Bumps on skin that look like mosquito bites

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Avatar n tn I have 4-5 big red bumps that look almost exactly like mosquito bites. separated from each other. about 2 inches from anus ( inside inner thighs.) no oozing. they've been there for maybe 5+ days now. no itching. only slight discomfort/irritation with friction from jeans, from elastic on underwear, inner thigh fat, etc etc. I had my period at the same time, so I'm sure that irritated it more. I'm trying to finally let the skin breath now, since I'm done with my period finally.
Avatar n tn Hello, These bumps can be due to insect or mosquito bites, allergies or viral rash. Do not use any cosmetic products at the sites. You can apply some calamine lotion at the rash as it will help in soothing the skin. Also make her wear cotton clothes and consult a dermatologist or her pediatrician as she may need oral antihistaminics and topical steroids.
Avatar f tn I thought they might be spider bites, but they didn't look like it up close so I figured they were mosquito bites. But they still didn't act like they were. I have two on my inner thigh, three on my stomach, and one on my chest just under my breast that I just found today. I'm not sure what's going on, and I'm trying to find answers. They are no bigger than a penny right now, itch like crazy, and when I touch them there's a weird burning and sharp itchy pain.
Avatar n tn I swear that I was bit multiple times with mosquito-like bites last year. I never saw what it was, but then someone said it could be no-seeums. The weather changed (thank God) and I quit getting the bites. But this year, I started getting them again. I made my hubby NOT open the windows in the morning and put the house plants outside (in case the no-seeums were living in the dirt). I haven't been bitten any more, but now I have a horrible bumpy itchy rash over mostly my trunk.
Avatar f tn They are on the areas least likely for them to be hives. The best description is that they look like big nasty mosquito bites. I have been getting them for atleast 6 months. what could they be?
Avatar f tn They are on the areas least likely for them to be hives. The best description is that they look like big nasty mosquito bites. I have been getting them for atleast 6 months. what could they be?
Avatar n tn I don't know if all of this is connected since his bumps showed up before her strep throat. I looked up small bumps that look like mosquito bites but then get a small blister and everything from psoriasis to bed bugs show up, please help!!!
693413 tn?1233735872 I have soem health anxieties and I think my dog may have fleas, cuz I have a few red itchy bumps on my ankles and i wokeup with one on my lower back and one on my arm. they itch and look like mosquito bites. But since I have HIV anxiety, thats what I keep in mind! Help from animal lovers wold be great! She was on my bed more then she has ever been last week, I think thats what happened. I am washing me bedding today. Do flea bites itch and look like mosquito bites???
Avatar m tn For the past 4 weeks i've been repeatedly bitten by something at night but I don't know what. The bites are very small (smaller than mosquito bites) and start off as bumps which go a pinky colour and are incredibly itchy. Some mornings I wake up and they are still raised but look like they have been bleeding although I do scratch in my sleep so i assume that's why. The itching is also worse after a hot bath.
1710824 tn?1308236097 It may be, but they keep popping up at or around the same area as the previous ones and they are hard bumps (*****) on the skin that all seem to have a spot in the middle like he has specifically been bitten. I am sure they would go away as quick as they come (overnight) but they itch and he has to scratch them, so they end up infected and stay for a week or so.
Avatar n tn Last summer I started to notice itchy bite-like bumps appearing on my skin. They look like normal bug bites (though my bug bites usually turn to welts), but I cannot see an entry point. They are raised and red and usually appear in groups of two or three. They usually only appear between my breasts and my knees, and on my arms and back, and also sometimes on my feet/ankles. They are very itchy and unsightly.
Avatar n tn they just started after the fourth of july and at first there wont be any bumps but after i start to itch them i get little raised bumps everywhere (they look like mosquito bites) and they itch like crazy. its like if i itch one spot the whole rest of me itches! Help me!
