Bumps on skin that spread

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Avatar n tn They aren't red or contain pus, but are just raised clear bumps on the skin. They usually form on my arms, legs, and stomach. I visited the doctor and he said I am probably having an allergic reaction to something. I do have seasonal allergies, and am currently experiencing nasal drip, have woken to my eyes being very goopy and closed shut, and have had coughing and sneezing episodes.
Avatar f tn I visited a dermatologist and he told me to go for a skin biopsy.The doctor remove three of the spots and it was like a nodule which comes with a yellowish fat substance(i.e cheese).After the text it came out that it is a normal tissue and that it is not harmful to my health. So am just coping with it.My main worry is that its really spread on my entire stomach.
Avatar m tn Lately whenever I go near grass in my school's field, I would scratch my legs or arms and after that there would be bumps on my skin. I dont know if it was bugs because the field right now is full of mosquitos. Also when I moved to my parents room, grandparents used my room when they visited, I had bumps AFTER the day I moved into there room. Is it bed bugs? I dont know but please help me know my problem because my bumps are SUPER DUPER Scratchy.
Avatar n tn I have had itchy bumps on my skin for the past five months. They started with just one bump and have continued to spread. They are mostly confined to my back and chest, however I have some on my arms and legs. The bumps are not red and are not noticable when they start itching. The bumps will eventually go away. I have seen four doctors and none have helped my problem. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn What causes big bumps that look like tonsils underneath the arms? At first I thought it was roll-on and decided to stop but the bump continues on the other hand.
Avatar f tn Recently a series of about 30 small bumps have appeared on my left upper arm. They aren't clustered but are from the shoulder blade down to the elbow. Each day they've seemed to grow slightly and have gotten pinker and have begun to itch. Eleven years ago I had a shingles variation on that same arm but it was from mid upper arm to my hand. Are they related? What are the bumps? They kind of remind me of hives but are more spread out.
Avatar f tn Last summer red blotches appreared on my ankles then the spread started and took a few weeks. it is almost a year and they have not gone away. it didn;t itch. it spread up the front center of my calf to the crease at the knee, in about another week it went up my thigh to my hip and my rear. Now it has reached the pulse points of my wristes and my under arm. It had faded to a brownish red and new blotches pop up around the old blotches. It does not hurt of itch.
Avatar m tn When I looked on my body, my upper legs, and upper arms were very itchy, and had little bumps on them. The bumps didn't look particularly bad, just a lot of sporadically placed bumps. On my thighs and upper arms (bicep) is where they are en masse (though my arms aren't so bad anymore). I have a few randomly on my stomach and lower back, but only one or two bumps at all for my entire torso.
Avatar f tn I have had cold sores before but haven't had any in about a year, however, I noticed bumps on my fingers where the skin is slightly lifted and they hurt. The bumps come and go but the pain only hurts when the bump is touched. I also break out on my face with bumps on my nose, cheeks and forehead. They last for about 7 days and leave an then come back. The worst is the itching all over my body. Should all these outbreaks happen at once?
Avatar m tn I was told by my docs that i most likely don't need a test. They didn't see any lesions or bumps on my penis and its been since the beginning of November. In november i allowed someone to perform oral sex on me who was not my girlfriend. We've talked about it and are working it out. I got nervous because she said she has these 2 old looking pink flat skin things or scabs on her butt cheek. But we are not sexually active at all, we are waiting for marriage. All we do is kiss.
Avatar f tn I have that around my nose and chin, my doctor says its rosachea, a type of skin problem that occures often for pregnant women, it has to do with hormone changes, avoid alcohalic face washes like proactive, hot showers can make it act up, definitely DO NOT scratch it, it will just worsten, and more than that talk to your doctor, there are creams they can give to help get rid of it.
Avatar f tn in the beginning, the smaller bumps were shaped in small circular patterns, but now the circles look much bigger and they sort of blend in with the other bumps. and the funny thing is that they're only on my legs and feet, and nowhere else. like, they haven't spread higher than my knee, but i think they will sooner or later. i dont have any on my arms or legs or anything, so my friends think that they're allergies. but looking at it more and more i believe it isnt.
Avatar n tn Welcome to the STD forum. Unfortunately, I can't help very much in figuring out the cause of the bumps. Skin absorbs water on prolonged exposure, which can make minor variations in skin texture more prominent than otherwise -- the same reason the skin of your fingers wrinkles when wet for a long time. Warts do not come and go, and almost always are obvious on direct examination.
Avatar n tn It can take months from initial infection to experiencing signs. It's passed by skin to skin contact so it's easily spread via sex. It can/will go away on it's own, but takes a long time. There are treatments for it that speed up the process. Your GYN may know of it, but a dermatologist will know for certain.
Avatar f tn I did a sits bath before I went to bed and today I woke up and I have little bumps on the outside lining of the flap of my clit. on both sides. Im so scared. I am a 38yr old female who has HPV and had it treated in like 2006. I havent had a outbreak since. I don't know what this is and I am freaking out. I haven't been treating my body very nice. smoking weed , lots of drinking and blow. a bad combination when you have a crappy immune system. please help me understand what is going on..
Avatar n tn it stated off as little bumps after getting a hair cut.. i put alcohol on it and it did nothing.. it seems to spread and itch very bad...WHAT IS THIS AND WHAT WILL GET RID OF IT.
Avatar f tn Hello, Please elaborate more on the symptoms and description of rash so that a list of differentials can be made. Since the bumps have been present for such a long time, so the possibility of them being benign growths is there. I would suggest you to get an examination done by a dermatologist and preferably a biopsy skin to confirm the diagnosis. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing. Warm regards.
Avatar n tn For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar m tn i went to a dermotologist who treated this as a yeast infection and i thought the ointments and some once a week pill had solved the problem until they came back even worse. then something spread around to my tale. it seems like every where that two body parts with skin that touch have gotten this including under my armpits, my tale, my groin, my foreskin on my penis and even the inner thigh area which i thought was just me being gaulded until powder did not solve anything.
Avatar n tn It was extremely painful and also spread and created even smaller bumps. They were so painful that I was taking 600 mg ibuprofens to rid the pain for sometimes I could barely sit or sleep. They seemed to spread for I got one on my ankle and also my knee and my boyfriend had gotten one on his inner arm and on his stomach. We treated them with antibiotics and waited until they formed head and a thick green mucous head would finally pop out leaving a hole. Very scary.
Avatar f tn Is anyone skin breaking out? I'm getting bumps & they itch real bad. What does that mean?
Avatar f tn 2 days later a simular rash spread up my arms and on the palms of my hands..