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Avatar n tn When my son gets here I was considering giving him a Binky because baby's seem to love them and they are life savers! But I've heard the cause buck teeth, or rotted teeth and its very hard to get them off of it. Any opinions?
787406 tn?1339203183 Well, first------------ it doesn't make kids teeth permanently buck. Um . . . those baby teeth fall out, remember? And not usually until age 5.5 or 6 does the average first lower tooth fall out. The structure of the jaw is not affected by a pacifier. Now, the soft palate, on the other hand is. And early on---------- the use of a pacifier is actually beneficial for this. Soothing and self soothing is really important for children psychologically.
Avatar f tn m really worried about this type of paci giving her buck teeth. I can already tell she has a bit of an overbite, but I THINK (from looking at pictures) I had this too when I was a baby and I never took a paci of any sort. I now have perfectly straight teeth, with no help from braces, etc... What do you think? Would this type of paci cause buck teeth? Should I take it away now, even though it is going to be a LONG, HARD process?
Avatar n tn Hi! I am new to this website and i wanted to know what will be the good age time to take my kids to the dentist? I have a 2 year-old and a 3 yeard-old and i haven't taken them to the dentist will this affect them? What can i do?
10203682 tn?1418693754 S ucked my thumb and could actually put my thumb UNDER my two buck teeth. ha ha. So pretty!! You should see the pictures. Teeth fell out. Teeth came in straight. Now, had I continued to s uck my thumb as my permanent teeth were coming in? I don't know. I will tell you that teeth are always moving. That is why so many kiddos need spacers and then a second set of braces after the first that straightened their teeth. Ha, I didn't use a pacifier.
Avatar f tn Hi, teeth aren't really the concern. Her teeth now are the baby teeth and yes, they can become crooked. But she has adult teeth growing under her gums that won't come in until she is 5 to 7. I was a thumb sucker way back when and it was a big trick at family events to show how I could slip my thumb under my front teeth without opening my jaw (I know . . .YUCK! but I was a kid and thought that was cool!) Anyway, my permanent teeth came in straight and I have never needed braces.
184342 tn?1282588750 The dentist did warn us that when her teeth did come in, she would most likely push them out (buck-teeth) since she wouldn't be used to having a barrier for her tongue. Sure enough, they stick forward now and she won't bite with them. I thought it was because she wasn't used to them, but I guess it is hard to bite with teeth in this position. Hmm...she is just starting orthodontia work at age 7....space maintainers. Nice! I'm glad both kids are doing well today!
Avatar m tn I have almost no permanant teeth. Not sure if this is true but I had a full mouth x-ray and I had only 3 roots. I did however, save my teeth that fell out when I was little and supposely gave way to permanant teeth. It's strange though since I saved 9 teeth and I only have 3 teeth with roots. Does this mean that I have permanent teeth without roots? If not then what pushed my teeth out then?
2181422 tn?1400511380 My kids got their first teeth at 4 months.
Avatar m tn d really be like something straight out of Monty Python like that skit where the director had the buck teeth going down to his waist and everyone in his films had huge buck teeth like that.
8854858 tn?1400901001 My partner was a ugly kid, he had buck teeth and so many freckles thank god his teeth straightened and his freckles faded but it still worries me my son will get them from him, but my family has very straight teeth so who knows.
Avatar n tn I have just been through my first permanent dental bridge session for my lowering teeth. During his prepping my "anchor" teeth for dental bridge placement, my dentist found 2 of my teeth were abscessed and required emergency root canals,which he immediately performed. After this, his assistant worked on and installed my temporary crown. Since, my mouth was still completely numb from the Novocain injections I was unable to feel the temporary crown.
Avatar f tn Lol, Im probably bad too, so in not one for advice, but I was the complete opposite, I didnt want my son to look like my mom or my nephew(he looks like a redneckwith red hair and buck teeth, jsut like his farmer daddy lol... I hoped and prayed that my son would look like his dad. my DB looks just like his dad, and his dad looks just like his dad. they have really strong genes.. thank god, Cole was a spitting image of DB when he was born.
Avatar f tn Hey all, need a little bit of advice from fellow frequent kidney stoners bc i am the queen of self doubt lol. I just want to know what you would do if you were me. At the moment I don't have transportation or phone service. I have access to a phone and rides in the evenings but not during regular office hours. Ive been experiencing constant aching in my left kidney along with intermittent colicky episodes which of course isn't unusual for me bc I always have stones passing.
Avatar f tn Brush teeth when they get teeth... a tiny amount on baby brush... i think its ok to just use water at 1st...
Avatar f tn She also had buck teeth due to an extended use of it. I remember when my mom took it away,she screamed and cried trying to get to the top of the fridge to get it back. It was a nightmare. I didn't want the hassle of it,it seemed like more of a problem than anything to us. I didn't want a toddler running around with a nook. If my son really needed to comfort himself he sucked his thumb, he only did it when he was really really young and stopped as he got older.
7058746 tn?1393435420 My kids keep asking to eat my pickles and I feel so bad saying no but they are mine I NEED them lol. I broke down and shared today but not without hesitation! Should have bought the extra large jar!
14089185 tn?1439417585 So i have a 9month old and she still has no teeth yet , i can see them in her gums but they still arent out ? Has that happen to anyone else with their kids ?
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230262 tn?1316645934 My 6 yr old is graduating kindergarten tomorrow but the award and ceremony stuff is all tonight, and omg you would think he was graduating with a phD from college LOL. The school sent home letters saying the kids need to wear dress clothes for tonight and wow have i been busy preparing for this "just kindergarten graduation thing" LOL. Ive been running around buying shirts/ties/dress pants/dress shoes, batteries for the camera etc.
Avatar n tn I would suggest if your daughter can be reasoned with that you maybe make a call to the orthodontist you are thinking of and see if you can make a field trip there. Then she could see other kids her age getting their teeth looked at. Then maybe go do something special with her like ice cream or a walk at the park whatever she really enjoys and then maybe you can talk some more about the braces. Also as a parent I would think about the reason she needs braces. Is it for looks? or function?
Avatar n tn Molars which are in the back, kids have for many years and leaving the tooth could cause issues to the permanent teeth that comes in behind it. Also, when a four year old has a rotting tooth, they will begin to address oral hygiene. Some kids are more prone to cavities than others simply due to their genetics. Flossing becomes really critical to get in between those teeth.
Avatar f tn ) The Dollar Tree (where everything is just a buck) is my favorite store and his too. He thinks he's gotten a real treat when I tell him that if he doesn't throw a fit (over whatever it may be) we will take a trip to Dollar Tree and he can choose ANYTHING in the store. At three, they are old enough to be learning not to throw, etc., but they also are still immature enough that the behaviors are going to happen.
368461 tn?1291515587 They told me to just discourage it because it can eventually make his palette deformed (it would make him have buck teeth). So I just pull out his thumb whenever he starts sucking on it.
Avatar f tn Every time I brush my teeth they start bleeding! Is it due to my pregnancy or something else? And if so does it go way after I give birth?
Avatar n tn I had scleral buck operation four weeks ago for my right eye. The docotr said everything is all right after checking. However I can feel the flash around the right corner of the right eye ( where the problem was before). The doctor said it may due to the retina is still under recovery. May I ask did any anyone have this experience before or does anyone know why? Will the flash go when the retina is fully recovery?
Avatar f tn m down to brushing my teeth once a day and use mouthwash after I eat and before I go to bed. I hate my teeth feeling gross so I can't wait til I can scrub them really well. I take zofran but only when it's really bad and it works wonders. For when it's not so bad, sucking on peppermints seems to settle my stomach.