Bumps on face from shaving

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Avatar m tn Around age 13 I broke out with small itchy bumps on my lower face. When I was yonger they formed more along the upper part of my chest but for the last 15 years it's always been in the beard area. I'm not the best shaver and they do tend to pop up more where I've recently cut or scaped myself shaving but not always. These usually start as on bump and itch but soon more appear usually within the space of a nickle. They itch and are oily for the first few days.
Avatar n tn you should never share razors with anyone - the risk of other diseases thru doing so is far too high. Also never use the same razor on your genital area that you use on your face either. These could be many things including ingrown hairs and folliculitis. The best thing to do is to follow up on it with your provider to see what is going on.
Avatar n tn I have a rash that has been spreading on my face on the areas where I shave. They appear to be grayish white water filled spots that are more pronounced after shaving and seem to dry up during the day and peal, I then apply a moisturizing cream to help hide them throughout the day. Could this be some form of the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria? Is there an over the counter antibiotic cream that can be purchased to treat this?
Avatar n tn I am a 22 year old Caucasian male that has dealt with acne since I was a teenager. I used Accutane in highschool and had nearly clear skin for almost a year afterward. My acne is not nearly as bad as it used to be however it has returned. Forehead, chin, and back and are the most common areas. My problem now is shave bumps (whatever the right term for that would be) that basically are red marks. I grow a full beard in a week and shave it probably once a week as well.
Avatar n tn Ok i went out with this girl and we had unprotected sex and like 2 days later i had red bumps on my forearm look like mequietoes bites and they where itchy, there was 3 on my right and 1 on my left arm. And now ive got a outbreak on my face looks like ingrown hair from shaving,it was very itchy it went away then it came back after 2 days prior of shaving, very itchy again i never had any thing big that look like herpes blisters.
Avatar n tn I did not have these problems when I was younger. After shaving, I am getting ingrown hairs on my face on the side of my chin on both sides. When I look closely to see why I have these small red bumps below the skin, there are hairs just beneath the top layer of the skin. I can dig them out with tweezers, but it leaves red marks, and if I don't, small red bumps form anyways. I need to shave for my job, so using a beard trimmer is not possible.
Avatar n tn Earlier this summer I was prescribed Erythromycin for some redness and inflamation on another part of my face so I thought perhaps I could use this on my chin, however this only further inflamed my chin and stung quite intensely. It has now been about 2 weeks since this first arose and the affected areas have not shrunk in any way, leading me to believe that it is not anything to do with my razor or shaving. I've been using the same type of razor and shaving cream for several years now.
Avatar m tn I finally decided to try shaving again and this time to prevent the bumps i waited till after i took a hot shower, used shaving gel before, then used the nuvea after shave that was supposed to help reduce irritation. The next day my face was still smooth but then about 2 days later the bumps started to appear and now my whole lower face is covered with shaving bumps.
Avatar m tn I have had a strange rash on my face and neck, mainly around the beard area. It started last week, so I decided to shave to let some air get the area, but it doesn't seem to be improving. I have linked to a picture here (hopefully it will work). If you look closely you can see a lot of small bumps, which aren't red, along with more obvious red bumps. I look forward to your reply. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Yes people do get shaving rashes from shaving. You said you received oral sex, you can get gonorrhea, NGU, herpes and syphilis. Though oral sex tramsmission of STD's is not very common, it does happen so you still have a risk-if unprotected. If you are worried then look out for discharge or burning while urinating, that is a symptom of gonorrhea and NGU. Syphilis is rare in developed countries and the transmission is low for syphilis and herpes.
Avatar m tn Always apply shaving cream to the skin before shaving and allow the shaving cream to sit on your face for a couple of minutes before shaving to help it soften the skin and hair. Shave with the grain of your hair. And rinse your shaving razor with rubbing alcohol before and after every use, and change the blade at least once a week to get rid of hair bumps.
Avatar n tn I have a patch of bumps on the back of my head and on the top. Might have been from when i got my hair cut at the barber shop. Is there anything out there I can use that will clear this up.
