the right arm she has 2 or 3 below the elbow. I've tried cetaphil wash and cream, Origins modern friction exfoliant, hydrocortisone 1%, and aloe. all of these were brief trials.
Avatar n tn Hi, Aside from dry skin, this could also be Keratosis pilaris, a very common genetic skin condition that presents with rough bumps on the skin and can be found on the back and outer sides of the upper arms or any body part except the palms or soles of feet. It occurs when the human body produces excess keratin that surrounds and entraps the hair follicles in the pore. This causes the formation of hard plugs.
Avatar n tn Hello Doc I am a woman in my late 20's and have had small, red, dry bumps (that dont itch, but are similar to whiteheads) on my upper arm for most of my life. I have tried estringents, lotions, creams, scrubbing, exfoliation, etc... Any suggestions or cures? Thanks!
Avatar n tn A few days ago I woke up and felt a few little tiny bumps on the upper part of my right arm. Within the past two days the small patch has spread to almost the enitre part of my upper right arm (from about my elbow to below my shoulder). They are not hives, they are not zits. They do not bother me in the physical sense but I just dont understand where they came from and why there are there. They are not hereditary, and I have never had them before.
Avatar f tn i have really tiny bumps on both of my upper arms up to my shoulder. i have had these all of my life. they are tiny and they are red. if i rub my hand over my arm i can feel tons of them, but you cant really see them extremely noticeably. they dont itch or hurt, but they are just there and i dont like them. i am 15 years old and i hardly ever get acne. so they definetly are not zits, and it isnt a rash. does anybody no any creams or should i go to a dermatologist?
Avatar n tn Hello, i've had a problem as long as i can remember a pimple like/rash on my upper arm(deltoid muscle). people say it's heat bumps, but i always have them. what are they?
Avatar f tn ) A few weeks ago I noticed a dry patch of skin on my upper arm, just below the shoulder. It began relatively small (2cm long and 1cm wide, about) but I think it may have grown in size slightly. It causes me no pain and doesn't itch, but the area feels like very dry skin and has several bumps inside of it. It looks kind of like one of my co-worker's egzemas, but it's only in that one tiny patch and is normal-colored for the most part (it's barely a deeper pink at best).
Avatar f tn I started getting little red bumps with whitehead on my forehead,chest area down to my breast,upper and lower part of my back,shoulders and upper arm. They are a bit painful and tender when I touch them. First they stated small and then they started getting bigger. This is the third time for the year I got them, I first got them in January but I thought I was allergic to tuna, but then I got them at the end of August to September and now they are back. Is this some type of allergy?
Avatar f tn Recently a series of about 30 small bumps have appeared on my left upper arm. They aren't clustered but are from the shoulder blade down to the elbow. Each day they've seemed to grow slightly and have gotten pinker and have begun to itch. Eleven years ago I had a shingles variation on that same arm but it was from mid upper arm to my hand. Are they related? What are the bumps? They kind of remind me of hives but are more spread out.
968590 tn?1247587654 Hello, Without examination,confirmation of a diagnosis is tough,but it sounds like keratosis pilaris.The other possibility is of folliculitis.Keratosis pilaris is a common genetic follicular condition that is manifested by the appearance of rough bumps on the skin like goose bumps and hence colloquially referred to as "chicken skin". Keratosis pilaris occurs when the human body produces excess keratin, a natural protein in the skin.
1330779 tn?1275268835 For a few years i have had these red bumps with (white centers sometimes) on my upper arms. There are alot more on my right arm than my left arm. They dont really itch and they never go away. There are about one hundred of them and i really want to know how to get rid of them. Im not sure what they are either. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME !!
