Bumps behind ears and neck

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Avatar n tn But i also have 'hyves-like' (i thinks, my family docter thinks 'rosacea-like') things on both sides of my head, behind my ears, on my chest, and onder my hair (at the border hair-skin). It doesn't itch or hurt. But it's not going away....
Avatar f tn Hi im 26 and female. Behind both my ears about half way up my head I can feel a small lump on each side under the skin which feel as hard as bone. They have always been there about as long as I can remember, I assumed they were cartlidge or bone I was feeling, is this correct or could it be anything worse. They dont hurt to touch nor do they move, this isnt behind the ear lobe so know not a gland, much higher up on the head behind the ear.
Avatar f tn I was out inb the yard watering my plants on Monday, and when I came inside, I noticed a rash in the back of my head, behind my ears and on my neck. I feel sure that something has biten me but what I don't know. The symptoms were negative at first, then I started itching, and it appears that the rash has spread. I've been using calamine lotio and alcohol, for the itching and taking Benadryl. Does anyone have any other suggestions? the bumps are red, itchy and they do burn at times.
Avatar m tn It is sparsely spaced on my front neck area and begins to get even more spaced apart as it travels down to my upper chest area. It is also behind both ears, and it seems to be the worst in that area. The bumps are much closer together behind my ears and seem to be more irritated. I haven't changed anything in my lifestyle or product usage OTHER than a mineral body shimmer that I used the two days before the rash occured.
432263 tn?1213472540 This moring I felt large areas on unhealed raw wet flesh behind both ear lobes and the area burns. What is that about? Is this normal for day 12 post op? It seemed like right after the surgery the ear lobes were sewed back onto the sides of my face, but have somehow ripped away. Please explain. Will this leave bad scarring? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/279898'>face lift recovery</a>.
Avatar n tn sunday I started itching under my ears and on my neck and yesterday I found little bumps under my ears sounding somewhat similar to the description yall gave. at first I thought it was the cloths because they were new so I took it off but today I woke up itching and I started feeling itchy on my back as well. the bumps are only red when I itch them.
1394203 tn?1280291748 the spots behind my ears r the same way i get sharp stabbing pain the jaw an jawline around my ears so on an i always thought it was due to my acid reflux but i have noticed its usally when im having some pressure i have also noticed that this "lump" i thought that was just behind my ears also goes all the way to the back of my skull on both sides its like really hard to describe what this is cause its not bumps but its not lumps its kinda like if a snake is under my skin that is the
Avatar m tn However I recently indulged at a party I attended and the oozing and flaking behind the ears started a day or two later. Now I have stopped eating gluten for three days the scale is gradually going away. When I did a google search for oozing and flaking behind the ears and gluten, I found some interesting comments. One said it was common for people with celiac disease. In another comment a mother said her baby had it badly but it disappeared when she took gluten out of the diet.
Avatar f tn A few nights ago i noticed bumps behind my ears, but they did not itch. I also noticed small bumps on the very upper middle part of my stomach and the area was a little pink. This rash doesn't really itch besides maybe a couple times an hour, but a little scratch from my finger takes care of it so im considering it non-itchy. I've tried hydracortisone and coconut oil but it has not helped. Today i woke up from a nap to find that i felt bumps all over my stomach.
Avatar n tn I have small white bumps on my upper chest, neck, behind my ears, and tops of my shoulders. They come and go and I have treaded it with steroid creams and ketoconozal. While I was taking the ketoconozal I had no bumps but once I stopped the medication the bumps returned. I have been to a dermatologist and a GP with no help. I was initially being treated for a topical dermatitis under my arms that has cleared up.
Avatar f tn My son just turned 17~ last year he had red bumps behind his ears that started to itch and had excess skin very ugly the family Dr.
Avatar m tn I am on medications because I underwent a few surgeries quite recently... I have a rash on my neck and behind my ears.. there are little white bumps and look like little pimples with pus in them.. they are very itchy and painful..what could this be and what can i put on it to relieve the itch?
Avatar n tn I have itchy red bumps all over my back, my neck, behind my ears, going into my ears,on my face, in my hair and slowly appearing on my chest. It took one day for this spread. I don't know what it is and my doctor doesn't either. HELP!
