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Avatar f tn My skin on the back of my hand got very dry and bumpy. The bumps or spots aren't that noticeable but red enough to. It isn't itchy unless I scratch. The bumps aren't big either. There are about 50 bumps some more big, red and more noticeable than other while most are very small, skin coloured and close together. I have put a Vaseline product for dryness and it worked but the bumps haven't cured and have been like t his for 2 days. I'm not allergic to anything so I'm not sure what it is.
Avatar n tn I am 15 years old and have been getting itchy red bumps on the back of my hand, about every 4 months. It can be on just one hand, and somtimes it gets on both. Only one time it spread to my knees. They are very annoying and to be specific they are from my pointer finger knucle down to my wrist. To help with itchiness, I just use Gold Bond anti itch cream. The bumps stay on there for a few weeks.
Avatar m tn 2 months after moving in, I develop these bumps on my hand, along with a rash down my body and on the inside of my forearm. Really worrisome. My PCP didn't really care (by the time I could get an appointment they were gone!) but gave me some cream and prednisone. Now 8 months later, I have developed them again! It could POSSIBLY be detergent related, but I don't know. I'm thinking of asking for a referral to a derm.
Avatar n tn Hi i'm a 25 year old male, about a year ago I noticed a bunch of bumps that are just kind of like poofed up skin on the back my hand, they dont hurt at all or itch at least not much if they do, and have never broken open or any thing like that. More have slowly appeared and some have gotten bigger and several small ones have appeard on my other hand now its the only place I'v found them though is on the back of my hands. Any ideas what this could be?
Avatar n tn I have small pinkish bumps on the back of one hand. They don't hurt or itch. What are they?
Avatar f tn Hello. Starting several months back, I noticed a small flesh colored bump on my hand, it was above my wrist, on the back side, not the palm. After I realized it was there for at least a month, i guess i started scratching it and eventually it cut. After that happened, it started expanding to more of these little bumps, though its kinda hard to see them because I have scratched it quite a bit and its now mostly a raised dime sized area with some raised bums around it.
Avatar m tn I've included a picture of the bumps on wrist, which is similar in appearance to the bumps on the palm. Hopefully the picture won't be too washed out from the flash. Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I will go back to (a different) physician, in particular a dermatologist, if it appears worthwhile to go and spend that money but I don't want to just spend money without actually getting any help. Thanks!
Avatar f tn sounds like some bumps i had on my hand i clean houses so i thought it might have been athletes foot from a shower transfer cleaning or something and it got pretty bad so i opened the blisters and actually applied the sulfadene that i put on my dogs hot spots and it dried them in in like 2 days i kept it up for about 4 days and its all dried up now ..
Avatar n tn Hi, I have itchy red bumps on top of my left hand in an area about 1 x 1 inch square. The bumps are pretty close together & there are about 8-10 bumps. If I scratch it, it gets worse, but its not spreading. I had this come up a few times before at exactly the same spot on my hand then goes away the next day. I've been diagnosed with Herpes 1 or HSV1, is this related to that? These rashes actually came up after I came back from a trip to Los Angeles.
Avatar m tn Dear All, A cluster of bumps have grown over time on the back of my neck and i have taken a lot of medications but to no avail. It started like a single pimple at the back of my neck many years ago but is now increasing in size and number. Pls i'll be glad to know what will stop this cluster of bumps. (See attached picture).
Avatar n tn It started on the R hand they are located in the middle on the back of my hand and go towards the base of the thumb. I now have 4 on my L hand 2 are at the base of the thumb by the wrist one on my 1st index finger and 1 by the wrist middle finger. Could this be Eczema? Anything to worry about like skin cancer etc.?
Avatar f tn Jut to give you more details, they seem to be not healing and it has been more than 6 months at and my skin looks really red with small bumps on back of the hand, also there seems to be no hair in the center of the pimple( or may be they are yet to grow) , so do you suggest me getting it checked ? How do you suggest using a hot compress? Are there any antibiotics crème that can make my skin back to normal. Your reply would be really appreciated.
