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Avatar n tn my daughter has little clear like bumps on her fingers. they do not hurt or itch, can anyone help?
777206 tn?1235693114 I would have asked the doctor but I have no money. On the middle and ring fingers on BOTH hands i have bumps near the bottom palm side. Now I wouldn't worry normally for something like this but it's peeling a little and the bumps are in the same exact spots on the different hands. They are tiny and clear, like poison ivy though there is no real itching and I've had poison ivy so often that I would recognize that easily.
1060719 tn?1254508835 i have these bumps on my two fingers they are itchy and have a clear liquid discarge i use a steriod cream they still come back,a doc said it was ecsema i tried everything i was hopeing someone can help me out with a solution??
Avatar f tn I have slightly raised bumps on all of my fingers. It started on a finger that got bite by a cat two years ago( 4 days on iv antibiotics) those went away and now they are on every finger. They have red centers, d onot itch, when they are touched it feels like there maybe a sticker inside them. There is nothing in them, no fluid , no sticker or splinters, nothing!
Avatar f tn I sometimes get these little bumps on my index and middle fingers that normally go away within a week or two, but this last time I got them they did not go away and now they seem to be dried out and they're very itchy. I tried using lotion to help with the dryness but that just stops it temporarily and doesn't help with the itching. The skin is also hard where it's dry.
Avatar n tn I have little bumps that appear on my index and middle fingers. It's seems to be only in the spring summer months. Small little bumps almost rash like on the outsides of my finges, they appear during the day and seem to get better at night. Could be the sun or the heat. Not really burning just a little itchy. It's been happening for years but it was never a big deal. Now I'm wondering if I have melanoma or some damn thing. Please help.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your time. I have these painful reddish purple bumps on my fingers. Some in clusters. I was wondering if you could tell me what they might be. I haven't changed anything. So I don't understand why they are appearing and I don't have them anywhere except my fingers mainly and one or two on my palms. Most are located on my right hand a few have come and gone on my left. Anything you can tell me will help.
Avatar m tn Hello, The small itchy bumps on your fingers can be due to contact dermatitis or dyshidrotic eczema. For the itchy bumps, take antihistaminics like Benadryl(causes drowsiness) and Claritin and apply some calamine lotion on the rashes as it helps in soothing the skin.You can also apply mild steroid cream on the rash.If the symptoms persists then oral steroids may be needed which are available on prescription. Also keep the area well moisturized with good moisturiers.
Avatar f tn Hello, For about 8 month I have been having very small water bumps on my fingers on both hands, the water bumps seem to be in the middle and the sides of each and every finger, they itch a lot and if I were to pop them a small amount of watery liquid would come out. And after a while area that has been popt would dry out and pill off. It also seems like the more time passes by, these watery bumps get more on my figures and spared more and itch more.
Avatar n tn I used a product called Dr Bronners Magic Soap which contains tea tree oil and shortly after has these symptoms on my fingers and palms. I had gotten it on my hands when applying it on my foot. I noticed an even more severe reaction on my foot after finding information about tea tree oil. I found this info regarding contact dermatitis regarding tea tree oil "Tea tree oil should not be used orally; there are reports of toxicity after consuming tea tree oil by mouth.
Avatar f tn I get these ichy clear bumps on my fingers they come on a week before my period and go away as soon as it starts. they are clear and have clear liquid in them. they ichy terrible. what are they and how can i get rid of them?
Avatar n tn I have a few small raised bumps on my hands and fingers. They're round, flesh-colored, and don't seem to have any nerve endings - I can actually peel them off (though they always grow back). I've had them my entire life - any idea what they are?
Avatar m tn I have this tiny bumps on my left index finger on the side and on my middle finger on the knuckle area i picked them and this is what it looks like (check websites) im concerned of what this is and i also want to know how to get rid of them http://img692.imageshack.us/i/213842.jpg/ http://img268.imageshack.us/i/213826.jpg/ This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1037672'> lump of finger</a>.
Avatar f tn I have been getting painful red hard bumps on my fingers on and off ever since I was a kid. They are not itchy, the do not burn, they are just sensitive to touch. They range from only a couple to upwards of 20 then go away after a couple weeks.
