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Avatar n tn i have had bumps on my head the hurt all over head my dad says there fatty tissue and you can have them lazerd off it runs in family...but i have picked at them and now theyre bloody kinda not gushing just a little and when it heals hurts worser than before what is wrong with my head do i need to have a doctor look at it? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/242570'>bumps on head</a>.
Avatar f tn I had my son on the 5th and he sleeps about 6 hours at night now. But he needs to be either swaddled or wrapped in his favorite blanket. We also need to hold him until be falls asleep or he will scream bloody murder until we pick him up. What I do to calm my little one is I lay down on the couch and put him on top of me with his head on my chest, and rub his back.He's out within minutes.
Avatar f tn While this is going on I have small red bumps with a tiny pin head filled with clear liquid appearing on my other part of the body, mainly on the back of my right hand, forming a small cluster pretty much like that on my areola, and few scattered ones on my arms, belly, and legs. when they pop they ooze too. Now I have to go topless so that the sores at my areola don't stick to clothes, but rather be crusted over.
6712392 tn?1393708678 I keep getting this super itchy patches of skin on my arms that turn to bumps if I scratch them. My hubby says it looks like eczema but I haven't had that since I was a baby so I'm not sure what it looks or feels like. Any ideas ladies???
Avatar f tn Now a week and a half after the fall I still have a goose egg on my head and still sore, but now I also have a couple of other bumps below the goose egg to pop up, not big but sore. I am still getting headaches and pressure at times. Any information on what the additional bumps could be, as I refuse to go see a doctor.
Avatar f tn So yesterday me and Ny baby daddy and his sister went shopping. I always said I wouldn't put those hair bands or head band things on my baby but we saw some and I couldn't help myself. They were so tiny and cute so I got some for her and so did is sister. But you know how they have soft spots? Will it be ok for her to wear one for her hospital pictures? I really want her to wear one now because its so cute! But scared it will hurt her precious little head.
Avatar n tn Three days ago I awoke with two bumps on my head that were not there the night before. One is at the base of the skull on the bony part right before it hits the muscle. The other one is about two finger spaces above it. They hurt to touch and are hard. The whole area surrounding is sore as well. Accompanying these lumps are headaches in the back of my head. I'm not sure if I hit my head while sleeping and didn't wake up. How long should I wait for the symptoms to dissapate.
Avatar m tn My husband get this bumps on his head in various sizes. It itch terribly and it seems that if he scratch it gets larger and spread. It is not like a rash but a realy decent bump. Almost like a blind pimple but it is not sore just very itchi. He changed to different shampoos but it still stays the same.
Avatar n tn at any rate, they are just on the very top of her head... running towards the back of her head! no other lumps/bumps anywhere else.
Avatar n tn cure for bumps on mg head. a guarantee cure for bumps on my head.
Avatar m tn Almost a week ago i noticed a bit of change on my penis head where i was starting to see flat pinkish bumps on my penis head. At first I didn't think nothing of it but then day by day after taking showers I noticed that it was getting worse and the bumps were starting to show more. They don't itch or hurt, I don't even know if it's warts. I did research and I could not find nothing that looked exactly to what i have.
Avatar f tn Could a series of bumps on the upper right side of my head that are very tender to the touch be an indication of something serious? I have had two concussions in the last year, both of which were dianosed as "mild".One in May. I get dizzy if i bend over too fast, reach down, and am developing pressure on my right eye. My hand-eye coordination never very good has gotten much worse. I will pick up an object and have it fall out of my hands.
6498330 tn?1389709379 Please let me know how true.. Because i sometimes see baby born with heat on face or bumps dats why i was wondering... Please respond! Thanks..
Avatar n tn two bumps 1cm in diameter have developed and seem hardened on the head of my penis.. also bigger type bumps on my butt. the bumps on my penis seem slightly hard, dry ,split. and raised... Im VERY concerned.
Avatar m tn I did so from this January but later I found that after oiling my head in Jan, small hard bumps started appearing on my head b/w the scalp hair. I really never had it i think so but still these bumps cause inflammation whenever i touch them. When i get up in the morning i find some hard crystallized lumps in very small amount which i remove using my nails after removing they again appear the next time after some 18-20 hrs or the next day.
Avatar n tn I have the similar situtation but i dont have any bumps on the head of my penis. These bumps have been on the base and the penile shaft, i hope that he right term for that area, even before i had sexual contact. There are multiple but very tiny bumps. I dont think its from any type of STD because as previously stated they were there before sexual contact.
2075937 tn?1334884194 My son is a month old and when he was born he had no bumps on his face or anywhere but just until a couple of days ago he's gotten bumps all on the side of his face and all on his head & taking him a bath doesn't seem to help! :( Do you ladies know what I can do to make then go away?
Avatar m tn ve noticed that the bumps only come back whenever i masturbate, most particularly in the shower, sometimes i masturbate while using a condom and nothing happens. Whenever the bumps return i use the Clotrimazole cream and within a day or two the bumps go away. I am a bit concerned because I do not want to have this problem anymore because they itch and thats how i know i have the bumps back, any suggestions?
Avatar n tn i just noticed that i have very small red bumps on the head of my penis, it is not filled wih pus, just red. it itches vey little but does not hurt. is this a std?
Avatar m tn HI, I have these tiny little bumps on my penis Head. No they do not surround the crown of the head of anything. They seem to be on the head. anyways. they are very small. Like really small. i can only really see them if I ben my penis in a certain way that the light would help it show. Also if I use my finger nail to sort of scrap it up ward I can get a better look at it. other wise they are so very hard to see. I am not sure how many I have but I would estimate about lets say 10.
Avatar n tn i have skin colored bumps on the head and the area of skin just before the head that is just before the head. the bumps are in clusters and are almost shiny, and they seem to lessen and worsen almost day to day. they have been there for a couple of months but are painless and do not itch. Do i have an std?