Avatar f tn My son (13) has a lot of little red bumps on his upper arm. The rash is also on his chest and face, not red, but feels like sand paper. We were told it is "Dariar's (sp?) Disease", a hereditary conditon, with flare-ups more dominant during warm weather. Where can I find more information on this? Keratosis Pilaris, and what my son has, appear to be exactly the same, except for the time of the year the outbreak is supposed to occur. Your input and help will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn back in 2000 i wrote in ( my name at the time was terry **** ) about a serious problem that i was having with serious upper arm itch. right now it is almost 3 am and i'm up with the arm issue. your responce to me was a bit dishearting as i did not think that i was obbsessing with my skin, i have no stress issues and i simply had an upper arm itch that seemed to come out of the blue. over the years i have tried every cream but found a product called lmx that can be bought from the druggest.
Avatar n tn From the description of the condition of your daughter, it seems she might have been diagnosed with scabies, which is a common childhood skin infection that causes small itchy bumps and blisters on the skin. The causative organism is a mite, which burrows into the skin. The lesions can appear around the hands and feet (including elbows, wrists and between the fingers) and also genitals, navel, and buttocks.
Avatar n tn again the same thing happened, it jumped to my left upper arm. then back to my right upper arm, however this is where it gets strange. the itch changed to something that i have a very difficullt time discribing. it felt at though someone was sticking me with a needle or another way to discribe it is that it felt as though i was being bitten by a bug. it is a combination of a sting, itch, tickle and pain!
Avatar n tn Help! I have these upper arm red bumps, they can be smaller or bigger and can join together and create a patch. They are not tiny so they are not the "Keratosis pilaris" items or suggestions I've seen. They are slightly raised and are pink. I've now had 2 biopsies. One came back in favor of tumid lupus...but not 100%. My doctor says it is not that. I've had bloodwork for lupus - all negative. They said by some presence of mucin in the biopsy that is why they favored it.
Avatar f tn Then about 2 days ago, I started getting two different kind of bumps on my wrist, the inside of my elbow and my upper inside arm. Some clusters are small, pimple like, very sore bumps, and the others are constellation like larger bumps with no head, about the size of dimes, also very sore to the touch. When I woke up this morning, my muscles were sore in that arm, all the way up to my shoulder.
Avatar n tn If broken, they produce a sticky clear-yellowish substance that dries hard and waxy again, but does not seem to wash off. The bumps on my arms and chest have stayed the same over the 5 months, on the other hand, the bumps on my beard have spread from chin, to sideburns, cheeks, eyebrows, around the nose and scalp. I notice these bumps seem to appear more if I do not shave my face.
Avatar n tn Hello, About a month and half ago, I noticed a couple tiny bumps on my upper lip towards the middle. After a few days it began to dry out and get tight but then looked like a dark spot. Just when I thought it was almost gone and my lips going back to normal, it suddenly reappeared again. This time the tiny bumps were in clusters and started to spread on my upper lip. There are about 3 or 4 seperate clusters of really tiny bumps.
Avatar n tn i need to know how I can get rid of these bumps under the skin around my neck. I've been to 2 dermatologists and they both said its "cysts" under the skin and nothing can be done to get of them unless they are infected. I have had one or two that was "poppable" and when squeezed a white string tissue came out. After it healed, the skin was flat again. Should i use a needle and poke every single one to release that white string tissue? will a shot of cortisone work?
Avatar n tn For the past week, I've been getting these small red bumps on my skin in random spots (specifically, upper arm, lower leg, upper leg) they dont itch or anything. The two bumps that have been there for a week are now again flattened and have a dry patch. What could this be?
Avatar n tn My daughter is 15 y/o and for years have had white patches/blotches on the face and on the upper left arm. Her skin is really dry. On the arm it has kind of tiny bumps/rough. I (mom) used to have these on my arms when I was young but not anymore. Now is getting more noticeable.
Avatar n tn Hello, Itchy skin on the arms and hands can be due to Eczema or contact dermatitis. Are you having a history of allergy?Pls get allergy tests like skin ***** tests or blood tests like RAST done to find out if you are allergic to some allergens. Other conditions cause itchy skin as well.
Avatar n tn ive tried dead sea salt and exfoliaters but they're still there. Ive had these bumps for like 8 years now.