Avatar n tn Fordyce's spots, or Fordyce granules are small, painless, raised, pale or white spots or bumps 1 to 3 mm in diameter that may appear on the shaft of the penis or on the labia, as well as the inner surface and vermilion border of the lips of the face. They are common in men and women of all ages. The spots are a form of ectopic sebaceous gland, and are not known to be associated with any disease or illness and are of cosmetic concern only.
Avatar n tn When I use lotion after shaving it burns, even just putting it on shaving or no shaving. I know I know, no scented or fruity lotions. I will use lubaderm or gold bond, (STILL BURNS) More than the burning its the way my legs look. It reminds me of chicken skin. Its always red around each and every hair follical. I hate it because I live with my boyfriend and he says he doesn't care which is comforting I guess, but I would just rather not have the problem. oh and thats not all of it.
Avatar n tn I am a 17 year old girl, just a few months ago I started noticing bumps on my vagina. I am not sexually active so I am sure this is not a std. The bumps normally have pus and blood in them or sometimes they are hard and cannot be squeezed, they itch often do. I know this is gross but i really need to know what is the cause of this.
Avatar n tn Thanks in advance for answering my question. I have several red-ish/white bumps on the left side of my torso (two or three together in my upper pubic hair area toward stomach, although not in my genital area; one by my belly button, a group of 4 under my breast; one on my breast below the nipple and one at the top of my breast). the group of four i got several months ago and have been continuing to get more as time passes.
Avatar f tn Most men don't shave their legs, so most don't have itch that comes from shaving! Anyways, back to the point - She is suffering the same symptoms, has tried EVERYTHING. The last doctor we went to basically said to just stop shaving and come back later (so we can pay even more for no answer?).
Avatar n tn Hello, White bumps on face could be due to milia.They appear as yellowish white bumps on the face. White spots on the skin can be due to excessive exposure to sun, trauma, blisters on the skin which blocks the glandular ducts etc.If these bumps appear after shaving it can be due to is ingrown hair. The main reason for accumulation of white spots on the skin is impurities and dirt. Keep your face clean. Avoid using cosmetics and makeup on the face till it heals completely.
Avatar n tn I've had these little bumps on both my upper and bottom lip. It usually starts from one and somehow spreads to the other, leaving my lips dry, inflamed feeling, and very uncomfortable. After a few days it seems like you've all said to turn hard and crust off. I've had this for actually the past 2 or 3 months, it only very rarely before but now I'm getting it almost every week. After the dry skin has crusted off, I get a free week of normal lips, and then the little bumps reappear.
Avatar n tn i am a black male with a lot of bumps on my face. it is not caused from shaving, it just started a few months ago. it itches mostly when i get hot from weather or being over a grill cooking, which i do for a living. is there something i can buy over the counter to help this? i think i may be alergic to the grease at work.
Avatar n tn as it only appears on the my face and neck..after I shave its very sensitive and red and sore..I am only shaving 2x a week to help with the rash..I have used bag balm..not helping and a topical ointment absorbase..prescribed from my Dr..but thats not helping either..
Avatar f tn Recently I noticed these small bumps on my vaginal area, their not really like pimples, they have no odd color to them, no odor and they are not sore, not even when touched. They just look like part of my skin. The only thing I can think to compare them to are skin tags...When I asked, someone told me you could get them there but I wasn't sure. The bumps are only located on the upper part of my vagina. I'm kind of scared because I don't know what they are.
Avatar n tn Shaving or not shaving my face doesn't seem to make a difference either. Wanted to get your thoughts on it.
Avatar m tn Hope all is well with everyone. When I shave the little bumps on my face gets really ichey, I do put the gold bond on but it doesn't help much. I see iceboy , spacecoast4, mauka and others are still not posting. I hope they are alright? The last we heard iceboy's HGB was between 4.8- 5.2 and that's not good as we all know. Hope all have a great day.
Avatar f tn i used and exfoliant on my face and later on my face was broke out and had blisters on it . Now im dealing with red patches of dry skin on cheeks , chin .