Bumps on arms and shoulders

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Avatar n tn I have these bumps on my shoulders and arms that resemble keloids. However, they itch and swell at random moments throughout the day. I have not had any reason that I can think of for scars to grow there other than a really bad sun burn, any ideas what this might be?
1664097 tn?1302993902 I have stinging pain (feels sort of like jellyfish stings) on my upper arms and shoulders that comes and goes. Sometimes there are very tiny itchy pimple type bumps and sometimes it's where the bumps used to be. It's painful and nothing seems to relieve it. The doctor's best guess is eczema. I feel like it's nerve related since I've also had nerve pain pop up in my feet. When should I consult a neurologist? Or should I just accept it's from the fibromyalgia?
Avatar f tn The rashes include red, very itchy and results in a cluster of small bumps all over my arms and shoulders. Some of them are single bumps but looks really irritated. Please help with a regimen to help through the summer season.
Avatar f tn I have these small red bumps(to the touch) on my upper arms, shoulders and back. I had noticed that the small red bumps go away and go come back every so ofter. However, I didn't know I had them on the shoulders or back until I went for a mud treatment at a spa. The person doing the mud treatment said it look like I have some type of rash. Any ideas what these red bumps could be? an allergic reaction to something? affect of sun damage (I haven't sun myself in 10 yrs)?
Avatar n tn again bumps cleared up for about 1 week and then reappeared. Bumps are on both arms on the underside of my forearms from inside elbow crease to wrists and no where else on my body. Any ideas? Thank-you.
Avatar f tn I have had these bumps for months. They started on my forearms and have now spread all over arms and shoulders/back. Does anybody have any suggestions? This is very ugly and I need to figure it out. I Have tried different detergents/ no detergents, Changed soaps ect ect ect, and no change. It just keeps getting worse...Please help!
Avatar m tn I started tanning and have noticed that little patches of skin on my shoulders/upper arms are standing out, they're lighter than my tanning skin and are rough and kind of bumpy in texture. I have looked up what keratosis pilaris is and it doesn't match what I have. My bumps are very small, almost not even there but the skin is rougher than the rest of my arm and lighter in color. Is this due to tanning?
Avatar n tn I have these small bumps that resemble goosebumps on my upper chest and upper arms. They don't hurt, don't itch, and they are skin colored. They are not everywhere...just some spots. My girlfriend (MSc.) and mom (RN) say they are blocked pores...but I am worried anyway. I perspire alot...so that might be the reason. Could you please give me some idea of what this is? And whether or not I should see a doctor? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I have red bumps on both my upper arms just below the shoulders. They only appear when it's hot and I first got them last summer. I want to know what they are and how to treat them.
Avatar n tn I noticed that when I started on Paxil two and a half years ago that I broke out in tiny pimples on my back, shoulders and upper arms. They started to go away when I stopped taking the Paxil, but came back when I resumed taking the meds five months laters. I have found that a good body wash with one of those little scrunchy scrubby things helps, and different moisturisers also help. Doesn't sound like the same thing as you have been having though.
Avatar n tn It most often appears on the back and outer sides of the upper arms and can also occur on the thighs and tops of legs, flanks and buttocks. Keratosis pilaris occurs as excess keratin, a natural protein in the skin, accumulates within the hair follicles forming hard plugs. Bearing only cosmetic consequence, the condition most often appears as a proliferation of tiny hard bumps that are seldom sore or itchy. Many KP bumps contain an ingrown hair that has coiled.
Avatar n tn Also apply calamine lotion and a mild steroid cream on the bumps. You may take Vitamin C along with the prescribed treatment. Vitamin C is a general anti-allergy supplement. It helps stabilize mast cells so they are less likely to release histamine. If the symptoms persist then pls get it evaluated from a dermatologist. If the hives don’t go after 6 wks of treatment also, then it can be a case of chronic urticaria which needs further evaluation as it may be due to auto antibodies.
Avatar n tn I first noticed this 3 months ago only on the back of one arm...now it is all over both of my arms mostly from my elbows to my shoulders. They are not itchy at all. There are a few stray little ones below my elbows, but very few. I'm concerned as to what this could be? It's quite humiliating as I'm a young woman who would really like to wear tank tops now that warmer weather is approaching.
Avatar f tn wow- didn't know so many people had the same problem- my upper arms break out in bumps and welts from august to December and itch till im raw and bleeding at night-ive had some relief from massaging in almond oil but it doesn't stop it- too much sun?