Avatar n tn I have these red bumps on my back that kind of feel like a blister, like with the loose skin and all. There pretty big, if you rub your hand against my shirt it almost feels like a little ball. I have no pain or itchyness with them. But I also have no idea what they are! It started out with a dot hat ended up on my chest/breast and never went away. They all look like scars by the way they developed, any ideas? I've never gone to the doctor cause I saw no concern with them.
Avatar n tn it also looks like i have them on my hand its not big just little bumps. some of them dont have a body there just look like bumps on it and i cant feel them cause there nothang to rub . i got the ones on my face when i was putting grease in my hair Doo GRO <--. i try aloe and the first set when away. but there back again.
Avatar f tn They've started on my right hand first then later on spread to different areas of my right hand and now they are also on my left hand too. When I scratch it a clear liquid comes out. I'm assuming that is how it is being spread? I've used Cortizone 10 to treat it, but it doesn't seem to fully do the work. Also when it is exposed to hot water it gets extremely itchy. What could it be and what kind of ointment should I use to treat it?
Avatar n tn Does anyone know how you get it on the palm of your hand?
Avatar m tn It seems if i could just avoid itching and water for 3-5 days it would prob clear up but its tough. Its mostly on my back side of my right hand and the tops and sides of my fingers. My left hand has a couple patchy spots as well. Cortaid Ointment seems to help the best. Lotion is a joke and sometimes makes it worse. Please help ... very weird that hot water makes this rash spread fast and furious..?
Avatar m tn I developed a series of bumps down the back of my throat, as well as some on the corners of my mouth near my molars (not on the gums.) There is also a bit of inflammation on the upper right hand corner of my mouth. The bumps are pinkish in appearance and range from about a cm in diameter to less, that run down my throat connected by veins. I have had these for two months. I have been diagnosed with a sinus infection which I took amoxicillin for, and did nothing.
Avatar n tn Right hand was red, as if mildly sunburned, on the back of the hand from midway between the wrist and hand knuckles to the end of the fingers. Left hand had similarly-colored blotches from the thumb hand-knuckle across to the hand-knuckles of the first and second fingers also. She was being treated with penicillin vk at the time for a sore throat (thought to be strep). At the same time she had a migraine headach and took a Maxalt for it.
Avatar n tn It started near the ring on my hand and popped and oozed like posion ivy. It then started to spread to my fingers and now the palm of both hands. It does not look like poison ivy now. There are small millimeter type bumps that have clear and light brown liquid inside. My hand is generally red and very itchy. I have been taking benadryl the last couple of days and the itchiness goes away for 4 to 6 hours and then is back. I wake up itchy after about 4 hours and take another dose.
Avatar f tn I've also started to see these same little bumps (3 or so), that had shown up around the cut, appear on palm and fingers of the same hand. I have been keeping the area covered as much as possible applying bandages when sleeping or at work and keeping it off with just the ointment at other times. How long will this wound take to heal (now that the infection has been treated)? Should I continue keeping it covered as I have been? Are these new bumps something to worry about?
Avatar f tn it sounds like a cyst or bony growth I had one under my foot and one on the palm of my hand ..I read about it, and I massaged it a lot, they both went away ..
Avatar n tn It started as a tingling annoying sensation on the my left hand, the back of my palm slightly above the wrist. It soon developed tiny raised bumps then to vesicles. I went to see a doctor. The doctor's nurse says it might be shingles, but the doctor diagnosed it as HSV-1 right in front, no testings. He prescribed me Valtrex and an ointment. It left me a scar on that hand. Which herpes virus infection leaves a scar? Both HSV-1 and Shingles? Since then, it hasn't recurred anywhere on my body.
Avatar n tn In early Sept I noticed a little tiny bump on the palm of my left hand. The bump was more under the skin, with a very tiny patch of dry skin at the top. It was a little tender if you pushed on it. I picked at it, and it seemed like a few layers of skin came off. After a week it didn't look any better, went to my dermatologist and he said whatever it was it was "healing" and gave me a cortisone cream.
Avatar m tn I am 14 years old, and I have these small red bumps on the back of my right hand, yesturday they were my skin colour, now they are very red. I do not know what happened, but I have been wearing my gloves to stop it from spreading, I noticed the bumps about a week ago, and they are still spreading but ever so slightly. They only itch when I touch them. Please help...