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Avatar f tn Why does my girlfriend get red bumps on lips about 1 to 2 hours after giving me oral sex? I went to the doctor to get tested for infections and STDs but it all came back negative can u help me?
Avatar n tn But for those who saw doctors, did you talk about STDs or HIV? I'm so paranoid about the bumps on my lips. I'm scared and I don't know what to do. Is this what you guys were thinking too? I mean, yeah I have been using lip balm from years ago that was stashed away, but how sure can we be that it's just a bacterial infection? So just to be clear, I have many tiny bumps on my upper lip on the left and right sides.
Avatar f tn I woke up this morning and both of my lips are swollen and the skin above my upper lip is red.i noticed that my lips have a very small bumps on then that kinda look like underground pimples but they are red not white.I tried putting ice on them to reduce the swelling but w/o any luck. I do have asthma and allergies but i have not been in contact or eaten anything new.What could this be? and what would be a good treatment to making the itching and swelling go away?
Avatar m tn The doctor examined me and treated me assuming I had gonerra or chlymidia and the symptoms of that have pretty much cleared up. He was pretty sure the white bumps on my lips were from the HSV-1. He put me on acyclovir.The antibiotics gave me thrush bad in my mouth and a bad rash around my anus and up my butt crack (I assume and hope the itching and redness there is just from the antibiotics). Here is my concern... 1) I have a had one or two 1 mm red bumps on my penis head for 3-4 weeks.
Avatar f tn The bumps on the lips look like a lump that is under the skin. In fact, they're kind of hard to even see except that they are making the lips droop and crinkle in a weird way. When I run my finger down the lips, I feel them easily, and they are painful when I press on them (and painful when I don't now too). They look most like a large pimple that is under the skin. I forgot to mention that when I went to the doctor on Sept. 7, I only had 2 bumps on my vaginal lips.
Avatar f tn I don't even know where to start unraveling this giant ball of anxiety I have concerning this, so here goes nothing. Ever since I became sexually active at age 16 (I'm 20 now) I have had this horrific fear of contracting an STD/finding out I have one. I have had three sexual partners in total and regardless of visiting sexual clinics on numerous occasions I can't shake the feeling I have something, whether HIV, herpes, etc...
Avatar f tn A while ago my girlfriend had small bumps in a circle formation on her vaginal lips she also experience burning while urinating she said she had no itching our pain and it went away after like a week and never came back what could it possibly be?
Avatar f tn But then, I started to get these bumps on the lips of my Vagina. but I Do have sore near the opening of my vagina, but I heard that was normal (is it?). But im not sure the ones on the lips are. They red and soft, they don’t hurt, but when touched, it does sting. Other then that, I never feel any pain, I’m just uncomfortable. I’ve been losing sleep trying to figure out what those bumps are. My boyfriend says it CANT be herpes cuz he been checked on that.
Avatar f tn Today, 1 day later (September 10th), I noticed that the bumps on my vaginal lips look like they have risen more to the surface, and resemble large pimples. They are also more sore than they had been, although less itchy. I also continue to feel a tingling/tickly sensation under the skin on my vaginal lips. This sensation is different from the itchiness that I was describing, which felt like it was more on the surface and was much more severe of a feeling.
Avatar f tn I had a child a year and 7 months ago i had little white hard painless bumps on the inner lips of my vagina and, my throat hurts and it feels like its stopped up making it hard to cough up the Flem. when going through my pregnancy I was shore that i didn't have any stds. Now I'm scared that i might have an std due to a previous relationship but I'm unsure. now living with my boyfriend I'm very uncomfortable what do i do?
Avatar f tn I was shaving and noticed white bumps on the inside of my Vaginal lips. I am a 16 year old virgin who has only had one boyfriend and we barely kissed (though he is the exact opposite of a virgin). I am really scared as to what these bumps may be. I don't itch or have painful urination, but lately I have had more discharge than usual. Are these bumps normal? I am so embarrassed and don't want to talk to my mom. But I am scared to even go to a clinic by myself behind her back.
Avatar n tn Fordyce's spots, or Fordyce granules are small, painless, raised, pale or white spots or bumps 1 to 3 mm in diameter that may appear on the shaft of the penis or on the labia, as well as the inner surface and vermilion border of the lips of the face. They are common in men and women of all ages. The spots are a form of ectopic sebaceous gland, and are not known to be associated with any disease or illness and are of cosmetic concern only.
Avatar f tn I also just yesterday noticed some little bumps along the edge on my labia minora. I'm setting up an appointment at a free clinic tomarrow but I am very stressed that it might be hpv and I've looked up symptoms and pictures and they don't look similar to mine but i am very concerned...are bumps on the labia minor that resemble taste bubs normal? Is it a symptom of a yeast infection or could it be an std?