Avatar f tn Like a year or so ago I had just one little spot on my arm where the bumps were and they weren't white yet. There has been more and more bumps as time has went on and they have gotten whiter. The bumps don't itch. The bumps seem to go to other places on my arms when my arms are exposed to the sun, so that's why I think it's some sort of sun damage. I am wondering if it is possible that this stuff on my arms could eventually harm me in any way. I am worried about that.
Avatar n tn It started in early July I would say and my arms and scalp have been on fire for two months straight. I thought it was from a highly chlorinated swimming pool for about a week and then it never stopped. I have litterally scratched my skin off of the back of my head and top of my right arm below the elbow. I have no known allergies and would consider myself in superb health. What is causing this??????
Avatar n tn Mostly small bumps on my face, sometimes growing a little big. Ive also noticed little bumps on my shoulders and arms, that seem to just be popping up randomly. Not sure if this is related, but I also have been experiencing nasal congestion, it seems like I have been picking my nose constantly. Im not sure how else to explain it. Please any tips would help.
Avatar m tn i now have tiny red spots(not bumps) on my thighs up to my belly button, and scaly itchy skin on my back. everywhere between my knees and my shoulders is itching like crazy and i dont know what to do!! went to the clinic and doctor said looks like bug bites or maybe fungal infection and gave me some cream that didnt do anything except make my clothes uncomfortable. i got new sheets, washed all my clothes with hot water and light detergent, changed bath soap, lotion dont help, HELP ME PLEASE!!!
Avatar f tn Although most of the pictures and articles on the Internet show bed bug bites on the legs or arms---- the bites do show up on the back and shoulders also. Funny how the Internet shapes our perceptions by posting the same pics and snips from articles over and over. :) Not saying your bites were bed bug bites----- but a bed bug isn't particular about where it bites.
Avatar n tn I have had white spots on my arms for about 4 years. it started out just as white marks when my skin would get tan. Over the years the white marks have turned into large white areas when I get tan (vs small white circles at first) and the part that is the worst is that my upper arms are getting lumpy now. It looks like I have cellulite in my arms...but it's not. also, it has spread to my upper back and shoulders. I can't take it anymore!!!
Avatar m tn Now the bumps are all over my legs and all over my chest back and upper arms/shoulders. They are extremely itchy and they get flacky as I itch. I was wondering I this may o happened because i cut my arm on the side of a pool a couple days beore this happened. Can someone please help me by telling me what I have or any cures or relief methods.
Avatar f tn The last week the rash has traveled up my neck and is now on my jaw line, moving up my hairline. I do yoga and walk and don't feel I sweat enough to cause clogged oil glands or pores. I've been using Proactive for many years now and have found great relief with their oil free moisturizer and green tea lotion on my face. Proactive doesn't seem to have any effect on the rash. I sometimes wonder if the Minocin is causing the rash.
Avatar n tn My 12 year old granddaughter just came down with a small rash, slightly red/ pinkish and raised a small amount on her chest and back. They are starting to move to her arms, shoulders and inner arms. They are very itchy. She just noticed them yesterday and her Mom put Hydrocortisone Cream and it seems to take the itch away. What could it be?
Avatar n tn My rash started out on my back. I had patches of dry little bumps and then other areas of raised red bumps all which are very itchy. The rash then manuevered its way to my shoulders, stomach and chest. Focusing around my bra area out to my underarm. Sometimes it has an appearance of hives but then others it appears to look like the chicken pox. I have a few spots under my arms that have turned into dry circle like areas about the size of a dime.
Avatar n tn I have small white bumps on my upper chest, neck, behind my ears, and tops of my shoulders. They come and go and I have treaded it with steroid creams and ketoconozal. While I was taking the ketoconozal I had no bumps but once I stopped the medication the bumps returned. I have been to a dermatologist and a GP with no help. I was initially being treated for a topical dermatitis under my arms that has cleared up.
Avatar n tn My 9 years old daughter has this blisters on arms and legs, her skin is dark so the blisters leave light spots on her, and she does not like to wear skirt, shorts,short sleeve. I am so sad about this, I have taken her to the dermatologist, creams nothing helps. she has had this blister for 6 months.
Avatar n tn Today ~1 week later the bumps have multiplied and are now on my shoulders and behind my knees. What the hell is this stuff? It itches like crazy and is grossing me out. I'm 24 year old, fair skined Female and live in AZ. Is there a small pox virus going around or something we don't know about? Please help me also.