Bumps on skin that won't go away

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Avatar f tn It started off about the size of a quarter and now it has spread all over my chest. The bumps won't go away, and I've been putting lotion on them and it only makes them feel worse. Like I said, the bumps look exactly like goosebumps, so they aren't red or anything. They're skin colored. Also, I recently got sun burnt and they became super itchy. If anyone has any idea of what this could possibly be, please let me know!
1415174 tn?1453246703 My forehead and cheeks broke out in a face rash that had small red non itcy bumps. That went away but then I have some larger itchy bumps that won't go away. I don't think they are an infection it is related to the allergy. I am only washing my face with Cetaphil and then adding 10% glycerin for some hydration to these spots. Glycerin is a natural substance found in the body and I don't think that is causing a problem. I do have eczema on my legs, and hands. 1. what could this be? 2.
Avatar n tn My entire family has a itchy blotchy rash that will not go away. My wifes appear to be bites but other family member are bumps and blotches. I have bug bombed the house and our dog stays outside. There is a pet snake in the house, could this the cause? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Two days ago she had a dramatic fever and her mother kept her at home to sleep it off, and the next day she was totally fine, but that rash won't go away. I'm really worried about her, and was wondering if anyone had any /clue/ as to what it was, and if there are any non-medical procedures to help calm the rash or get rid of it, until they can dig up a decent doctor.