Avatar f tn They are itchy and they look exactly like mosquito bites. I haven't changed any of the products I usually use (detergent, soap, medicine, etc.), I have no known allergies and it's not related to sweating either. They take a few days before they start going away, so I doubt it's hives. I've had no other symptoms besides the bumps. Does anyone have an idea what it could be?
Avatar m tn hi all, i have these red bumps on my skin,they look like mosquito bites. but they appear suddenly. the first one i had was on my right arm and it was like mosquito bite, when i press it down it hurts a little bit. but after 3 month it became flat a bit white around and skin color in the middle. I have these on my chest , asweel as on my head and 3 of them on my face.
Avatar f tn Every few weeks, I get one or two severely itchy bumps on my check or forehead that that look exactly like a mosquito bite. Embarrassing as a high school teacher! Has anyone found a name to this?
1532940 tn?1292239121 I've looked up every STD in the book, because I started to go into panic mode for a little while wondering what this could be, but they don't look like herpes or anything. They are just very large and round, and look exactly like mosquito bites. They itch very, very badly, and if I scratch them too badly they sting and then form a little scab on them, which just peels off and they still don't go away. Some days they look smaller than other days, it just varies.
Avatar f tn I had my carpets cleaned, my home sprayed for insects, steam cleaned all of our mattresses, and now, I am at a total loss. These bumps appear at anytime and look like mosquito bites and itch terribly. They started on my stomach, then moved to my shoulders and back. The bumps then appeared on my arms and now on my legs and back to my stomach. Very weird to say the least. I have been using white vinegar to ease the itch which seems to work temporarily. I am also taking Benadryl.
Avatar n tn I don't usually ever scratch mosquito bites, and for me they usually go away within the following 3-4 hours like they were never there. These bites that I have now, unless they're from another type of mosquito, aren't mosquito bites. There's no way. Nothing I have done has gotten rid of them yet, and they're driving me crazy. They don't look like hives, and there's no evidence of any bugs at all in my room, except a dead moth on the window sill.
Avatar n tn I have a lawn care business so I assume what I have is from a bug, a thorn, or the sun. Last year I had an itchy spot on my hand, it felt like a mosquito bite. I scratched it a little too much until it bled. I figured it would scab over and heal within a week or two. A couple months later I noticed it was still there unhealed. I reopened the wound and let the healing commence. It healed a bit better but about a year later I was intrigued by the fact that there was still something there.
Avatar m tn This is exactly what I'm experiencing! I was outside with friends last night for less than an hour. I thought I had mosquito bites because my left leg started itching REALLY bad. When I got home, I was getting ready to take a shower and noticed weird red "bites" (a little swollen like it had just been a mosquito bite) on the back of my upper arm, almost alarm pit. I thought it was just a lot of mosquitos, took a shower and went to bed.
Avatar n tn I just recently had one of these pimple like bumps appear on my vagina at the same time that I tore the skin at the bottom of my vagina. I think it's some sort of infection. NOT HERPES. I was told by a doctor that looked at it that it was just from shaving...razor bumps I suppose. Not sure if this will help anyone but with a qtip i dabbed hydrogen peroxide on the bumps only. Also Tucks medicated wipes/pads may help a little too...or neosporin or zinc oxide cream/ointment.
Avatar n tn Becasue I had developed some bumps on my legs that were very itchy. Since then though, I feel like things are crawling on me and I am very afraid that it could be parasites. I have been doing some research for the past few days and there are many different parasites that could affect us. I know it's very disturbing to consider this as an option, but according to some of the web-sites I've vistited (including WebMD) it is very common.
Avatar n tn I started to look further into the issue and I'm almost completely sure that what is happening to me is called Urticaria. Look it up on Wikipedia. That's all I have for now.....
Avatar n tn Scabies are tiny microscopic bugs that can get on your skin and cause itchy white bumps that ooze. I would recommend you go to the doctor right away. There is a cream that will treat it and you will also need to treat you clothing, bedding, stuffed animals,anything that you would clean as if you had head lice. I hope this helps.