Avatar n tn Yep--lymph nodes----I just had a infection that dealt with my lymph nodes on the right side lower neck up to the top of my neck with the one behind my ear very very sore---I did not run fever---but I had heaches, and very tired----I did go to the doctor and we talked about mono---but he said it would not affect the nodes in that way---he did put me on some antibiotics----they helped----but I had to go back and then we talked about mumps---all in all everything was fine----I just had a bad infect
Avatar n tn i had my treatment of chemo which was hell and now i am in remission, but the other day i was feeling around my neck and noticed behind my left ear were the first lump was when i first was diagnosed is back and **** im scared as hell.!!!
Avatar m tn The rash is described as small red patches and bumps that start on the face and neck and disappears the same way it came. Otherwise, you may need to have this checked by your doctor. Direct clinical examination of the rash is important for proper diagnosis.
288415 tn?1231634102 I know where you are coming from I thought I was the only one with this issue, my itching gets so bad that I scratch and dig until me ears scabb and hurt but I cant stop scratching because it itches so baddly. I have stuck pencils, pens, keys, in my ear just to try and relieve the itching. If you have any suggestions on what to use for the itching please help.
Avatar f tn I have been getting these strange red, itchy bumps behind my ears. Sometimes they hurt and they come and go. I don't know if its an allergic reaction to something I use, but I never get them anywhere else. Sometimes they go all the way down the sides of my neck and its driving me crazy! Any thoughts would be well appreciated! Thanks!
Avatar n tn It is on my forehead, nose, cheeks, chin and neck. It is always there. It is just little bumps everywhere! Sometimes they get red and itch, and other times they are skin color. But my face feels like sandpaper. I have been to doctors and nobody has solved the problem. I have been on Retin-A and topical Eurthromycin but neither have done anything except make my face real dry. I haven't seen a dermatologist yet ... but am calling to make an appointment today.
Avatar f tn My Boyfriend has a bunch of red bumps on his chest stomach and arms and behind his ears and on his neck the ones on his forehead are skin color they happened this Thursday the barely started hurting if he lays a certain way.
Avatar m tn After a couple months, it spread to my cheeks and behind my ears and a little on my neck. Forehead and cheek rashes are red and looks a little like Hives, but im wondering if its a fungus. Only time it itches is when my forehead or behind my ears get dry. I have called my doc and he has called in 3 different cream which have not worked. Im three mo away from getting INS. so my Doc is kinda shooting blind. I need some guideance.
Avatar n tn The pain seems to travel down into my neck muscles and the back of my neck, more recently my shoulders, and seems to radiate around on both sides. my neck doesn't look swollen particularly when i look in the mirror, but it feels it. The swollen lump is making me have to 'pop' my right ear all the time, and it now feels like there is pressure in my ear (a bit like when water is trapped in your ear). I've been to a number of doctors/nurses, all of whom don't seem overly concerned.
Avatar m tn right below my chin and on my neck are little bumps that feel like the goosbumps, those are on my neck and the back of my neck right below my hair line. on my back and are similar symptoms excecpt they are red dots and more spread out, in random and evenly not in cluttered heavy bunches. the effected areas are not swollen, do not have impalement of skin, and are not hot. i do not have a feaver.
Avatar n tn I have had recurring bumps show up on the back of my neck, the top and sides of my head, and around my ears. Occasional bumps rise on my upper back, stomach, buttocks and the back of my thighs. The most severe and painful are the ones on my neck and head. Recently, in taking some allergy medication, I noticed the redness and itching going away. After the allergy medication stopped, the bumps came back with a vengeance. They do not seem to be normal acne. They do not form a head.
Avatar m tn a day later it spread then I got bumps on my forehead behind ears, on my neck and on my eye lids, and it is slightly itchy on my cheeks? what could this be?what do I need to get rid of this?
Avatar n tn i have a non-itchy rash behind my ears and at the top middle of my back i doesnt seem to bother me to much but its red, lumpy and quite noticable. i have no idea what it is or how i got it. i woke up this morning and descovered it on my bus to school. the bumps are quite prominant and large, it spreads from the back of my ears to the middle of my neck. could you tell me what it is and how i can prevent it or stop it?
Avatar m tn please advise im getting very worried and i can feel the nodes behind my ears and groin...there are not swollen i can just feel them..is this normal too??
Avatar n tn I attributed this to sleeping on that side and tucking my hair behind my ear. When I found a lump right behind my ear lope but on my neck, that was large and visible, I became worried and went to the doc. The day before my appoint, poof my ear was completely back to normal. Doc couldnt tell anything said might have been a severe ear infection and come back if it returns. Just over a week later it returned, super itchy, hot and lumpy, including lump behind the lobe.