Avatar n tn Doc, I have benn getting small red blisters/ bumps on my fingers and palms of both hands for about 8 years now. I am 36y/o. They come and go periodically out of nowhere. They are about the size of a pen tip. They do not pop. They do not itch. They do hurt when pushed on directly. They can last anywhere from 2-3 days to 3-4 weeks. I may get one or two and the a wekk later get more each time on the left or right hand. could this be Herpes? Does Herpes appear in exactly the same place each time?
Avatar f tn Ok for several years now, off and on, I've been having these patches of painful small red bumps that appear on my fingers and hands. They "seem" to appear around my period, and are hard, not filled, and when they disappear the leave the skin peeling sometimes. They hurt when you press on them, they seem worse sometimes more then other times. My family doctor has no idea. They hurt and look unsightly, I wish I knew what causes them and how to get them go away, for good!
Avatar n tn Tuesday I had one on my right wrist, wednesday the bump on my right middle finger turned into a cluster of tiny bumps, and on thursday I started getting itchy on my neck, stomach, waistline, there were a few more bumps on my right and left hands and then the right index finger started, I then popped the bumps on my forearm, right index and left middle and they oozed a clear liquid. Now friday I notice I have 4 on my right ring finger. They kind of itch, but nothing severe. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn Then, a day or two later, I developed three + red painful bumps, one right below my nail on my right pinky finger, one on the upper joint of my left middle finger, and one of the upper joint of my left ring finger. The pain isn't that bad -- the bumps are just sensitive and hurt a bit when touched. There is no itching at all, or burning, etc. Just a sensitivity/slight pain. I had this happen a few months ago, and it started like this and then more painful bumps appeared.
Avatar f tn I have red bumps on palms on both hands and a few on fingers of both hands. They are a dull pain always and when they are touched or brushed up against something they have a sharp pain like stickers or splinters. I saw a urgent care dr. he had no idea exactly as to what is going on. If somebody can tell me what these are and how to treat them, please do.
Avatar m tn For a few months, I have been getting bumps on my fingers and palms that itch (especially in the morning). They grow to a point, then begin to harden, flake, and heal. After healing, I notice a loss of flesh / muscle at the point at which the growth occured. Each spot will last for a few weeks before healing and disappearing. It's driving me crazy. Any recomendations?
Avatar f tn I've had these tiny bumps on both of my hands for a while now. They've started on my right hand first then later on spread to different areas of my right hand and now they are also on my left hand too. When I scratch it a clear liquid comes out. I'm assuming that is how it is being spread? I've used Cortizone 10 to treat it, but it doesn't seem to fully do the work. Also when it is exposed to hot water it gets extremely itchy. What could it be and what kind of ointment should I use to treat it?
Avatar f tn I have recently found that i have broken out with little bumps on my fingers. I originally thought it might be scabies but none of the pictures match what this looks like. There is no redness and no rash. The bumps feel swollen and seem to be popping up on my other hand now. I never have experienced allergies but I am now wondering if that may be the case or if it is something else.
1613602 tn?1306202723 During the school year last year, my brother started to have swollen fingers (not his thumb), and on the fingers there would be red itchy bumps. He says that sometimes they will feel warm when they begin to get irritated and then get extremely itchy. He only gets these every few months or so, and they will stay for about a week tops. As far as he remembers, he never got them during the summer. They do not work on a schedule, and only appear every so often.
Avatar f tn About 5 days ago, I woke up w/ a couple of small red bumps, about the size of a pen tip. One was on my thumb on my L hand and one on my middle finger, on my R hand (they are on the underside of my fingers). Then yesterday when I woke up, I had three more. On the palm of my R hand, and middle finger again. Now, when I woke up today, I have about 10 more that have shown up. More on the palm of my R hand, the same middle finger, pinkie on my R hand and ring finger on my L hand.
1406413 tn?1281222266 I have these tiny bumps on the inside of my fingers (only on the right hand.) I'm wondering if it could be warts? There is no rough surface, so I'm not sure if using wart remover is a good idea, as it may eat away at the skin. Also, I thought it might be a new reaction to the gloves I use at work. I wear the glove primarily on my right hand, as I am a sonographer, and this is the hand I scan with.
Avatar n tn what are and how do i get rid of, bumps on fingers hands arms legs knees and back
2792668 tn?1340129601 Overall muscles feel tight and burning. Sinuses are burning and extrememly dry. Bumps on right side of tongue are irritating. Could be ulcers on tongue. Larnyx does not feel normal and voice is not normal. Some tightness in chest. Hot weather seems to make hands slightly swollen. Spine has nerve twinges also.