Avatar n tn It consisted of a cluster of small raised bumps that are visible to the naked eye (you sort-or have to be looking for them but they are definately there). It does not hurt or itch; it is not on my lips themselves or in the corner of my mouth; it was not accompanied by any other symptons (such as fever, sore throat or the like); it has not broken into open sores or "weeped"; the condition has not changed over the course of the week (i.e.
Avatar f tn and I used tissue to dabb it away during the day. but when it discharges while I'm sleep it it gets hard and dries up on my lips and I would have to use a hot wrag to remove it. I got myself checked out again just to be on the safe side but yet again all my results came back negative. So I used vaseline til it eventually went away again. Now this problem comes back about every 1 1/2-2 months and I am starting to get very worried. Do anyone have any idea as to what this couldm possibly be?
Avatar m tn I don't have herpes on my penis, I have it on my lips like many people. I've read that once you already have herpes on your lips, you won't get it somewhere else. Since it's oral sex we're talking about, I believe it's oral herpes that you can catch from this activity, which I already have...
Avatar m tn I am a 19 year old female and I shaved my vaginal lips near the entrance into my vagina a week ago and nothing was wrong, the next day I got bumps that appeared to be under the skin and on top, I didn't think anything of it and had sex with my boyfriend the next day. The bumps got worse some of them became cuts, I can see the pink layer of my skin. The following day I found a cut about and inch long, It looks infected and covered in pus.
Avatar n tn more on the bumps.... 2 showed up on one arm, then it went away in a day then 2 showed up on the other also maybe like a week after exposure i had like stomach flu symptoms... it cant be HIV right....with the tests being negative at this point....
Avatar m tn Hi.. I've recently been checked for gonorrhea and chlamydia but still seem to be exhibiting symptoms. My greatest fear is HSV. But I digress. I have red, chapped lips that feel dry and burn on occasion Including to whit spotting on the corners of my upper lip. Also, on occasion, I find that I'll feel pain from the left testicle to the tip of my penis.
Avatar n tn A couple weeks ago, while I was shaving, I noticed two small bumps, one on my inner and one on my outer vaginal lips. They don't hurt or itch, but they are red. I haven't tried squeezing them, but they feel like little nubs on my skin. I'm worried that these may be some kind of herpes...but I don't know how I may have contracted them if my boyfriend or I were not previously exposed to any stds. Should I be seriously worried or does this sound like something that may go away?
Avatar n tn I have had pelvic exams before and they didnt say anything about it but, i have had these little bumps lining both sides of the inside of my vaginal lips. They dont hurt and they dont itch or anything like that... but i really wanna know if its normal to have those there...
Avatar n tn But after our fourth time together my lips got really swollen especially on the right side and burns wehn i pee,i bleed a lil ,and it hurts aloT! i ahve no cottage cheese looking discharge or distinct smell.and that was about seven months ago. Since then it has been happening i thought i might be alergic to condoms,but it happens even when we dont use one. Thought it might be intercourse but it happens even with just touching .
Avatar f tn She had me come back like 3 months later for a follow up papsmear. This time the results came back normal but the bumps on the inside an outside of my inner vagina lips still were bumpy but white now. She told me she thought it was genital warts until I told her how my boyfriend had been in (same office) a few dys prior for a red patchy dry looking rash on his penis and testicles.During my boyfriends visit he says he got checked for herpes.
Avatar m tn She unrolled the inside of the condom on her fingers leaving the vaginal fluids on the inside of the condom and made me wear it. I saw some red lesions/bumps on her pubic/vaginal area..perhaps she had herpes. I also kissed her breasts and sucked them. QUESTION 1: Could the penis masturbation and protected oral have "massaged" any bacteria or virus like Herpes or HIV or any other STD from her vaginal fluids inside the condom into my penis?
Avatar m tn then later i found out she had cold sore on her lips. she told me it never happened to her before, and it came to her without absolutely no pre symptoms such as tingling feeling etc. i was worried even more. then after that i got sick and noticed these red bumbs on the very back of my throat. i got better. the cold went away but the red bumps persisted. i went to doc and he said, dont worry that is just the lymphoid reaction and it is very normal.
Avatar n tn After a week or two after she had been on her medication we continued having sex. Then shortly after I have developed these fleshy bumps which started out as one or two and now there are several (around 12). They vary in size some being 4-6 mm and the others very small. They do not hurt, itch, or extract white puss like I have been reading from other people posting. I have no idea what they are but have had them for a couple months. If I pull them off it hurts a little and bleeds a lot.